antiques & fine art sale

19th - 21st June 2024

This is a three day sale starting on Wednesday 19th June in the Main Saleroom at 10am each day.  Day 1 Lots 1-549, Day 2 Lots 550-946, Day 3 947-1429  Viewing  Sunday 16th June 11 am - 3 pm, Monday 17th June 10 am - 5 pm, Tuesday 18th June 10 am - 5 pm and also throughout each sale day

You can bid on this sale online, by leaving bids with Mitchells by email only upto 9.30 am on the day of the sale ([email protected]) or by attending the saleroom and registering to bid.  To bid online please click on the Saleroom link above and follow the instructons given.  Please note if you use the online facility you will pay both our buyer's premium of 22% + VAT and the saleroom charge of 4.95% + VAT on the hammer.  CARD PAYMENT ONLY

Lot 99

A small pair of Moorcroft jardinieres in the "Magnolia" pattern, a small unmarked bowl and a larger jardiniere in the same pattern. Tallest 17 cm, diameter 18 cm.

Sold for £130

Lot 100

A Moorcroft pottery vase, in the "Anemone" pattern. Height 18 cm.

Sold for £45

Lot 101

A Moorcroft slender vase by Philip Gibson 2003. Height 32 cm.

Sold for £200

Lot 102

A Moorcroft squat globular vase, signed Daleport 2000. Height 24 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £100

Lot 103

A Moorcroft pottery slender vase, by Rachel Bishop 2003, limited edition 22/200. Height 32 cm.

Sold for £180

Lot 104

A Moorcroft pottery "Lamia" pattern squat globular vase. Height 17 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £130

Lot 105

A Moorcroft pottery vase by W Sissons, "Snowdrop" pattern. Height 17 cm.

Sold for £70

Lot 106

A Moorcroft pottery vase by W Sissons "Daffodil", also signed R Bishop. Height 13.5 cm.

Sold for £95

Lot 107

A Moorcroft pottery vase for The RSPB, decorated with birds and signed by the artist in green script, limited edition 27/40. Height 14 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £95

Lot 108

A Moorcroft pottery "Peruvian Lily" gourd vase 1999. Height 28 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £80

Lot 109

A Moorcroft mantel clock "Cluney" 1993, signed J Moorcroft. Height 16 cm.

Sold for £85

Lot 110

A Moorcroft pottery limited edition vase, by Beverley Wilkes, Elephants. Height 18 cm.

Sold for £200

Lot 111

A Moorcroft "Casablanca" vase 2009. Height 31.5 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £110

Lot 112

A Moorcroft pottery slender vase "Love Lock" 2011. Height 31.5 cm.

Sold for £130

Lot 113

A Moorcroft "Festive Friend" vase, 2010. Height 20.5 cm.

Sold for £110

Lot 114

A Moorcroft pottery "Sweet Amarylis" vase, 2010. Height 21 cm.

Sold for £110

Lot 115

A pair of Moorcroft pottery "Queens Choice" squat vases, 2000. Height 11 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £140

Lot 116

A pair of Moorcroft "Hibiscus" pattern chargers, script initials impressed Moorcroft Made in England. Diameter 30.5 cm (see illustration).

Estimated: £120 - £180

Lot 117

A Moorcroft pottery "Poppy" bowl. Diameter 16 cm, together with a small Poppy patterned Moorcroft dish, diameter 11 cm.

Sold for £45

Lot 118

A Moorcroft pottery "Hibiscus" vase, green script initials. Height 25 cm.

Sold for £70

Lot 119

A Moorcroft pottery bonniere in the "Minuet" pattern 2004. Height 22 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £100

Lot 120

A Moorcroft pottery small bulbous vase, in the "Hibiscus" pattern. Height 10.5 cm and a small Moorcroft Pansy patterned bowl, diameter 14 cm.

Estimated: £70 - £100

Lot 121

A Moorcroft pottery Rachel Bishop "Big Poppy" vase 2002. Height 24 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £75

Lot 122

A Moorcroft pottery shallow bowl in the "Orchid pattern", blue script initials. Diameter 16 cm.

Sold for £30

Lot 123

A small Moorcroft pottery club shaped vase, with paper label Potters to the late Queen Mary and impressed Moorcroft Made in England. Height 12.5 cm.

