Herdwick Breeding Ewes, Continental Rams and Herdwick Rams - Friday 2nd October and Saturday 3rd October-

2nd October 2020

The annual two day sale of Herdwick breeding ewes and rams was held at Mitchells Auction Co, Cockermouth, Cumbria.  The sale continues to attract interest from across the UK, with purchasers travelling from far and wide to partake in the largest sale of Herdwick sheep in the country.

The Show was kindly sponsored by Hundith Hill Hotel, Marsh Commercial Insurance, TW Relph & Sons, Robinson + co Accountants, Tony Sharp Trailers and Mitchells Auction Co.  Judge for the females was Mr Shaun Hodgson, of Park House, Ravenstonedale, who awarded the championship to a pen of ewes from Messrs Bland, Clea Hall.  These first prize ewes later sold for £520.

Top price of the day went to another pen of five ewes from Messrs Bland at Clea Hall, this time selling at £800 to JE Grant. Trade was electric throughout with prices never before seen being achieved for Herdwick ewes leaving all vendors delighted. Prices achieved beyond all expectations proving that the ring is king.


1st and Champion: Messrs Bland, Clea Hall     £520

2nd    AD & T Harrison, Brotherilkeld     £450

3rd    Messrs Bland, Clea Hall       £800


1st      JG Harryman, The Gallion       £500

2nd     CI Hartley, Barfield        £170

3rd    J Longworth & A Harrison, Millriggs     £120

Gimmer Lambs

1st     Messrs Bland, Clea Hall       £120

2nd     JG Harryman, The Gallion       £225

3rd  Messrs Bland, Clea Hall    £100

Ewes: Herdwick – 800, 520, 320, 160 Clea Hall, 450, 420, 152 Brotherilkeld, 400 Chapel, 350, 340, 280 Gatesgarth, 280 Little Cross, 280, 270, 240, 115 Knott Houses, 190, 130 Fold Head, 130 Yew Tree, 130 Glencoyne, 120 East House. Texel- 115 Row Farm. Cheviot- 120 Lanefoot, 100 Stybeck. Swaledale X- 80 Thornholme.    

Shearlings: Herdwick – 500 The Gallion, 260 Howbeck Lodge, 170 Barfield, 130 Hollins, 128 Brotherilkeld, 120 Millriggs. Badgerface- 150 Brimmer Head. Texel- 135 Row Farm, 135 Skelsceugh. Mule- 128 Row Farm.

Gimmer lambs: Herdwick – 225 The Gallion, 120, 100, 72, 70(2) Clea Hall, 82 Chance Cottage, 70 Barfield, 70 West Loch, 70 Anns Cottage.


The Ram section saw a fantastic trade with all classes in keen demand producing a clearance rate of over 85%. Top price of £650 was paid for a Texel Ram from KJ & CS Wilson, Wood Farm. Cheviot Rams topped at £600 from AE&LK Harrison, Taw House.

Leading Prices

Shearling Ram

Texel- 650, 400 Wood Farm, 600(3), 500(3), 400(2) Glen Hush, 600, 550, 450, 400 Colstons, 550, 500, 450 Arkleby House, 550(2) Woodhow, 450(2) Summerhill, 420 High Low Hall, 400 Ireby Hall, 400 Wardhall Guards. Cheviot- 600 Taw House, 400 Hilltop, 350, 320, 280 Stonecroft, 280, 250(2) Simonscales Mill, 250 Cragg House, 250 Illingworth Cottage. Charollais- 400 Boon Cragg, 350(3), 320 Swallow Heights. Beltex- 550, 400 Beckhouse, 400, 350, 320 Wood Farm, 380 Middlegill, 350, 320 Bordley Green, 350 Parkhouse.  

Ram Lamb

Texel- 380, 320, 300, 280 Four-O-Boot, 380 Bordley Green. Charollais- 300 Swallow Heights. Suffolk- 220 The Croft.

Saturday 3rd October

The ‘Keswick’ Show and Sale of registered Herdwick rams on Saturday started with a show of outstanding tups. Held under the auspices of the Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association, judging was in the capable hands of Mr David Ellwood, Baskell and Mr Edward Liddle, Miller Place with the referee Mr Sam Hodgson, Glencoyne. After some deliberation the Nicholson Trophy for Champion Tup was awarded to the 1st prized Shearling from Anthony Hartley, Turner Hall. This Ram later smashed the breed record when he was knocked down at 18,000gns to Mr Hodgkiss. The old record of 10,000gns was achieved twice, firstly for the 1st prized aged ram and receiver of the Syd Hardisty Memorial trophy from Mr George Harryman, The Gallion when sold to Mr Hodgkiss. Then 10,000gns again for a Shearling Ram from K Wrathall, Cockley Beck purchased by Mr D Harrison.

Show Results


Best Mouth:     JG Harryman, The Gallion

Aged Ram:

1st         JG Harryman, The Gallion

2nd    WS Jackson, Nook

3rd      AE & LK Harrison, Taw House

4th          Isaac Benson, Fell Foot

2 Shear Ram:

1st        Anthony Hartley, Turner Hall

2nd        WS Jackson, Nook

3rd   P Bland & J Barnes, Knott Houses

4th     RR Weir, Chapel


1st      Anthony Hartley, Turner Hall

2nd     AD & T Harrison, Brotherilkeld

3rd         WG Wilkinson, Brookfield

4th        AG & KF Nicholson, Swinside End

Champion – The Nicholson Trophy & The Joe Folder Memorial Trophy for Best Shearling

Anthony Hartley, Turner Hall

Reserve Champion-

Anthony Hartley, Turner Hall

Leading Prices (Guineas)

18000, 7500, 6500, 6000, 2800, 2500 Turner Hall, 10000 The Gallion, 10000, 4500 Cockley Beck, 8000 Knott Houses, 7000, 4500 Nook Farm, 4500 Racy Ghyll, 4500, 3500, 2800(2) Chapel Farm, 4000(2) Yew Tree Farm, 4000 How Hall, 4000 Brotherilkeld, 3000, 2200 Grove Farm, 2800 Gatesgarth, 2800 Penny Hill, 2500 Swinside End, 2500 Brookfield.