Annual "Keswick" show & Sale of registered Herdwick Rams

5th October 2019

Saturday – ‘Keswick’ Fair Show & Sale of Registered Herdwick Rams

Mitchells conducted on behalf of the Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association the sale of Herdwick Rams. Following from a buoyant trade the day before, potential purchasers arrived in good spirits resulting in a super trade with quality in keen demand.  

Judging was in the hands of Mr Willy Tyson and Mr Andrew Race. After some deliberation they awarded the prizes as follows:

Prize List

Best Mouth

P Naylor, Bowderdale

Aged Rams

1st        M & GM Fox, Crosbythwaite

2nd       RR Weir, Chapel Farm

3rd       A Edmondson, Randle Gate

4th        S Hardisty & Son, How Hall

2 Shear Rams

1st        WS Jackson, Nook Farm

2nd       M/s Richardson, Fold Head

3rd       M & GM Fox, Crosbythwaite

4th        J Bland, Yew Tree


1st        AD & T Harrison, Brotherilkeld

2nd       BW & LM Stagg, Long Row

3rd       WG Wilkinson, Brookfield

4th        K Wrathall, Cockley Beck

Champion :- M & GM Fox, Crosbythwaite

Reserve Champion :- WS Jackson, Nook Farm

The Joe Folder Memorial Cup :- AD & T Harrison, Brotherilkeld

The Syd Hardisty Memorial Perpetual Trophy :- M & GM Fox, Crosbythwaite

Outwith the show, the trade was topped at 7000gns for a Shearling Ram from AG&KF Nicholson, Swinside End, Lorton and purchased by Anthony Hartley. Another Shearling from Freddie Walker, Beechcroft, Mockerkin sold to 6000gns again purchased by Mr Hartley. 5000gns was achieved for an Aged Ram from S Hardisty & Son, How Hall, Ennerdale purchased by Messrs Hodgson, Glencoyne. A great days trading was witnessed producing an overall average of £735.07.

Leading Prices (In Guineas)

7000, 2800 Swinside End, 6000, 1800 Beechcroft, 5000 How Hall, 4000, 2800, 1500 Turner Hall, 3600, 1600 Racy Ghyll, 3500 Gatesgarth, 3200(2), 1800, 1600(2) Chapel Farm, 3000 Yew Tree Farm, 2600(3) Cockley Beck Farm, 2600 Randle Gate,  2200 Bowderdale, 2200 Fell Foot Farm, 2000 Millbeck Hall, 2000, 1500 Brotherilkeld, 2000 Nook Farm, 2000 Grove Farm, 1800 Thornholme, 1600 West Head.