Mark Wise BA Hons ASFAV

Consultant & Non-Exec Director

Mark joined Mitchells in 1987 when auction sales of furniture and household effects were held, on an ad hoc basis between livestock sales, in the cattle market itself.

Mitchells have always sold antique furniture and effects however Mark concentrated solely on this building Mitchells reputation.

Part of the cattle market was converted into a saleroom in the early 90s and a programme of specialist Furniture and Fine art Sales was introduced. Other specialist sales followed most notably Country Sporting Sales and Vintage Toy Sales.

The good reputation of the saleroom blossomed, and Fine Art Sales began to attract national interest.

There have been notable achievements over the years not least Mitchells record Fine Art Sale total of £650,0000 in 2015 which incorporated the estate of the well-known and respected patron of the arts Miss Mary Burkett OBE.

Mitchells hold the record auction price for several Cumbrian artists not least Sheila Fell (1931-1979) £38,000, Edward H Thompson (1879-1949) £10,800 and Percy Kelly (1918-1993) £6,000.

An oil painting by the noted artist Robert Salmon (1775-1858) of “The Frigate William Fell off Greenock”, discovered in the attic of a terraced property in Whitehaven, is the current house record at £79,000.

With over 40 years of experience as an auctioneer Mark has extensive knowledge in most subject areas and has particular expertise and interest in furniture and paintings.

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