antiques & fine art sale

18th - 20th March 2020

Lot 1

A quantity of British European and world bank notes, to include Elizabeth II portrait series £5 and £1, 3 x Austrian 100 schilling, a Spanish 1000 peseta and 7 x 100 peseta, a German 20 mark note and 5 x 10 mark notes, Singapore 20, 5 and 1 dollars, 2 x Bank of Guyana 20 dollars, 2 x Suriname 25 and 1 dollar and others.

Sold for £32

Lot 2

A small quantity of British, Irish and commonwealth copper and bronze coins, to include a George I halfpenny 1718, a George II copper halfpenny 1752, George III "cartwheel" pennies, George III British and Irish pennies and halfpennies, Victorian young head and old head farthings, a half farthing 1842, assorted George V and VI pennies and farthings, mixed dates and grades.

Sold for £20

Lot 3

A quantity of British and Commonwealth silver content coins, to include a William IV sixpence 1834, Victorian and later shillings, sixpences and threepences, three crowns 1935 and 1937, an Indian half rupee 1943, a Parliament House Australia one florin 1927 and two festival of Britain crowns.

Sold for £25

Lot 4

A quantity of world coins, some with silver content, to include 5 x one gulden, three Dutch 25 cents and two 10 cents 1920's/1940's, a brooch formed from a Dutch 25 cents and two 10 cents, a Mexican commemorative silver 25 pesos 1968, a Swedish copper ore 1762 and other coins from France, Holland, America, Italy and others, various dates and grades.

Sold for £22

Lot 5

A French 10 centimes 1897 trench art, the reverse erased and stamped Pte. J.E. Reynolds 020448 M.T.A.S.G. C.O.E. pierced on the edges.

Lot 6

A Victorian jubilee head crown and double florin, a young head shilling, a George III fake copper half crown, George V half crown and florin, both 1928, Elizabeth II Bailiwick of Guernsey £5 and commemorative 50 pence, Victorian bun head pennies and farthing and other coins.

Sold for £25

Lot 7

Mixed coinage George III - Elizabeth II, comprising an 1816 sixpence, Victorian half crown through to threepence, Edward VII 1908 florin, copper coins comprising a cartwheel twopence and one pence, an 1897 farthing, Victorian and later farthings, a George VI 1937 coronation crown and Elizabeth II silver proof jubilee crown and other coins, mixed dates and grades and a small quantity of banknotes.

Sold for £30

Lot 8

Victoria, silver florin, 1849, Godless type, VF+.

Sold for £85

Lot 9

George III - 2 x cartwheel twopence and a cartwheel penny, 1797, a third issue penny 1799 and a Victorian copper penny, 1854, initialled PT (5) VF.

Sold for £30

Lot 10

George III, Isle of Man cartwheel penny, 1813, two Victorian half farthings 1843 and 1844, a one third farthing 1884, a quarter farthing 1839 and a good Edward VII one third farthing 1902 with lots of lustre, all VF+, the latter EF+ (6).

Sold for £50

Lot 11

Great British silver coins comprising George III shilling and sixpence 1817, George IV crown and sixpence 1821 and 1826, three crowns 1893, 1935 and 1937 and an Edward VII florin 1910, F-VF (8).

Sold for £65

Lot 12

Elizabeth II proof coin sets, 2008 and 2012 and a 2008 Royal Shield of Arms proof collection, all with certificates and in presentation cases issued by the Royal Mint.

Sold for £70

Lot 13

Elizabeth II six proof coin sets, 1989, 1999-2006, 2010 and 2011, the majority £5 to 1 penny, each with certificates and in presentation case of issue by The Royal Mint.

Sold for £300

Lot 14

A set of eighteen replica crowns of Edward VI through to Edward VII, some struck Lobel copy, a replica cartwheel penny three coin set, Limited Edition No. 167/500 issued, a box of Victorian crowns and a set of six cupronickel and colour printed replica trade dollars, all coins encapsulated and within fitted presentation cases.

