17th Annual Production Sale of the Whiteley Hey Flock on behalf of Mr P Slater

20th August 2018

On Monday 20th August 2018. The 17th Annual Production sale of The Whiteley Hey Flock on behalf of  Mr Paul Slaters was held at North West Auctions J36 Rural Auction Centre, Kendal in conjunction with Mitchells Auction Company, Cockermouth.

The Annual Production sale was very well attended with the Pre-Sale Pens full with both new and old customers looking to purchase some outstanding sheep. With Paul continuing to use the best bloodlines year in and year out, this was evident with his sheep, being classy with great muscle depth, and terrific skins.

The Sale opened with a packed ring side of bidders looking to purchase some of Pauls females.

Leading the females were an outstanding pair of Beltex x Texel 2 shear ewes which sold for £450.

Closely behind these were Lot 39. A pair of ¾ Texel x ¼ Beltex gimmer shearling which sold for £440.

Paul this year had some tremendous bred Black Beltex x Texel females which sold extremely well topping at £400 for Lot 47.

Shearling Rams averaged £734.04 with the leading price being 2400gns for Lot 93, a pure Texel which was sired by The Scrogtonhead stock ram and sold to The Brow Farm Flock. Just before this Lot 77 sold for 1600gns another sired by the Scrogtonhead stock ram.

With bidding frantic throughout the ram section another 14 rams reached the 1000gns barrier and above.

A well-travelled ring side of customers were at the auction and would go home pleased with the stock which Paul Slater had turned out again.


150        Rams                                 £734.04

100        2&3 Shear Ewes         £250.72

199         Gimmer Shearlings £232.15

200       Ewe Lambs                    £152.32


Leading Prices


Texel- 2400gns, 1600gns, 1500gns, 1400gns, 1100gns, 1000gns(x4), 950gns, 900gns(x2)

Beltex- 1500gns, 1400gns, 1250gns(x2), 900gns

Charollais- 1200gns

2&3 Shear Ewes

Texel- 320, 300, 280, 270, 260, 250, 240

Charollais- 250, 240

Black Texel- 400, 350, 230, 200, 190(x2)

Shearling Gimmers

Texel- 440, 380, 370, 310, 300, 260, 250, 240

Beltex- 400, 360, 320, 310(x2), 300(x2), 280, 270, 260(x4)

Charollais- 280

Black Texel- 400, 310, 300, 260, 220(x3), 200(x2). 190, 180, 170, 160

Gimmer Lambs

Texel- 340, 190(x2), 180, 175, 165, 160, 155, 150, 140

Beltex- 260, 230. 200, 190, 170, 165(x2), 160(x6), 155

Charollais- 180, 175, 150, 140(x2)

Black Texel- 165(x2), 160(x2), 155