Sold for £30

Lot 124

A small Moorcroft pottery vase. Height 9.5 cm and a shallow dish. diameter 13.5 cm.

Sold for £20

Lot 125

A Moorcroft squat floral patterned vase, 2018. Height 8.5 cm.

Sold for £45

Lot 126

A Moorcroft pottery vase relief moulded, dated 1999. Height 15.5 cm.

Sold for £65

Lot 127

A Moorcroft pottery squat vase 2000. Height 10.5 cm.

Sold for £90

Lot 128

Aynsley dessert service, each piece decorated with British and Irish landmarks, Balmoral Castle, Blarney Castle, Bolton Abbey, etc., all named. Plate diameter 21 cm (15) (see illustration).

Sold for £500

Lot 129

Two Royal Crown Derby English bone china Peacocks, by J Plant. Tallest 24 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £170

Lot 130

Pair of Royal Crown Derby figures by ME Townsend. Height 24 cm.

Sold for £80

Lot 131

Nine pieces of Royal Copenhagen, vase, tazza, pin dish, goose etc (9).

Sold for £200

Lot 132

Tobias Harrison of Cartmel large goblet shaped vase, impressed marks, height 27 cm, and two small bowls by the same artist.

Sold for £42

Lot 133

Herend Hungarian handpainted bird bowl, reticulated vase, two handled small bowl and lidded dish. Largest diameter 23.5 cm.

Sold for £95

Lot 134

Thirteen Royal Doulton figures, The Puppet Maker HN2253, Treasure Island HN2243, Buttercup HN2309, Amy Figure of The Year, Affection HN2236, Harmony HN2824, Elegance HN2264, Fair Lady (coral pink) HN2835, Sandra HN2275, Adrienne HN2304, Southern Belle HN3174, Cissy HN1809 and Alice HN2158

Sold for £85

Lot 135

Moorcroft Pavia pattern vase, Rachel Bishop limited edition 27/200 2002. Height 30 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £200

Lot 136

A Moorcroft "Orchid" patterned jardiniere. Height 18 cm, diameter 18 cm.

Sold for £40

Lot 137

A Moorcroft tube lined vase, dated 2000 brown script initials. Height 16 cm.

Sold for £55

Lot 138

Five volumes on Moorcroft pottery, "A New Dawn", "The Phoenix Years", "Winds of Change", "Behind the Glaze" and "Moorcroft Pottery A Guide".

Sold for £20

Lot 139

A Bjorn Wiinblad limited edition Rosenthal glass plaque, relief moulded and with label verso. 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm.

Estimated: £40 - £60

Lot 140

Elizabeth Mary Watt (1886-1954), a ware christening mug to Alice signed EW to base. Height 7.5 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £120

Lot 141

A Beswick Old English Sheepdog, Model No. 2232.

Sold for £20

Lot 142

A pair of 19th century probably Vienna porcelain figurines, shepherdess and companion with dog and nest, faint blue beehive mark to base. Height 24 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £80

Lot 143

A continental porcelain figure of lady with basket of flowers, with Naples mark beneath, a male figure with lute (gold anchor mark). Height 19 cm.

Estimated: £50 - £80

Lot 144

A Derby figure of a male piper, with patch mark and Derby mark to underside. Height 22 cm.

Estimated: £50 - £80

Lot 145

A Dresden porcelain figure group, figures around a bird cage and with crossed swords mark to base with star and dot beneath. Height 15 cm (see illustration).

Estimated: £100 - £150

Lot 146

A collection of three porcelain figures, two with gold anchor marks, the third with torch and book probably Sitzendorf. Tallest 14 cm.

Estimated: £50 - £80

Lot 147

A continental porcelain figure group, suitors each in seated pose, with crown and S mark to base. Height 14.5 cm.

Estimated: £50 - £80

Lot 148

A Dresden porcelain cabinet cup and saucer, with town scene. Saucer diameter 15.5 cm, together with a coffee can and saucer and a Dresden two handled cup and saucer.

Sold for £220

Lot 149

A Meissen pierced blue and white plate, with gilt border crossed swords mark to base. Diameter 24 cm.

