Monday 5th October Swaledale Ewes Breeding Sale

5th October 2020

On Monday 5th October Mitchells held the Annual Show and Sale of Swaledale Draft Ewes, Shearlings and Gimmer Lambs. The show was ably judged by Mr Robert Marrs, Manor Farm who commented on the strong show put before him. After some deliberation the Willy Gill Trophy and Champion rosette was awarded to GL Hutton, Setmabanning which later sold for the days top price of £220. Trade was strong with averages considerably dearer on the year. Shearlings topped at £140 from JE&A Wilson, Far End and Gimmer Lambs topped at £88 from W Ridley, Woodhall.

Show Results


1st GL Hutton, Setmabanning                                       

2nd S Hardisty & Son, How Hall               

3rd M Brough, Chapel House



1st GM Sibson, Burnside

2nd DC&L Bell, The Cottage          

3rd GL Hutton, Setmabanning     


Leading Prices

Ewes:- 220, 130, 122 Setmabanning, 180, 125 How Hall, 180 Low Kinmont, 175, 150(2), 140, 120 Wescoe, 170, 140, 135, 125(2) Rakefoot, 140 Chapel House, 135 Branthwaite, 132(2) Beck Grange, 130, 120 Undercragg, 120 Hole House. 

Shearlings:- 140, 120 Far End, 130 The Faulds, 130 High Nook, 120, 118, 115 The Cottage, 115, 110 Bridge End, 110 Forge Farm, 110 Lane Foot.  

Gimmer Lambs:- 88, 68 Woodhall.