Special Sale of Breeding Cattle also Special Show and Sale of Ewes with Lambs at Foot

13th May 2022


A nice entry of working outfits attracted a keen ringside ensuring a strong trade for all classes. The highlight of the sale was a super Pedigree Limousin Heifer with Limousin Heifer calf at foot from DJ&MJ Hoggarth, Old Hall Farm, Ulpha, Broughton in Furness. Attracting many admirers, this outfit sold for the days top price of £2800.

The same good home of DJ&MJ Hoggarth, Old Hall, Ulpha also sold a pen of exceptional Limousin Bulling Heifers sired by Proctors Nissan topping at £1950 and averaging £1883.

Breeding Cattle

Heifer with Calf at foot

Limousin- 2800 Old Hall, 1850 Springfield. British Blue- 2250 Springfield, 1700, 1600 Lonscale.

Cow with Calf at foot

Limousin- 1750, 1700(2) Whinnerah, 1650, 1620, 1500, 1480, 1450 High Nook.

Bulling Heifer

Limousin- 1950, 1900, 1800 Old Hall.



A fantastic day was had at the annual ‘David Westgarth’ show and sale of ewes and hoggs with lambs at foot. The judging was professionally carried out by Mr Jack Shaw, Cherry Lane who had forward several strong classes to sort through. After some deliberation the David Westgarth Memorial trophy for the Champion pen was awarded to the 1st prize pen of Mule Hoggs with Lambs at foot from Messrs G Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Appleby which was purchased by the judge for the days joint top price of £170 per life (£340 per outfit). Reserve honours went to the 1st prized pen of Continental Hoggs with Lambs from Winter Bros, Croft Ends, Appleby which later also sold for £170 per life.

Ewes with lambs at foot were a phenomenal trade with a packed ringside of buyers in attendance all keen to secure quality grazing outfits. Shearlings with Lambs at foot sold to £142 for the 1st prized pen of Continental shearlings with lambs at foot from GW Whitfield & Son, Low Stowbank, Ennerdale. Top per family was £390 again for the quality consignment of Beltex ewes with lambs from GW Whitfield & Son, Low Stowbank.  

Older ewes with Lambs sold to £138 twice (or a whopping £414 per family); both times for Texel ewes with Beltex lambs from D&A Hunt, Croft House, Threapland. Correct Mule ewes with twin Suffolk lambs at foot sold to £105 per life or £315 per outfit from J&FJ Edmondson, Low Snab, Keswick.

Fell ewes sold like hot cakes topping at £66 per life for the 1st prized pen of Hill ewes; a pen of Herdwick ewes with Texel lambs from Messrs Nesbitt, Woodhow Farm, Wasdale. Herdwick ewes with lambs at foot sold to the dearest trade ever witnessed, averaging a staggering £59.80 per life. An incredible trade throughout.

Next week Friday 20th May is the fortnightly sale of Store cattle and Ewes with Lambs. Friday 27th May sees the Second Main Sale of Fellbred ewes & Continental Hoggs with Lambs at foot. Vendors are urged to take advantage of the current buoyant trading conditions where the ring is king. Entries to the office on 01900 822016.

Hoggs with Lambs (per life)

Mule- 170, 120 Terrys Farm, 168, 125 Clickham, 112 Frizington Hall. Texel- 170 Clickham, 135 Baggra Yeat, 126, 112 Whinnerah, 120(3) Baggra Yeat, 110 Hill Top.  Mule Geld Hoggs – 132 Frizington Hall.

Shearling with Lambs (per life)

Beltex- 142, 138, 136, 130(2) Low Stowbank. Texel- 125 Woodhow, 124 Windrush, 104 High House. Mule- 98, 92, 88 Far End, 87 Lonscale.

Ewes with Lambs (per life)

Texel- 138(2), 136, 135, 132, 128 Croft House, 119 Lonscale, 110, 98 Sally Hill, 109(2), 106 New Monkwray, 106, 104 High House, 102 Longthwaite Villa. Beltex- 116, 110, 106, 94, 90(4) Low Stowbank. Mule- 105, 104 Low Snab, 92 Hollin Head, 88 Longthwaite Villa. Bleu Du Maine- 124 Croft House. Suffolk- 99, 90 High House, 82 Hollin Head. TexXHerd- 97, 94 Rainors Farm. Cheviot- 80 Brookfield. Herdwick- 66, 62, 56 Woodhow, 65, 61 Far End, 62, 60 Howside, 62 The Faulds, 62, 61(2) Brookfield, 61, 60, 59 Wescoe, 55 Cragg House. Jacob- 59 Rainors Farm. Swaledale- 55 Wescoe. Badgerface- 49 Hollin Head.