Friday 15th July - Opening Sale of Store Lambs, Store, Breeding & Feeding Cattle

15th July 2022


Market Report for Friday 15TH July 2022

Store Sheep

The opening sale of store lambs went off with a bang with a super trade witnessed. Plenty of buyers around the ring and many more required for the next sale in a fortnights time on Friday 29th July.

Top of £98.50 for Texel wethers from JW Hartley, Low Priorscales, Calderbridge. Sale average £87.96 and more required.  

Texel- 98.50, 98, 90 Low Priorscales, 97 Punderland, 93 Cathow. Suffolk- 88 Strudda Bank.

Store cattle

A seasonal entry of store cattle sold to a strong trade for a very mixed bag topping at £1485 for a Limousin Steer from TW West, Pickett Howe, Egremont. Heifers topped at £1395 for a Limousin from Messrs Roberts, Townhead, Greysouthen. Yearling stores to £1115 for a Limousin Heifer from Messrs RA Rawling, Overcroft, Greysouthen. Young Bulls to £1205 for a Limousin from A&L Gott, Prospect House, Isel.

Next fortnightly sale on Friday 29th July 2022. Catalogue made on Friday 22nd July.

Steers – Limousin- 1485, 1395, 1355, 1275 Pickett Howe. Angus- 1045(2) Crooklands. Charolais- 1035(3) 1015 Mosser Heights.

Heifers – Limousin- 1395, 1305, 1245, 1225, 1155, 1135 Townhead, 1135 Nr Branthwaite Edge, 1115 Overcroft. Charolais- 1385(2), 1345, 1325, 1285, 1255 Grange Farm, 1305(2) Townhead. Angus- 1185 Townhead, 1085 Ehenside. British Blue- 1115, 1095 Nr Branthwaite Edge, 1075 Armaside.

Young Bulls- Limousin- 1205 Prospect House.  

Stirks – British Blue Bull- 650(3) Syke Beck. British Blue Heifer- 580(3) Syke Beck. Charolais Heifer- 580 Syke Beck. Holstein Friesian Bull- 320 Syke Beck.

Breeding Cattle-

The staff and directors of Mitchells were grateful to have the opportunity to disperse the super herd of homebred Limousin Cows with calves at foot on behalf of JW Cook, Ullock Farm. A tremendous genuine herd naturally attracted a large ringside of buyers ensuring just rewards for a lifetimes work. The dispersal was topped at £2400 for a 5 year old Limousin cow with Bull calf at foot. A Limousin Heifer with bull calf sold to £2320.  

Dispersal on behalf of JW Cook, Ullock Farm-

Limousin Cow with Calf- 2400, 2320, 2220, 2200(2), 2180(2), 2150, 2100(2), 2080(2), 2050(2), 2000(3) Ullock Farm.

The monthly breeding sale topped at £2520 for a 6 year old Limousin Cow with month old Heifer calf at foot from GA Stamper, Dearham Row who had such a good dispersal here a month ago. A super run of Limousin Heifers with Calves at foot topped at £2380 from BG&DE Marrs, Elva Plain, Setmurthy.   

Limousin Cow with Calf- 2520, 2000(2) Dearham Row. Limousin Heifer with Calf- 2380, 2350, 2300(2), 2200, 2150, 1980 Elva Plain, 2250, 2150, 2100, 2050(2) Uldale Hall. British Blue Cow with Calf- 2250, 2120(2), 2020, 1850 Foxhouse. Hereford Cow with Calf- 1700 Norbreck Park, 1680, 1520 Armaside. Simmental Cow with Calf- 1680 Foxhouse. Angus Cow with Calf- 1650 Armaside.