Annual Lakeland Show & Sale of Swaledale draft ewes, gimmer shearlings & gimmer lambs

8th October 2019

On Tuesday 8th October saw Mitchells Auction Co having their Annual Show and Sale of Swaledale breeding sheep. A catalogued entry of 4461 sold to a crowded ringside of buyers which had travelled from Scotland, wales, Ireland and England ensuring a solid trade.

The show was kindly sponsored by David Allen Agriculture and NFU Mutual with judging in the capable hands of Mr Chris Heath. After some deliberation the Willy Gill Trophy for the Champion pen of ewes was awarded to GL Hutton, Setmabanning for their pen of 4 shear ewes which later sold for £140. The results of the show were as follows:-

Judging pen of 10


1st           GL Hutton, Setmabanning                           sold for £140

2nd          Messrs Folder, Wescoe                                  sold for £175

3rd          Messrs Cockbain & Son, Rakefoot             sold for £127


1st           J Hope, Orthwaite                                            sold for £152

2nd          GL Hutton, Setmabanning                            sold for £130

3rd          GM Sibson, Burnside                                       sold for £92

Gimmer Lambs

1st           TW Bell & Son, Hill Top                                   sold for £40

2nd          K Edmunds, Meadow Bank                           sold for £38

3rd          DW & AS Noble, Burblethwaite                  sold for £38

Ewes:- 175, 135, 110, 100 Wescoe Farm, 140, 100 Setmabanning, 127 Rakefoot, 125, 120, 112, 108, 105, 102, 100(x2) How Hall, 120, 115, 108 Beck Grange, 105 Low Kinmont, 102 Undercragg, 100 High Beckside.

Shearlings:- 162, 130 High Beckside, 152, 125, 120, 90 Orthwaite Hall, 142(x2), 140, 120, 98 Beck Grange, 138 Glencoyne Farm, 130 Setmabanning, 100 Hudson Place, 100 Boon Cragg Farm, 100(x2) The Cottage, 92 Burnside, 90 Chapel House Farm, 90 Stanley Terr.

Gimmer Lambs:- 51 Baggra Yeat, 50 Dowthwaite Head Farm, 46, 45 Wood Hall, 45(x2) Burble