Friday 15th January - Store stock

15th January 2021

A small show but trade seriously dear and every bit as strong as last weeks sky high rates. Trade blistering upto a top of £1230 for a Limousin Heifer from Messrs Robinson, Gateghyll, Threlkeld. A 9 month old Limousin Steer from JA Ritson, Baggra Yeat, Uldale sold to £1160.

Many more could have been well sold. Next fortnightly sale on Friday 29th January. Please advise entries to the office on 01900 822016. Catalogue made on Friday 22nd. All classes wanted.

HEIFERS - Limousin- 1230, 1190 Gateghyll, 1190 Grange Farm, 1170, 1020 Lowthwaite, 1070 Baggra Yeat, 1010 Burthwaite. Simmental- 1160 Mosser Mains. British Blue- 1070 Row End, 1010 Low Godderthwaite, 990 Syke Beck. 

STEERS - Limousin- 1160, 1120, 1090 Baggra Yeat, 1140, 1110 Grange Farm, 1020 Burthwaite, 1020 Outgang. British Blue- 1110, 1090(2), 1070 Woodhall, 1040 Outgang, 1000 Syke Beck. Simmental- 1010(2) Row End. Montbeliarde- 860(7) Outgang.

BULLS - Limousin- 990 Cathow. Simmental- 910(6) Near Swallowhurst. British Friesian- 540(3) Stainburn Hall.

FEEDING COWS – Blonde- 980 Low Godderthwaite. Limousin- 950 Cathow.


Trade spectacular with all corners desperate for store sheep. Top of £98 for long keep Texel hoggs from Messrs Barker, Noran Bank, Patterdale. Many more could have been very well sold with demand at unprecedented levels.