Sold for £15

Lot 149A

A pair of Augustus Rex porcelain vases and covers, each with panels of classical scenes, flowers and gilt decoration, each with blue AR motif to base. 35 cm high with covers, one cover (A/F) (see illustration).

Estimated: £100 - £120

Lot 150

A Royal Worcester Evesham pattern dinner service, comprising tureens, serving dishes, plates, teacups, saucers etc, together with a Royal Worcester Vine Harvest cake plate and an Alfred Meakin souffle dish and two ramekins. +/- 85 pieces (see illustration).

Estimated: £80 - £120

Lot 151

A Chelsea Gold Anchor floral and gilt decorated tray. Width 33 cm, depth 23 cm, together with two French floral and gilt painted vessels, one with lidded stopper and an oriental lidded pot with armorial design (see illustration).

Sold for £120

Lot 152

A 19th century blue glass bottle with stopper, with mother of pearl marked Whisky. Height excluding stopper 18 cm, together with a brown glass decanter, the stopper marked Brandy.

Sold for £30

Lot 153

Five paperweights, the first with centralised P Cane for Perthshire, diameter +/- 6 cm, another probably Victorian with white and blue flowers and pink ribbons. Height +/- 11 cm.

Sold for £35

Lot 154

A Copeland and Garrett late Spode tobacco leaf pattern tea service, comprising eight cups, eight saucers and eight 20 cm plates (see illustration).

Sold for £65

Lot 155

A suite of Waterford crystal glassware, decanter, 6 red wine glasses height 19 cm, 6 port glasses, 6 liqueur, 2 brandy and 2 tumblers and 4 by another maker.

Sold for £160

Lot 156

A Lladro model of an Egyptian cat, impressed Lladro mark to base. Height 33.5 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £120

Lot 157

A Lladro bust female figure, blue mark to base. Height 35.5 cm.

Sold for £160

Lot 158

A set of fourteen Waterford crystal wine glasses, each etched to the base. Height 18 cm, top diameter 7 cm.

Sold for £130

Lot 159

A suite of Waterford crystal glassware, including six champagne flutes height 21 cm, six red wine glasses height 20 cm, eight tumblers (5+3) and eighteen other glasses in sets of six, each piece etched to the base Waterford (see illustration).

Sold for £200

Lot 160

A collection of twenty eight cut glass drinking vessels, including brandy, red wine, tumblers etc.

Sold for £40

Lot 161

William Plumptre an Art Pottery globular vase, fitted but not drilled for a table lamp. Height excluding lamp fitting 27 cm, maximum diameter +/- 23 cm. NOTE: William Plumptre set up his first pottery in Hartsop near Patterdale in 1987. He studied under Tatsuzo Shinaoka (1919-2007).

Sold for £280

Lot 162

A Lalique moulded glass vase, decorated in relief with leaves impressed marked R Lalique to base. Height 23.5 cm.

Sold for £2800

Lot 163

Harry Stinton Royal Worcester vase, decorated with highland cattle in a mountainous landscape, signed H Stinton with puce mark to the bottom, circa 1923. Height 16 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £280

Lot 164

A Crown Devon Stockholm patterned tea and dinner service, with dinner plates, tureens, teacups, saucers, toast rack, salt and peppers, butter dish etc (+/- 63 pieces) (see illustration).

Sold for £260

Lot 165

A Tudor Princess Oysterdate ladies wristwatch, with pale blue dial marked rotor self winding, the rear case marked Original Oyster Case by Rolex Geneva, stainless steel. Serial No 830466. Manufactured 1975 and in a Rolex teal leather and wooden box.

Estimated: £400 - £600

Lot 166

A ladies Omega wristwatch, early 20th century, having yellow metal coloured case, white dial with Arabic numerals and later leather strap.

Estimated: £200 - £300

Lot 167

Two Omega 9 ct gold cased ladies wristwatches, yellow gold quartz, with plated bracelet, the other knob wind manual white gold hallmarked case and with integral white gold coloured metal mesh bracelet stamped DS & S and with Omega logo to clasp.

Sold for £350

Lot 168

A 9 ct gold bangle, internal diameter +/- 5.5 cm, weight 6 grams.