Sold for £30

Lot 15

Elizabeth II - a boxed set of five silver proof £1 coins, 2003-2007, a four coin silver proof pattern collection 2003, a 1998 Piedfort £1 coin and two further silver proof pound coins dated 1988 and 2003, all encapsulated and in fitted presentation case.

Sold for £85

Lot 16

Great British coins, twenty four uncirculated annual coin collections 1970-2011 (some dates duplicated or omitted), each within their presentation case of issue (1971 and 1983 without outer cases but still encapsulated).

Sold for £260

Lot 17

Elizabeth II - United Kingdom 1992 Piedfort proof seven coin set, with certificate and presentation case issued by the Tower Mint, a nine coin United Kingdom 2002 pattern Euro coin collection, number 650/20,000, a Limited Edition United Kingdom pattern or prototype 2002 Euro type coin collection, a United States of America/United Kingdom "United" coin collection issued by The Royal Mint 1997, a 40th Anniversary of the Bank of Jamaica brilliant uncirculated coin collection 2000.

Sold for £42

Lot 18

Beatrix Potter interest, a set of six sterling silver crown coins commemorating 100 years of Peter Rabbit, Pobjoy Mint Gibraltar, in original red leather presentation case, each coin encapsulated, Unc. (see illustration).

Sold for £130

Lot 19

Elizabeth II - twelve one ounce fine silver proof Britannia £2 silver bullion crown sized coins 1999-2011 (some omitted and some duplicates), all coins encapsulated, the latter three in original presentation boxes.

Sold for £150

Lot 20

Silver coins comprising an American one ounce fine silver dollar, three Mexican one ounce fine silver coins, a silver proof first edition Rudolph North Pole silver dollar, a Kiribati and Samoa 1997-2000 $5 silver coin, a Johnson Matthey one ounce Troy silver ingot and a 3.1 Troy ounce ingot commemorating Grandi Navi Veloci Spa (8).

Sold for £65

Lot 21

Elizabeth II commemorative coin sets, to include brilliant uncirculated Royal Shield of Arms and Emblems of Britain collections, two millennium edition £5 coins, The Prince of Wales 60th birthday commemorative crown, Victorian Anniversary crown 2001 and Queen Mother's 90th birthday crown 1990, all within original cases of issue (7).

Sold for £38

Lot 22

Elizabeth II Countdown to London 2012, £5 brilliant uncirculated coins 2009-2012, together with the official Olympic £5 coin, the official Paralympic £5 coin and the 2008 Olympic Games hand over ceremony £2 coin, all issued by The Royal Mint and in original presentation cases.

Sold for £100

Lot 23

Elizabeth II - a quantity of brilliant uncirculated £2 coins, to include a 2002 Commonwealth Games, the Tercentenary of the Bank of England 1994, the Tercentenary of the Bill of Rights and the Claim of Right 1989, the Rugby World Cup 1999, and others, and a collection of brilliant uncirculated £1 coins to include the Shield of the Royal Arms 2009 and others and two 50p's one of which commemorating the British Public Libraries, the majority within original presentation cases of issue, issued by The Royal Mint (14).

Sold for £130

Lot 24

George V 1937 fifteen coin specimen set, issued by The Royal Mint, in original maroon leather and gilt lettered case (see illustration).

Sold for £320

Lot 25

A quantity of commemorative collectors coins, to include two George V uncirculated pennies 1950 and 1951, a 2001 £5 crown, other Royal commemoratives, a Maria Theresa Thaler 1953, 1964 and 1966 Great British coinage sets, two Heinz Royal Mint uncirculated coin sets 1983, replica antiquarian coins and commemorative medals (Qty).

Sold for £50

Lot 26

Coins of the British Isles, to include a 1922 collection half crown to farthing, Elizabeth II 1953 nine coin set half crown to farthing in original presentation case, a five coin decimal issue set 1968, twenty one assorted commemorative crowns to include Silver Jubilee, Churchill and The Prince and Princess of Wales.

