interior sale

21st - 21st October 2021

Lot 1

Large collection of Royal Albert Old Country Rose dinner service, tureens, dinner plates, ashettes, bowls etc

Lot 2

Toshiba flat screen television set with remote control

Lot 3

19th century inlaid galleried tray, 66 cm wide

Lot 4

Natural wood bowl, 33 cm diameter

Lot 5

19th century mahogany dressing table mirror

Lot 6

Large lava lamp, 68 cm high

Lot 7

Late 19th early/20th century wash jug and bowl

Lot 8

Jug, tureen and decanter

Lot 9

Murano glass vase and decanter with tall stopper, height 56 cm

Lot 10

Two jugs and bowls with soap dish

Lot 11

Silver plated tray and plated tea service

Lot 12

Large stoneware jar, Usher & Company Edinburgh, height 38 cm

Lot 13

Early 20th century jug, bowl, chamber pot, soap dish

Lot 14

Large Pilling pottery glazed storage jar, 25 cm high, 30 cm dimeter

Lot 15

Pro-445 tile cutter

Lot 16

Two boxes of Antiquarian books, Robinson Crusoe, The Monthly Review (1783), Planting and Rural Ornament 1795, etc

Lot 17

Box of vases and candlesticks

Lot 18

Potters wheel and spare wheel attachments

Lot 19

Two boxes of sweatshirts

Lot 20

Two boxes of books, Lake District, Observers, history etc

Lot 21

Box of Free to Air satellite tv dish

Lot 22

Box of vintage magazines, 1950's editions of Practical Mechanics, sheet music, vintage newspapers including The Liverpool Courier 1808 etc

Lot 23

Box of 12 Casper sweatshirts, sealed, as new (1 opened)

Lot 24

Bag and two boxes of crafting materials and cards

Lot 25

Box of Casper sweatshirts (8) & 2 white sweatshirts

Lot 26

Late 19th century blue and white transfer printed part tea set with gilded edges, cups, saucers, plates, sandwich plates, egg cups etc

Lot 27

Floral quilt

Lot 28

Two pairs of Rocket Dog ladies boots (UK size 7), boxed, as new

Lot 29

Boxed Marinelli accordion

Lot 30

Basket of vases, Copenhagen plate, Noritake wall pocket etc

Lot 31

Small oak cupboard, 45 cm high x 30 cm wide x 18 cm deep

Lot 32

Two boxes of glassware, cutlery and two part tea sets

Lot 33

Two pairs of Rocket Dog ladies boots (Size 7), boxed, as new

Lot 34

Box of Antiquarian publications, Rural Encyclopedia, early 20th century agricultural books etc

Lot 35

Silver plated WMF leaf shape bowl, 30 cm long, 25 cm wide

Lot 36

Cut glass decanter, two Hummel figures and two Royal Doulton bowls

Lot 37

Two silver plated trays, silver plated bowl with carry handle and quantity of cutlery

Lot 38

Two boxes of Rocket Dog ladies boots (UK size 7) boxed as new

Lot 39

Three boxes of glassware, green glass vases, candlesticks, tumblers, wine glasses, watches etc

Lot 40

Brown glazed studio pottery coffee set

Lot 41

Large Victorian bible, a smaller Victorian bible with clasp and a prayer book

Lot 42

Box of plated ware, berry spoons, small tankard etc

Lot 43

3 cased sets of cutlery, one a dessert set with mother of pearl handles

Lot 44

Ice bucket in the form of two handled cooking vessel, box with wooden knobs, lion door knocker and horseshoes etc

Lot 45

Basket of pennies and half pennies all pre-decimal

Lot 46

Box of oriental style cups and saucers, decorative plates etc

Lot 47

Large Maling Rosalind patterned bowl, Edith Gater designed bowl, collection of napkin rings and a jug

Lot 48

Three volumes of the illustrated London News 1866, 1864 & 1869

Lot 49

Two boxes of decorative jugs, vases and bowls etc

Lot 50

Box of ornaments, lustre ware jug, planter, pair of vases etc

Lot 51

Blue and white china, cabinet cup and saucer etc

Lot 52

Two vintage carry cases of 45 rpm records and a collection of LP'S, Frank Highfield, Slim Whitman, Ann Shelton (EP), Doris Day EP's, Ruby Murray etc

Lot 53

Box of plated ware, cutlery, circular framed needlework, brass vases etc

Lot 54

Small galleried tray, wooden bowl, box etc

Lot 55

Large blue and white transfer printed pair of Victorian overpainted white vases, two Border Fine Arts mugs etc

