Christmas Primestock Show & Sale

25th November 2019

A wonderful Christmas show and sale of Prime Butchers Cattle and lambs at the Lakeland Livestock Centre. Judging duo of Philip and David Parkin, of 'Parkin Family Butchers' kindly travelled to judge the cattle section. We were privileged to have Mr Richard Haigh, Selby Livestock Auctioneer to conduct the lamb judging. With what can only be described as one hell of a show of cattle, with numerous beasts worthy champions, the Parkins favourite word used on the evening was 'awesome'! After two hours of judging the cattle, the championship was awarded to Lot 7, a halter trained Limousin heifer, shown by JA Barnett, Brinns Farm, Shap. She later sold for £5 per kilo (544kg) and was purchased by Browns Quality Meats, Ulverston.

Reserve Champion, Lot 24, an un-haltered Limousin heifer, from JG & M Little, Greenhill Farm, sold for £3 per kilo (536kg) and was purchased by Hall quality butchers.

An outstanding entry of Prime Butchers Show Lambs was very carefully judged by Richard Haigh. The Championship was awarded to a shapely pair of Beltex lambs, shown by AJ Brown, Park House Farm. These later sold for £240 (53kg) each purchased by Wilsonwillis butchers, Cleator Moor.  Reserve champion were the pair of Texel lambs from Messrs Richardson, Low Garth £135 (47kg) each purchased by Haighs butchers , Workington.  The young handlers section was well supported by the next generation of budding farmers. Champion was Elsa Norman with her Beltex cross lamb which sold for £290 and purchased by W Lindsay & Sons , Butchers of Cockermouth .

Prices throughout were very strong which was a credit to both the quality of cattle and lambs on show, with a fabulous turnout and support from no fewer than 22 local butchers and wholesale abattoir buyers. Which all should be supported on a regular basis.

The show and sale was kindly sponsored by Carrs Billington, Armstrong Watson Accountants, Hundith Hill Hotel, Jelf Insurance and Brockbank Solicitors.




Prize Winners


Champion- Lot 7 - Limousin Haltered Heifer - JA Barnett, Brinns Farm receiving the Mitchells Silver Challenge Cup also receiving the Limousin Society Plate.


Reserve Champion- Lot 24 Limousin un-haltered light weigh Heifer - JG & M Little, Greenhill receiving the Mr & Mrs Peter Greenhill Trophy.


Limousin Steer Haltered-

1st        M/s Bowe, Bothel Parks                     248p (£1666.56)         W Kirkup & Son Butchers


Limousin Heifer Haltered-

1st        JA Barnett, Brinns Farm                      500p (£2720.00)          Browns Quality Meats

2nd       JG&M Little, Greenhill                        330p (£1904.10)          Wilson Family Butchers

3rd        JA Barnett, Brinns Farm                      300p (£1854.00)          W Kirkup & Son Butchers



British Blue Heifer Haltered

1st        RE Miller, West Farm                          270p (£1690.20)          W Kirkup & Son, Butchers


Limousin Steer Un Haltered                         

1st        M/s Lawson, Hundith House              245p (£1499.40)          Browns Quality Meats

2nd       JA Barnett, Brinns Farm                      240p (£1420.80)          Hargreaves Farms

3rd        M/s Lawson, Hundith House              225p (£1552.50)          Taylors Farm Shop Ltd


Limousin Heifer Un Haltered (490-570kg)

1st        JG&M Little, Greenhill                        300p (£1608.00)          Hall Quality Butchers

2nd       JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                         310p (£1729.80)          Browns Quality Meats 

3rd        RE Miller, West Farm                          305p (£1662.25)          Haighs Workington Ltd


Limousin Heifer Un Haltered (571-620kg)

1st        RE Miller, West Farm                          280p (£1660.40)          Haighs Workington Ltd

2nd       JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                         260p (£1573.00)          Hutchinson Kirkdale house

3rd        RE Miller, West Farm                          242p (£1422.96)          Brown Quality Meats


Limousin Heifer Un Haltered (621kg +)

1st        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                         265p (£1733.10)          T Harrison butchers

2nd       JA Barnett, Brinns Farm                      235p (£1692.00)          Browns Quality Meats

3rd        BW Hewitson, Shatton Lodge             240p (£1663.20)          Taylors Farm Shop Ltd


