Store Lambs Friday 21st August 2020

21st August 2020

A good entry of 2500 store lambs attracted a huge ringside of eager buyers ensuring a flying trade was witnessed. The show was ably judged by Mr Tom Wilson, Thursby; our thanks go to him for his time and expertise. After some deliberation Tom selected a pen of Beltex Lambs from James Hunter, Fieldside as his Champion pen. These attracted frenzied bidding at sale time and sold for £95.

The days top price of £124 was paid for a pair of Black Texel Gimmer Lambs from Thomas Roper, Rietfontein.

£96 was paid for Beltex Lambs from A&B Roberts, Riggingill; this quality trailer load of lambs averaged an impressive £91.16. Another tremendous consignment of Beltex Lambs averaged £91.70 from James Hunter, Fieldside.

Long keep lambs looked the trade of the day. Many more could have been well sold and are required. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding marketing your store lambs. Next sale is next week Friday 28th August.

Show Results

Judge :- Tom Wilson, Wood Farm

Continental Store Lambs

            1st        James Hunter, Fieldside                           £95

            2nd       A&M Roberts, Riggingill                           £96

            3rd       JE&A Wilson, Far End Farm                     £84

Hillbred Store Lambs

            1st        Will Nixon, Hundith Hill Farm                 £68

            2nd       N&S Addyman, Moorside                        £65

Champion                             James Hunter, Fieldside                           £95

Reserve Champion             A&M Roberts, Riggingill                           £96

Leading Prices

Store Lambs – Black Texel – 124, 78 Rietfontein, 72 Far Bank Farm. Beltex – 96, 90, 89 Riggingill, 95, 89, 88 Fieldside, 87, 84, 81 Low Stowbank, 86 Woodhall Brow Farm. Texel – 84, 79.50 Far End Farm, 81.50 Whinnerah, 77 Middlegill Farm, 77, 75.50 Bowderdale, 75.50 The Towers, 75(2) New Monkwray, 75 Seaview, 75 High Bewaldeth, 74 Cragg Farm, 74 Hollins, 74 Skelsceugh, 73.50 Mireside, 72.50 Hinning House. Charollais – 74 Far Bank, 72 Stybeck Farm, 63 The Globe. Suffolk – 73.50 Pica Cottages, 71 The Globe. Millenium Blue – 70 Woodhall Brow Farm. Texel X Herdwick – 68, 65, 62 Hundith Hill Farm, 62.50 Mireside, 62 Far Bank Farm. Mule – 66, 63 High Side Farm, 65 Whinnerah, 65 Low Kinmont.