Store Cattle, Breeding Sheep & Breeding Cattle

17th June 2022

Store cattle


An excellent entry for the time of year sold to another fast trade with a good ringside of buyers in attendance. Top price of £1545 achieved for a 16m old British Blue steer from TW Bell, Hilltop, St Johns in the Vale. Heifers topped at £1440 from D&MA Wilson, Lamplugh Hall, Lamplugh.


A large show of native cattle sold to £1365 for an Angus steer from RS&E Gate, Near Branthwaite Edge, Branthwaite. Native heifers to £1275 for a Beef Shorthorn from E&EM Pattinson & Son, West End, Eaglesfield.


Young stores to £1215 for a 10m old Limousin steer again from TW Bell, Hill Top. Young bulls selling well topping at £1235 for an 8m old Limousin from E&A Wear, Grove Farm, Hartsop.


Next fortnightly sale is on Friday 1st July. Catalogues made on Friday 24th June.  


Steers – British Blue- 1545 Hill Top, 1355(3), 1285 Branthwaite Edge, 1175 Woodend, 1165 Drigg Moorside, 1005(4) Town Head. Aberdeen Angus- 1365 Branthwaite Edge. Limousin- 1295, 1285, 1225 Branthwaite Edge, 1215 Hill Top, 1215, 1185 Woodend, 1195, 1185 Low Garth, 1195 Scalesmoor, 1165 Greengill. Beef Shorthorn- 1185, 1065 Row Head, 1175 West End. Hereford- 1075 Drigg Moorside.


Heifers – Limousin- 1440 Lamplugh Hall, 1315 Sherwen Terrace, 1245 Woodend, 1145 Peter House, 1135, 1085 Grove Farm, 1125, 1085 Croft End, 1095 Lowthwaite, 1085 Townhead. British Blue- 1285(2), 1175, 1165 Town Head, 1185(2) Branthwaite Edge, 1115(2) Drigg Moorside, 1095, 1065(2) Greengill, 1095 Drigg Moorside. Beef Shorthorn- 1275, 1265, 1095, 1085 West End Farm. Aberdeen Angus- 1185, 1175 Branthwaite Edge, 1035 Drigg Moorside. Simmental- 1105 East Townend. Hereford- 1105(3), 1095(4) East Townend. Charolais- 1105(2) Greengill.


Bulls- Limousin- 1235, 1155, 1105, 1095 Grove Farm, 1205, 1175 Stoney Howe, 1205, 1155 Howe Green, 1155 Scalesmoor. Stabiliser- 1235 Stoney Howe. Simmental- 1055 Welcome Nook.


Bull Stirks – British Blue- 680 Syke Beck. Holstein Friesian- 380 Syke Beck.

Heifer Stirks- Charolais- 600 Syke Beck. British Blue- 570 Syke Beck.


The highlight of todays’ sale and the highlight of the summer sales so far at Mitchells was undoubtedly witnessed today as the dispersal of two superb herds of beef cows with calves at foot went through the ring. A huge ensemble of prospective purchasers packed through the door to show their support.


First was the dispersal on behalf of GA Stamper, Dearham Row. A super run of Limousin and British Blue cows with calves at foot was a sight to behold and a real credit to the Stamper family. The top price of this fantastic run was £2800 achieved twice. Firstly for a Limousin Heifer with Steer calf at foot and then again for a 5 year old Limousin Cow with Steer calf at foot.


Dispersal on behalf of GA Stamper, Dearham Row

Limousin Cow with Calf- 2800(2), 2700(3), 2600(2), 2550(3), 2500, 2300, 2250 Dearham Row. British Blue Cow with Calf- 2350, 1900, 1800 Dearham Row. Limousin Bull- 3100, 2500 Dearham Row.


Next up was the renowned herd from WB&SA Steele, Easthwaite. Another quality run of Limousin, British Blue and Beef Shorthorn cows with shapely Limousin calves. Topping this run at £2800 was a Limousin Heifer with Steer calf at foot.


Dispersal on behalf of WB&SA Steele, Easthwaite

Limousin Cow with Calf- 2800, 2500, 2350, 2250 Easthwaite. Beef Shorthorn Cow with Calf- 2400, 2000 1950, 1500 Easthwaite. British Blue Cow with Calf- 1950, 1900, 1800 Easthwaite. Bazadaise Cow with Calf- 1750 Easthwaite. Limousin Bull- 2100 Easthwaite.


The staff and directors of Mitchells would like to thank both GA Stamper and WB&SA Steele for their instructions to conduct the sale and wish them all the best for the future.


Outwith the dispersals more quality beef breeding cattle were on offer selling to a fast trade. Breeding bulls sold to £3100 for a Limousin from Messrs Miller, Allerby Hall. Cows to £2500 for an outstanding 9 year old Limousin Cow with Bull Calf at foot.


Cows & Calves- Limousin- 2500, 2400 Hundith Hill, 2150, 2000(2), 1900, 1850(2), 1800 Lamplugh Hall. Aberdeen Angus- 1750, 1600 Briary Moss.


Stock Bulls-

Limousin- 3100 Allerby Hall.


Breeding Sheep


For the time of year a super entry came forward in turn attracting keen interest ensuring another fast trade. Top of £142 per life for Texel hoggs with single Dutch Texel lambs from JA Ritson, Baggra Yeat, Uldale who also sold twins to £120 per life (£360 per family). A huge entry of Herdwick ewes with Lambs sold to £71 per life for correct below ewes with lambs at foot from D Hall, Thistleton, Gosforth.


Hoggs & Lambs-

Texel- 142, 120 Baggra Yeat. Mule- 111, 106 Old Cluden.


Ewes & Lambs-

Beltex- 84 Hollin Head. Texel- 80, 77, 69.50 Stool End, 69 Hollin Head. Cheviot- 78 Crosbythwaite. Herdwick- 71, 61.50 Thistleton, 68 Brotherilkeld, 66 Stool End, 64 Undercragg, 63(2), 61.50 Crosbythwaite, 62(2) Brimmer Head.