Sold for £32

Lot 27

Elizabeth II - a limited edition proof half sovereign, 2012 numbered 2170/4894 minted, issued by The Royal Mint, with certificate and encapsulated within a presentation box with outer protective box.

Sold for £140

Lot 28

Elizabeth II - a proof half sovereign, 1989, commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the first gold sovereign 1489-1989, numbered 3772, with certificate, issued by The Royal Mint, encapsulated within a blue leather presentation box with gilt lettering.

Sold for £220

Lot 29

Elizabeth II - a photographic portrait gold 10,000 Kwacha, and a gold proof 6,000 Kwacha commemorating HM Queen Elizabeth II 1952-2002, a Tribute from the Commonwealth Nation of Zambia on the occasion of her Golden Jubilee, proof issue from the Bank of Zambia 2002, both with certificates and encapsulated and in plush presentation cases of issue (see illustration).

Sold for £280

Lot 30

George V - half sovereign 1937, Unc, 4.4 grams, encapsulated.

Sold for £520

Lot 31

George III - gold sovereign 1817, in gold coloured metal brooch mount, F.

Sold for £620

Lot 32

Elizabeth II - gold proof sovereign 1989, commemorating the 500th anniversary of the first gold sovereign 1489-1989, number 01637, issued by the Royal Mint, encapsulated and with certificate all within a red leather presentation case with gilt lettering.

Sold for £780

Lot 33

Elizabeth II - a 2001 Britannia gold proof £10 coin, number 0430 of 3500 minted, encapsulated with certificate issued by The Royal Mint, all within a fitted brown leather presentation case with gilt lettering.

Sold for £120

Lot 34

Elizabeth II - gold proof pattern collection "Bridges", the gold proof £1 issued from 2004, plain edge, issued by The Royal Mint, limited edition number 101 of 3,000, each encapsulated and in original leather presentation case with gilt lettering (see illustration).

Sold for £2000

Lot 35

Elizabeth II - gold proof double sovereign 1989, commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the first gold sovereign 1489-1989, limited edition number 1829 of 2000 minted, issued by The Royal Mint with certificate and in original green leather presentation case with gilt lettering.

Sold for £650

Lot 36

Elizabeth II - gold proof quarter sovereign 2009, number 1787, issued by The Royal Mint, with certificate and in original wood presentation case and with outer cardboard case with gilt lettering.

Sold for £48

Lot 37

Elizabeth II - Britannia gold proof £10 coin 1997, number 1254, issued by The Royal Mint, with certificate and in original leather presentation case with gilt lettering.

Sold for £150

Lot 38

Elizabeth II - gold proof half sovereign 2002, number 00481, issued by The Royal Mint, encapsulated with certificate and in original plush presentation boxes of issue, the outer box with gilt lettering.

Sold for £110

Lot 39

Elizabeth II - gold proof sovereign 2002, number 01367, issued by The Royal Mint with certificate, encapsulated within plush presentation cases, the outer case with gilt lettering.

Sold for £400

Lot 40

Elizabeth II - gold proof half sovereign 2003, number 01778, issued by The Royal Mint with certificate, and in original cases of issue, the outer case with gilt lettering.

Sold for £120

Lot 41

Elizabeth II - gold proof two sovereign set 2000, UK and Jersey, issued by The Royal Mint with certificate, encapsulated within red leather presentation case.

Sold for £420

Lot 42

Elizabeth II - gold proof double sovereign 1989, commemorating the 500th anniversary of the first gold sovereign 1489-1989, encapsulated (see illustration).

Sold for £550

Lot 43

Elizabeth II - two half sovereigns 1982 and 2001, almost Unc.

Sold for £220

Lot 44

George V - gold half sovereign 1914, VF+.

Sold for £120

Lot 45

Elizabeth II - gold sovereign 1967, VF+.

Sold for £220

Lot 46

George V - gold sovereign 1914, VF+.

