Annual Show & Sale of Mule & Continental breeding ewes & shearlings. Also show & sale of breeding rams

6th September 2019

Mitchells Auction Mart held its annual Show and Sale of 5023 Breeding Sheep sponsored by Robinson & Co Accountants and Macmin Ltd.

The pre-sale show was expertly judged by Mr Jimmy Bell, Lanarkshire and Mr Alistair Mackintosh, Muncaster. Our thanks go to them for giving their time and expertise. This year a trophy was kindly presented by the Skelton family in memory of the late Bill Skelton for the best pen of Mule Shearlings.   After some deliberation the Championship was awarded to the First Prized pen of Mule Shearlings from D & C Mattinson of Cragg Farm, Eaglesfield. The Mattinson Family also received the prize for the Best Run of Mule Shearlings forward in the Auction mart with their consignment.

The sale was then conducted to a huge well travelled ringside of buyers with all categories selling very well, with this sale building a tremendous reputation for quality stock which pleased old and new purchasers.

Show Results

Mule 2 Shear

1st           M/s Batty, Flimby Hall                    Sold for £130 to M/s Crichton, Rottington Hall   

2nd          M/s Batty, Flimby Hall                    Sold for £126 to M/s Crichton, Rottington Hall

3rd           S Palmer, Tarn Bank                        Sold for £132 to M/s Scott, Bleabank

Mule Shearling

1st           M/s Mattinson, Cragg Farm         Sold for £170 to AM Tarry Smith, Redhouse Farm

2nd          M/s Mattinson, Cragg Farm         Sold for £175 to NC Marston, Millstone Moor

3rd           S Palmer, Tarn Bank                        Sold for £145 to P&J Mitchinson, Ryhola Meadow

Continental Shearling

1st           AW Beattie, Stone House              Sold for £185 to Messrs Harryman, Keskadale

2nd          J Sewell, Mayfield                             Sold for £135 to A&M Roberts, Riggingill

3rd           J Sewell, Mayfield                             Sold for £135 to J Walker & J Hunter

Leading Prices

Ewe 2 Shear or above

Texel £145(2), £128 Robin Hood, £138, £132, £130 Grange Farm(Mounsey), £125 Grange Farm(Hayton). 

Suffolk £140 Grange Farm, £112 Burton House.

Mule £136,£134(4), £132(2), £130 Shatton Lodge, £135, £130 Bayshore House, £132 Tarn Bank, £132 Manor Farm, £130 Flimby Hall, £130(2) Langfauld.  

Kerry Hill £138 Flagstaff Farm.

Bleu du Maine £110 Grange Farm(Mounsey).

Zwartble £100 Tarn Bank.

Cheviot £88 Crosbythwaite.


Texel £185, £155 Stone House, £180, £160, £150 Shatton Lodge, £165 Bell Mount, £150, £140 Irton House, £140 Somerfield House.

Mule £175, £170, £160, £152, £150, £148, £145(2), £142, £141 Cragg Farm, £145(2) West Field, £145 Tarn Bank, £144 Broom Hill, £142 Bayshore House. 

Breeding Rams

Again the Show was kindly sponsored by Robinson & Co and Macmin Ltd. The judges in the Ram section were Mr Joseph and Miss Julia Wilson, Camerton who conducted an expert job and commented on the great quality before them. The Championship rosette was awarded to KJ&CS Wilson, Wood Farm, Thursby with this super Beltex x Texel Shearling later selling to the judge for the days top price of £1,000. Reserve honours also went to Messrs Wilson, Wood Farm with a Texel selling for £500.

Show Results

Texel Shearling

1st KJ & CS Wilson, Wood Farm                   Sold for £500

2nd KJ & CS Wilson, Wood Farm                  Sold for £420

3rd AJ Brown, Park House                              Sold for £500

Beltex x Texel Shearling

1st KJ & CS Wilson, Wood Farm                   Sold for £1,000

2nd WW&D Boow, Corney Hall                     Sold for £420

3rd TC Whiteford, Tercrosset                        Sold for £550

Any Other Continental Shearling

1st KJ & CS Wilson, Wood Farm                   Sold for £650

2nd S Cummings, Smithy Wood                   Sold for £350

Suffolk Shearling

1st M/s Hewson, Burgh Head                      Not sold

Ram Lamb

1st G Stamper, The Heads                              Not Sold

2nd M/s Hewson, Burgh Head                      Sold for £240

3rd ES Harryman, Low Farm                          Sold for £340

Leading Prices

Shearling Rams

Beltex £1000, £900, £580, £500, £450 Wood Farm, £480 Tercrosset, £460 How Hall.

Texel £950, £800, £650, £580, £550 Summerhill, £750, £650 Terrace Farm, £600(2), £550, £500 Tercrosset, £580, £520 Newton Field, £500 Orchard House, £500 Chapel House.

Charollais £650 Wood Farm, £350 Smithy Wood.

Dutch Texel £400 Middlegill, £380 Wardwarrow.

Blue Texel £320 Hards Cottage.

Ram Lambs

Beltex £340 Low Farm.

Charollais £260 Smithy Wood.

Texel £260, £220 Highmoor Bungalows, £220 Westwinds.

Suffolk £240 Burgh Head.