Sold for £95

Lot 169

WITHDRAWN - An 1891 Queen Victorian sovereign.

Estimated: £300 - £400

Lot 170

An 18 ct white gold ring, with a semi tension set natural diamond weighing +/- 0.15 carats. Size P.

Estimated: £520 - £580

Lot 171

An 18 ct white gold and diamond Van Peterson necklace, with matching bracelet both cased, together with a pair of diamond ear studs. Bracelet length +/- 17.5 cm, necklace length +/- 38 cm, combined gross weight 64 grams (see illustration).

Sold for £2400

Lot 172

A 9 ct gold necklace, length 51 cm, 9.65 grams.

Sold for £160

Lot 173

An 18 ct white gold diamond and sapphire ring, Size P.

Estimated: £500 - £800

Lot 174

An 18 ct gold necklace, length +/- 80 cm, 28.77 grams (see illustration).

Sold for £950

Lot 175

A Royal Mint (Lantrisant) 500th Anniversary of the first gold sovereign 1489-1989 with certificate of authenticity, encapsulated and cased (see illustration).

Sold for £950

Lot 176

An Elgin gold plated open cased pocket watch, knob wind and with Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial. Diameter 47 mm together with a 9 ct gold Albert chain with T bar and clip. Length 26 cm, 17.5 grams.

Sold for £280

Lot 177

A pair of 9 ct gold moss agate earrings. Height 31 mm, width 16 mm.

Sold for £40

Lot 178

An 18 ct yellow gold diamond daisy cluster ring. Size L (see illustration).

Estimated: £3500 - £4000

Lot 179

A diamond and sapphire eternity ring. Size O (see illustration).

Estimated: £500 - £800

Lot 180

A Victorian gold coloured metal choker, set with half round seed pearls and turquoise and with Alfred Chillcott & Co Bristol box. Length 38 cm.

Sold for £260

Lot 181

A pair of 18 ct yellow gold diamond stud earrings. Total diamond weight +/- .41 carats.

Estimated: £400 - £600

Lot 182

A ladies Rotary wristwatch, with gold case and strap. Gross weight 12.1 grams.

Sold for £145

Lot 183

An 18 ct gold and diamond ring, Size O/P.

Estimated: £150 - £250

Lot 184

A platinum and diamond ring, Size I, central diamond +/- 0.8 carats and 0.12 carats of diamonds to shoulders (see illustration).

Estimated: £800 - £1200

Lot 185

A Rotary pendant Christmas bauble watch, the face marked Rotary 17 jewels. Diameter +/- 18 mm with a 9 ct gold chain. Chain weight 4.1 grams (see illustration).

Sold for £95

Lot 186

A ladies Rolex wristwatch, early 20th century, having yellow metal coloured case silvered dial with Roman numerals on yellow metal expanding bracelet.

Sold for £150

Lot 187

A 22 ct gold wedding band, weight 3.4 grams. Size K.

Sold for £150

Lot 188

A gold plated pocket watch Thomas Russell & Sons Liverpool, with attached 9 ct gold watch chain, chain weight 35.6 grams.

Sold for £630

Lot 189

An 18 ct yellow gold foliate engraved hinged bangle, with safety chain. 37.19 grams (see illustration).

Sold for £1200

Lot 190

WITHDRAWN - A 1798 George III guinea.

Estimated: £200 - £300

Lot 191

An 18 ct white gold solitaire ring, with a rubover set natural Princess cut diamond weighing +/- 0.25 carats. Size P/O.

Estimated: £580 - £600

Lot 192

A ladies Omega constellation wristwatch stainless steel quartz. Serial No. 56138215.

Sold for £220

Lot 193

A 9 ct gold necklace, 42 cm, 16.7 grams.

Sold for £280

Lot 194

A 9 ct gold smoky quartz ring, Size O/P, gross weight 6.6 grams.

Sold for £70

Lot 195

A collection of watches, including Accurist Quartz analogue and nine by Skagen of Denmark.

Sold for £95

Lot 196

An 18 ct yellow gold diamond and sapphire cluster ring. Size L/M (see illustration).

Estimated: £3500 - £4000

Lot 197

A platinum diamond set crossover ring, with diamonds to each shoulder. Size P.

Estimated: £1000 - £1500