Sold for £220

Lot 47

Elizabeth II - gold sovereign 2001, almost Unc.

Sold for £240

Lot 48

Elizabeth II - £25 gold coin 2000, and a £10 gold coin 1999, a quarter ounce and a 1/10 ounce respectively.

Sold for £350

Lot 49

Elizabeth II - gold sovereign 1957, VF.

Sold for £220

Lot 50

George VI - South Africa gold £1 and half pound, 1952, bare head left, Obv Springbok running right, VF+ (see illustration).

Sold for £320

Lot 51

United States of America - "Gold Eagle" $50, one ounce fine gold, 1988, Obv: walking liberty, EF (see illustration).

Sold for £955

Lot 52

Elizabeth II, proof half sovereign 1982 "Prince William gold" issued by the Isle of Man Government by the Pobjoy Mint, encapsulated and with original certificate and book form presentation case, together with a quarter gold sovereign 2009 issued by The Royal Mint and in original presentation case and a Swiss one gram fine gold ingot.

Sold for £140

Lot 52A

A George III half sovereign 1817, encapsulated.

Sold for £380

Lot 52B

A Victorian sovereign 1889, old head, encapsulated.

Sold for £220

Lot 52C

A Victorian half sovereign 1878, young head, encapsulated.

Sold for £150

Lot 52D

A Victorian sovereign 1888, old head, encapsulated.

Sold for £240

Lot 52E

A Victorian half sovereign 1891, old head, encapsulated.

Sold for £120

Lot 52F

A Victorian half sovereign 1899, old head, encapsulated.

Sold for £120

Lot 52G

An Edward VII half sovereign 1907, encapsulated.

Sold for £120

Lot 52H

A Britannia one dollar, encapsulated.

Sold for £120

Lot 52J

An Elizabeth II sovereign 2005, encapsulated.

Sold for £270

Lot 52K

Two Elizabeth II half sovereigns 1988 and 2005, encapsulated.

Sold for £220

Lot 52L

A 1927 20 franc Swiss coin, encapsulated.

Sold for £150

Lot 53

George I - silver sixpence 1723, bust right, obv: SSC in angles. VF+.

Sold for £55

Lot 54

Three Victorian crowns, 1892 and 1900, a George V crown 1935, an Elizabeth II silver proof coronation crown and a 2006 Vivat Regina crown and three Solomon Islands brilliant uncirculated $5 coins commemorating the first ever Concorde flight.

Sold for £30

Lot 55

Copper and bronze coins British Isles and Commonwealth, to include James II gun money shilling 1690, William III copper halfpenny, George II copper halfpenny, George III cartwheel twopence, an 1807 halfpenny, an almost uncirculated Victorian halfpenny 1901 with lots of lustre, Victorian and later pennies, halfpennies and farthings to include Guernsey, Australia, Straits Settlements, Southern Rhodesia, New Zealand, India, mixed dates and grades.

Sold for £28

Lot 56

A quantity of 18th century and later copper and brass tokens, and Royal Commemorative medallions, to include a North Wales halfpenny 1793, a bank of upper Canada halfpenny token 1852, a brass token commemorating the ascension to the throne of Queen Victoria, George III and Victorian gaming tokens, a halfpenny coin struck with initials I.P. and verso P.W.P. Two Victorian white metal diamond jubilee medallions, two aluminium tokens commemorating exports of cocoa from the gold coast, a white metal medallion commemorating the visit of King George V to Jersey 1921 in original box, two Elizabeth II jubilee medallions issued by Southampton City Council and others, mixed dates and grades (20).

Sold for £25

Lot 57

Of East India Company interest an 1825 two pies rupee, four quarter annas 1832, 1862, 1894 and 1903, a Nova Scotian and a New Brunswick one cent 1861 and 1864, two annas India 1916 and 1945, a Victorian bun head penny 1862, an 1883 half crown (mounted as a brooch), two Roman coins etc, mixed dates and grades (20).