British Blue Steer UnHaltered

1st        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                         232p (£1438.40)         Taylors Farms Shop Ltd


British Blue Heifer Un-Haltered

1st        JA Barnett, Brinns Farm                      232p (£1584.56)         Taylors Farm Shop Ltd

2nd       JA Barnett, Brinns Farm                      228p (£1573.20)         Taylors Farm Shop Ltd

3rd        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                         250p (£1555.00)         Haighs Workington Ltd


Charolais Heifer Un-Haltered

1st        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                         242p (£1609.30)         T Harrison butchers

2nd       MJ&JE Graham, Lynedraw                  228p (£1295.04)         Taylors Farm Shop Ltd

3rd        M/s Lawson, Hundith House              232p (£1494.08)         Haighs Workington Ltd


Any Other Continental Steer Un Haltered

1st        J Wilshaw, Oulton Hall                        230p (£1495.00)         Hargreaves Farms


Any Other Continental Heifer Un Haltered

1st        JA Barnett, Brinns Farm                      275p (£1553.75)         Wilson Butchers Ltd



Native Breed Steer

1st        S Priestly , Cracrop Farm                       200p (£1280.00)         Wilson Family Butchers

2nd        JJ Crichton Loughrigg                             255p (£1412.70)          Hutchinson, Kirkdale House

3rd        R Maxwell, Howside                            178p (£1085.80)          L Skelton, Low House


Native Breed Heifer

1st        JJ Crichton, Loughrigg                         205p (£1381.70)          Taylors Farm Shop Ltd


The British Charolais Cattle Society Rosette and Plaque for the best Charolais sired animal was awarded to JJ Crichton, Loughrigg Farm


Top Prices


Prime Heifer (Top price per kilo – pence):- Limousin- 500, 300, 235 Brinns Farm, 330, 300, 245 Greenhill, 310, 270(2), 265(2), 260(2), 252, 250, 248(2), 245, 243, 235 Loughrigg, 305, 282, 280, 242 West Farm, 250 Allerby Hall, 242, 240 Hundith House, 240, 238 Mechi Farm, 240 Shatton Lodge. Blonde- 275 Brinns Farm. British Blue- 270, 240 West Farm, 250, 235, 210 Loughrigg, 232, 228 Brinns Farm. Charolais- 242 Loughrigg, 232 Hundith House, 228 Lynedraw. Aberdeen Angus- 205 Loughrigg.


Prime Heifer (Top price per head - £):- Limousin- 2720, 1854, 1692 Brinns Farm, 1904.10, 1608 Greenhill, 1755, 1733.10, 1729.80, 1577.28, 1573, 1552.32, 1545.48, 1542.30, 1513.20, 1500.40, 1492.25, 1474.20, 1450, 1381.80 Loughrigg, 1748.40, 1662.25, 1660.40, 1422.96 West Farm, 1663.20, 1504.80 Shatton Lodge, 1447.68 Bothel Parks, 1411.20 Mechi Farm, 1406.40, 1386 Hundith House, 1387.50 Allerby Hall. Charolais- 1609.30 Loughrigg, 1494.08 Hundith House, 1295.04 Lynedraw. British Blue- 1690.20, 1488 West Farm, 1584.56, 1573.20 Brinns Farm, 1555, 1266.30, 1240.80 Loughrigg. Blonde- 1553.75 Brinns Farm. Aberdeen Angus- 1381.70 Loughrigg.


Prime Steer (Top price per kilo – pence):-  Galloway- 255 Loughrigg, 200 Cracrop, 190, 178 Howside. Limousin- 248 Bothel Parks, 245, 225 Hundith House, 240 Brinns Farm, 225 Lamplugh Hall, 205 Kirkland Guards. Limousin- 248 Bothel Parks, 245, 225 Hundith House, 240 Brinns Farm, 225 Lamplugh Hall, 205 Kirkland Guards. British Blue- 232 Loughrigg. Blonde- 230 Oulton Hall.


Prime Steer (Top price per head - £):- Limousin- 1666.56 Bothel Parks, 1552.50, 1499.40 Hundith House, 1518.75 Lamplugh Hall, 1517 Kirkland Guards, 1420.40 Brinns Farm. Blonde- 1495 Oulton Hall. British Blue- 1438.40 Loughrigg. Galloway- 1412.70 Loughrigg, 1280 Cracrop, 1117.20, 1085.80 Howside.