Lot 56

Box of mixed cutlery, tablecloth etc

Lot 57

Sony CD radio player with speakers and remote control

Lot 58

Collection of framed and unframed needleworks

Lot 59

Four apothecary drawers and a hinged lidded chemical box (please note this is just the drawers and not the carcass)

Lot 60

Two boxes of glassware moulds, carnival glass, decanters, steins, plated ware, lustre ware etc

Lot 61

Sanyo stacking music system and a pair of Technics speakers

Lot 62

A cased 701 test kit for static control surfaces

Lot 63

A cased singer sewing machine

Lot 64

Box of glassware, decanters, vases etc

Lot 65

Box of camping gas stove, gas cylinders, bird feeders, shoes etc

Lot 66

Bag, shoe cleaners, bin etc

Lot 67

Two boxes of books, AA Members Handbook 1960 & 1961, Clydesdale Stud books

Lot 68

Box of books, Chambers Dictionary, World Atlas, Classic Walks of The Lake District etc

Lot 69

Ferrente portable record player

Lot 70

Tombola drum, sewing box, lamps, sewing machine, baskets etc

Lot 71

11 post spikes

Lot 72

Collection of diecast and plastic diggers, tractors and excavators etc

Lot 73

Three boxes of tea towels, green vases, candle holders etc

Lot 74

Parkfield hamper basket

Lot 75

Box of DVD'S and CD'S

Lot 76

Two boxes of light fittings and oil lamp

Lot 77

Motorbike top box

Lot 78

Hacker portable record player and small selection of LP'S

Lot 79

Cased Singer sewing machine

Lot 80

Vintage First Aid box and vintage sledge

Lot 81

Magazine rack, Le Cruset frying pan and kitchenware

Lot 82

Box of sheet music and box of LP'S etc

Lot 83

Pond yacht hull

Lot 84

Large collection of Scalextrics, track and accessories

Lot 85

Selection of 00 gauge model railway track and accessories

Lot 86

Three boxes of stationery, Boys Own Annual, drum etc

Lot 87

Box of DVD'S and books

Lot 88

Cast metal horse and jockey coat rack

Lot 89

A cast metal Quaker City piggy bank

Lot 90

Quaker cast metal piggy bank

Lot 91

Michelin Man and side car, cast metal ornament

Lot 92

Michelin Man on a red motor bike, cast metal model

Lot 93

Hubley black and white dog

Lot 94

Mr Peanut Planters money box

Lot 95

Michelin Man and dog

Lot 96

Cast metal greyhound doorstop

Lot 97

Repro Lion door knocker

Lot 98

Guinness brewery sign

Lot 99

A cast metal shell oil sign

Lot 100

Cast metal shell garage sign

Lot 101

Harley Davidson motorcycle parking cast metal sign

Lot 102

Triumph Motorcycle Workshop cast metal sign

Lot 103

Harley Davidson Genuine Motor Oil cast sign

Lot 104

Ferrari cast metal sign

Lot 105

Harley Davidson motorcycle cast metal sign

Lot 106

Triumph Bonneville cast metal sign

Lot 107

A Norton motorcycle cast metal sign

Lot 108

Open for Michelin Tyres cast metal sign

Lot 109

Castrol Motor Oil Isle of Man TT Races cast metal sign

Lot 110

Landrover cast metal sign

Lot 111

A Spirit Shell Oils cast metal sign

Lot 112

Rolls Royce cast metal sign

Lot 113

A Michelin cast metal sign

Lot 114

Box of part tea sets, Carltonware dish, Wedgwood Jasperware etc

Lot 115

Pressed glass Coronation dish, pair of vases, Maling cups and saucers etc

Lot 116

Box of vintage toys and games, camera etc

Lot 117

Cased Jones sewing machine

Lot 118

Three shoeboxes of ordnance survey maps

Lot 119

A Remington typewriter

Lot 120

A projector and a cine camera

Lot 121

Cased singer sewing machine and box of accessories

Lot 122

Two boxes of decorative plates, Johnson's Bros Indian Tree patterned part tea set, glass bowl etc

Lot 123

Boxed candelabra, pair of candlesticks and a canteen of cutlery

Lot 124

Sony MP3 radio CD player with speakers

Lot 125

Two bags of bedding

Lot 126

Prints, needleworks and framed photographs

Lot 127

Box of 8 Casper sweatshirts

Lot 128

Box of LP's, boxed classical sets etc

Lot 129

6 Casper hoodies

Lot 130

Two pairs of new Rocket Dog ladies boots (Size UK 7)

