Annual Show & Sale of Mule Gimmer Lambs Friday 17th September 2021

17th September 2021

Mitchells Auction Mart conducted its Annual Lakeland Prize show & Sale of a catalogued entry of 9,035 Mule gimmer lambs on Friday 17th September.  The pre sale show was expertly judged by Mr Trevor Foster, Sebergham & Mr Bruce Davies, Abergaveny with Mr Andrew Cook as Referee, with two sections to place; the large breeders and small breeders. The sale was kindly sponsored by Carrs Billington, Hundith Hill Hotel & Lakeland Trailers & Services.

Championship rosette and the Johnny Matterson Memorial cup was awarded to a wonderful pen consigned by NC Marston, Millstone Moor. This pen of lambs also received the Martyn Mawson Memorial Trophy for the highest placed NEMSA bred lambs. Reserve honours were presented to Messrs Folder, Wescoe for the second pen of large breeders. Mr Trevor Place & Miss Hannah Place, Strawberry How, Cockermouth did a thorough job of judging the best run and awarded this prize to Mrs M Brough, Chapel House Farm.

The auction mart this year was full of outstanding runs of lambs from start to finish which had flourished with the kind summer. The sale is establishing itself as a must to most buyers now.

The Mart average was £125.80

Prize winners:-

Large Breeder

1st NC Marston, Millstone Moor                                                  Sold for £320

2nd  Messrs Folder, Wescoe                                                           Sold for £480

3rd AG & KF Nicholson, Swinside End Farm                            Sold for £300

4th  RW & JH Emmott, Wythop Hall                                              Sold for £170

5th  GW Whitfield, Low Stowbank                                                Sold for £165

mall Breeder (Less than 180)

1stt JT Davidson, Bell Mount                                                         Sold for £160

2nd  GL Hutton, Setmabanning                                                     Sold for £145

3rd   JT Davidson, Bell Mount                                                         Sold for £150    

Mule Gimmer Lambs (NEMSA members)– 480, 250, 158 Wescoe Farm, 320 Millstone Moor, 300, 230(2), 220, 185, 180(2), 165, 160, 150 Swinside End, 190 Low Kinmont, 180, 150 Howbeck Lodge, 175, 170, 160 Baggra Yeat, 175, 155 Peter House, 170, 160 Wythop Hall, 170, 150 Stockhow Hall, 168 The Faulds, 165 Chapel House, 165, 155 Beechcroft, 165 Low Stowbank, 160, 150 Bell Mount, 155 Low Mill, 155 Segbushwell, 152 Kirkland House, .

Mule Gimmer Lambs – 140 Perry Flatts, 140, 138, 128, 122 Gate Ghyll, 135, 130 Eirinntalla, 132, 130, 128 Town End, 122, 120 Town End.

Cheviot Gimmer Lamb – 130, 128(2) Strudda Bank, 128(2) Setmabanning.

Leading averages:-

NC Marston, Millstone Moor                                                        £152.37

RW&JH Emmott, Wythop Hall                                                      £149.42

Messrs Folder, Wesco Farm                                                          £145.17

AG&KF Nicholson, Swinside End Farm                                       £144.12

Messrs JA Ritson, Baggra Yeat                                                      £143.45

T Trafford & Son, Peter House                                                     £142.45

Messrs P&PI Walker & Son, Beechcroft                                    £136.49

Mrs M Brough, Chapel House Farm                                            £135.21

JT Davidson, Bell Mount                                                                 £134.56

W&PA Walton, Low Kinmont                                                        £133.48

Messrs JR&JA Wharton, Segbushwell                                       £130.50

J Ireland & Son, Stockhow Hall                                                     £130.23

GL Hutton, Setmabanning                                                             £129.67

J Stobart, Howbeck Lodge                                                              £128.91