The 20th Whiteley Hey Production Sale - Monday 16th August

16th August 2021

Mitchells Auction Mart and North West Auctions J36 conducted on Monday 16th August 2021 the Platinum 20th Annual Whiteley Hey Production Sale of top-quality breeding females and shearling rams on behalf of Mr Paul Slater.

The Platinum Production sale did not disappoint. With a superb show of the best quality Whiteley Hey breeding sheep fit to graze any field. Again, with Pauls sheep carrying a great reputation a strong ringside of prospective buyers gathered to ensure a ferocious trade was witnessed, the Whiteley Hey stock was fantastic with skin, shape and characteristics to die for.

Topping the Females was an outstanding ¾ Texel ¼ Beltex Gimmer Shearling selling for £880 to Ellis Bros, Ilkley. Following closely behind at £850 was a cracking pair of Black Beltex X Texel Gimmer Shearlings sold in memory of the late Graham Slater and with the proceeds being donated to the British Heart Foundation. Graham was a tremendous stockman and it seemed fitting that this pair sold to Harry Woods, Preston. The first Gimmer Shearling in the ring sold to £800 for a single Texel purchased by HJ&S Dixon, Hartley.

After the females was concluded the sale of rams commenced with huge excitement, leading with the first pen of rams all sired by Garngour Awesome.

This pen of 9 rams averaged an outstanding 1694gns each, with the leading price coming out of this pen – Lot 7 sired by Gangour Awesome and out of a Scorton Head dam selling for 3600gns, which was purchased by Sharp Law Farms, Howman, Kelso (A regular attendee) following on behind the top price ram was a further three rams selling for 2600gns – Lot 13, 59, 62.

27 Rams sold In excess of 1500gns.

Gimmer Lambs selling to £380 per head, to average £184.52.

Leading Prices- £380 (Single Texel), £320 (Single Texel), £250 (trio of ¾ Texel ¼ Beltex), £250 (Single Beltex X Texel).

Gimmer Shearlings selling to £880 per head, to average £359.30.

Leading prices- £880 (Single Texel), £850 (pair of Black Beltex X Texel), £800 (Single Texel), £680 (single Charollais X Beltex), £650 (pair of Beltex X Texel), £600 (pair of Texel), £600 (single Beltex X Texel).

Ewes (2-3 shear) selling to £400, to average £314.59.

Leading prices- £400 (pair of Charollais X Beltex), £380 (pair of Texel), £380 (pair of Black Beltex X Texel), £350 (pair of Beltex X Texel), £350 (pen of 5 Charollais X Beltex).

Shearling Rams selling to 3,600gns, to average £1122.39.

Leading Prices- 3600gns (Pure Texel), 2600gns (Beltex X Texel), 2600gns (3/4 Beltex ¼ Texel), 2600gns (3/4 Beltex ¼ Texel), 2200gns (Pure Texel), 2200gns (Pure Texel), 2100gns (3/4 Texel ¼ Beltex), 2000gns (3/4 Beltex ¼ Texel), 2000gns (Charollais X Beltex), 2000gns (3/4 Texel ¼ Beltex), 2000gns (Beltex X Texel), 2000gns (3/4 Texel ¼ Beltex), 2000gns (3/4 Texel ¼ Beltex), 1900gns (Pure Texel).