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About the company

Mitchells Auction Company is the leading provider of auction and related valuation and advisory services in West Cumbria and the wider region.  Founded in 1849 by Robinson Mitchell and incorporated in 1873, Mitchells is one of the longest established companies in the UK. 

Mitchells provides services to our customers and wider community across three core business areas:-
•    Our livestock auction, valuation and livestock advisory services
•    Our land agency and advisory services including farm and land sales
•    Our household, antiques and fine art auction and valuation services

 Mitchells also serves its customers at ‘VeeVa’ coffee shop adjacent to the town centre saleroom and ‘Fairfield Restaurant’ at the livestock mart where we also hold car boot sales every Sunday.

For our farming customers, many of whom are also our shareholders, Mitchells is the trusted advisor and principal service provider.  We sell their sheep and cattle; we advise them on subsidies and grants; we buy and sell land for them; we value and sell their furniture and we provide a cup of tea or coffee at VeeVa! or Fairfield!

With our portfolio of businesses based on our auction and advisory services, the company has doubled its turnover over the last 10 years, increasing shareholders’ funds by 46.5% and our share price has increased by nearly 55% over that same period.

Ian Powley, Chairman of Mitchells, comments…
“With the various challenges faced by farmers – whether from pricing, from Brexit or from ever-confusing Government subsidies and grants – increasing daily, often against a background of managing family succession issues; I firmly believe Mitchells can help, principally because we have a long history of helping farmers based on a deep understanding of the issues.”
We are based in Cockermouth and our door is always open whatever your needs.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements.  [email protected] 01900-822016