Lot 131

A cased Imperial typewriter

Lot 132

Box of Playstation games

Lot 133

Mid 20th century Smith's mantel clock

Lot 134

Box of glassware

Lot 135

Two silver plated trays and a box of silver plate, teapots, jugs, cruets etc

Lot 136

Two boxes of ornaments, kitchenware, bookends, lustre ware etc

Lot 137

Box of crime novel paperbacks, albums and autobiographies

Lot 138

Large collection of Johnson Bros Indian Tree pattern tea and dinnerware

Lot 139

Cased Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter

Lot 140

Two glass jars and eight LED cafe timer lights

Lot 141

Two boxes of elephant ornaments, glassware, decorative plates, Maling jug, print etc

Lot 142

Two boxes of glassware, ornaments, compressor, vases etc

Lot 143

Box of Damask tablecloths and napkins etc

Lot 144

Box of prints in beech frames, oval mirror etc

Lot 145

Early 20th century Johnson Bros bowls, plates and ashettes

Lot 146

Box of continental and other ornaments, birds etc

Lot 147

A Sharp radio cassette player

Lot 148

Box of vases, jugs, ornaments, commemorative ware etc

Lot 149

Three Austrian prints, horses

Lot 150

Box of oriental spoons, planters, glass decanter etc

Lot 151

Ceiling light fitting

Lot 152

Patchwork bed cover

Lot 153

Small rectangular rug

Lot 154

Fringed and patterned rectangular rug, 120 cm x 180 cm

Lot 155

A child's Wulfsport jacket

Lot 156

Fringed rectangular wool rug, 80 cm x 135 cm

Lot 157

Donald Crawford print, watercolour of a village and a print "Learning to Ride"

Lot 158

5 prints, watercolours and oils

Lot 159

Limited edition signed print, 499/500, "Down the Middle" and a copy of World War II poster, "Better Pot Luck"

Lot 160

Two oval Victorian prints

Lot 161

Early 20th century circular aneroid barometer

Lot 162

Pair of horns mounted on a wood shield

Lot 163

Photographic portrait print and a Spanish picture

Lot 164

Circular wall clock

Lot 165

Oil painting of a Highland Piper

Lot 166

Gilt framed still life, gilt framed still life print and a gilt framed portrait oval print

Lot 167

Three Geoff Sudders signed Lake District pictures, farmed and mounted

Lot 168

Wall clock

Lot 169

John Peel print and three hunting prints

Lot 170

Rectangular copper framed Arts & Crafts style mirror

Lot 171

A vintage map of Cumberland and map of Cockermouth circa 1868

Lot 172

Box of Lake District prints, photographic prints and a watercolour

Lot 173

Three 19th century framed and mounted prints of St Bees, Egremont and Calder Abbey

Lot 174

Heaton Cooper print of Iredale Place

Lot 175

Moorland landscape painting

Lot 176

Print of dandelions

Lot 177

Box of pictures, prints and map of Scottish Distilleries etc

Lot 178

Photographic print of Derwentwater and print of rugby players

Lot 179

4 prints of hare, dogs and hunting scenes

Lot 180

Woman and child crystoleum

Lot 181

Bevelled edge frameless mirror, 50 cm x 30 cm

Lot 182

Bevelled edge oval wood framed mirror, 70 cm x 42 cm

Lot 183

Wall mounted rectangular bevelled edge bathroom mirror

Lot 184

Oval bevelled edge mirror, 84 cm x 53 cm

Lot 185

Gilt framed rectangular bevelled edge mirror, 83 cm x 55 cm

Lot 186

Pine framed rectangular mirror, 33 cm x 120 cm and a black framed bevelled edge rectangular mirror, 65 cm x 90 cm

Lot 187

Circular bevelled edge mirror with pierced metal frame, approx 78 cm diameter

Lot 188

Gilt framed landscape print

Lot 189

A Dyson DC01 vacuum cleaner

Lot 190

Two wooden boxes of tools, belts etc

Lot 191

Spark guard and companion set

Lot 192

Steam cleaner

Lot 193

Boxed Beldry cordless vacuum cleaner

Lot 194

Wood splitter

Lot 195

Child's rocking horse

Lot 196

Slipper box, vintage tin and inlaid back gammon box

Lot 197

A cased Pike from Lough Conn, September 1893.

Lot 198

A green bodied silver cross pram

Lot 199

Two boxes of kitchenware and glassware etc

Lot 200

Box of T-Shirts and hats