Storestock Friday 18th December 2020

18th December 2020

Store Cattle

With many eyes now on the festive period just a small entry of cattle was presented for sale never the less a super trade was witnessed for a somewhat mixed entry. Top price of £1045 for a pair of Angus Steers from Messrs Martin, Beck Farm, Lamplugh. Montbeliarde steers from D&KI Clemetson, Outgang sold to £955.

The next sale of Store cattle is the New Years Prize Show and Sale on Friday 8th January. Trade is buoyant and entries are invited to the office on 01900 822016. Entries close Wednesday 30th December at 10am.

Store Lambs

A seasonal entry of lambs forward with high rates easily maintained and a keen ringside of buyers in attendance. Top of £89 for Texels from Messrs Allen & Dickinson, Windrush.

For advice on marketing your store sheep please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team

Store Sheep– Texel ­– 89 Windrush, 77 Whins, 75 East Townend. Suffolk- 78 East Townend. Mule- 71 Windrush. Cheviot- 68 Rannerdale. TexXHerd- 68 Punderland. Swaledale- 44 Rannerdale.