Annual Show & Sale of Swaledale Rams, second sale of mule gimmer lambs & breeding ewes

14th October 2019

Mitchells Livestock Auction Mart held the Annual Show and Sale of Swaledale Rams.  The sale was kindly sponsored by Mitchells Auction Mart with judging in the capable hands of Mr Ian Armstrong.  After some deliberation the Lawson Family Trophy for the Champion Swaledale Tup was awarded to the Shearling Ram from DW & AS Noble, Burblethwaite.  Reserve honours went to an Aged Ram from GW Whitfield, Low Stowbank.

A full ringside of buyers ensured a solid trade with the top price of £1100 paid for a shearling ram from AG Todhunter, The Beeches purchased by J Pattinson & Son, Uldale Hall.

Show Results:-

Shearling Rams-

1st       DW & AS Noble, Burblethwaite

2nd       JA Ritson, Baggra Yeat

3rd       WE & BE Wilson, Undercragg

2 Shear Ram-

1st       JA Ritson, Baggra Yeat

2nd       Messrs Cockbain, Rakefoot

3rd       KW Bell, Hudson Place

Aged Ram-

1st       GW Whitfield, Low Stowbank

2nd       TA Benn, Low Mill

3rd       P Bland & Barnes, Knott Houses

Leading Prices:-

Swaledale Rams:-   1100 The Beeches, 650 Knott Houses, 600, 450, 300 Chapel House, 500, 400(2) Baggra Yeat, 400 Undercragg, 300 Rakefoot, 300, 200 Beechcroft, 250 Boon Cragg Farm, 250(2), 200 High Beckside, 250, 200 Fell End, 250 Burblethwaite, 220, 200 Eirinntalla, 220 Wood Hall, 200 Orthwaite Hall, 200 Hudson Place, 200 Hill Top Farm, 200 Low Mill, 200 High Side Farm, 200 High Bewaldeth.

Breeding Sheep were easily sold to a top of £133 for Texel Shearlings from AC Gott, Burton House.

Ewes- Texel- 122 Burton House, 82, 75, 72 Scalderskew. Herdwick- 47 Thirlspot, 45, 44, 42 West Head, 42 Cragg House.

Shearling- Texel- 133 Burton House. Mule- 95, 90 Low Cockhow.

Mule Gimmer Lambs- 64 High Bewaldeth, 62 Rannerdale.