Sold for £20

Lot 58

A large quantity of predominantly 19th and early to mid 20th century world coins, to include Germany, France, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, America, Ireland and North Africa and to include wartime emergency issue coins.

Sold for £20

Lot 59

Elizabeth II a Canadian silver dollar commemorating Winnipeg 1874-1974, a further Canadian dollar 1975 each in presentation case, a quantity of Elizabeth II commemorative crowns for the Coronation, Silver Jubilee, Churchill and the marriage of HRH Prince of Wales and six almost uncirculated threepence.

Sold for £20

Lot 60

A George III shilling 1816, a George IV half crown 1821 and a William IV half crown (date letter erased).

Sold for £32

Lot 61

A small quantity of principally British and other coins, to include a William III sixpence 1696, a Victorian double florin 1889, a Victorian half crown and shillings, George V and VI half crowns, florins, shillings, sixpences and threepence, a Canadian silver dollar 1964, two Elizabeth II commemorative £5 coins 1995 and 1997, four American Eisenhower dollars, a Maria Theresa Thaler and others, mixed dates and grades though some high.

Sold for £55

Lot 62

A quantity of British coins, George III - George V, to include cartwheel 2 pence and penny, George III, IV, William IV, Victorian and later pennies, halfpennies and farthings, mixed dated and grades.

Sold for £20

Lot 63

A German double thaler, Ludwig I, 1838, reapportionment of the Kingdom Obv. bare head right, Rev. 8 wreaths with the names of the ancient divisions of Bavaria, legend in centre, F+, together with a silver reichs kronzier, 1938, commemorating the transfer of the imperial eagle from Vienna to Nuremberg, F+, 38 mm and 40 mm respectively.

Sold for £70

Lot 64

Sixteen Elizabeth II 50 pence coins, to include 2009 Kew gardens, 2003 suffragette, 2005 Johnson's dictionary, 2004 Roger Bannister and others, those mentioned of high grade.

Sold for £135

Lot 65

Twenty eight Elizabeth II commemorative £2 coins, to include two 2002 England Commonwealth Games, 2010 Florence Nightingale, 2007 Abolition of Slavery, 2008 London Olympics Centenary, 2009 Robert Burns, 2009 Darwin, 2 x 2006 Brunel, 2005 Remember the 5th of November, 2001 Wireless Transmission, 2003 DNA Double Helix, 2004 Richard Trevithick, 2 x 1999 Rugby World Cup and twelve Technology £2 coins to include a run from 1997-2005 and also 2008, 2009 and 2013.

Sold for £115

Lot 66

Four albums of British coins, Edward VII to date, to include pre and post 1947 shillings, sixpences and threepences, assorted pennies, halfpennies, brass threepence, Elizabeth II commemorative £1 coins, a quantity of silvered George V pennies, a small quantity of George III and Victorian pennies, high grade Elizabeth II coins and an album of assorted European and World coins and banknotes, to include American quarters , nickels and dimes, French francs, German marks etc.

Sold for £55

Lot 67

Nineteen Bank of England 10 shilling notes, prefix M91Z 093813-824 and 093826-093832, Cashier Beale. EF-almost Unc.

Sold for £200

Lot 68

Twenty two Bank of England 10 shilling notes, Cashier J S Fforde. and to include a consecutive run with prefix D30N numbered 374615-374620. two further DN prefix, prefix 79R, 02Z, 76Z, 99X, 35Y, 64Y and 68S, five x CN prefix and two x prefix M80, the majority EF+.

Sold for £95

Lot 69

Twenty one Bank of England 10 shilling notes, series "C" portrait issue, four x Cashier O'Brien prefix A15, A39, B13 and C99 and seventeen x Cashier Hollom,prefix M33, Z65, 07A, 20A and others, generally EF.

Sold for £100

Lot 70

Nine Bank of England mauve 10 shilling notes, Peppiatt-Chief Cashier, prefix C32D with consecutive numbers 294430, 31, 32 and 294434-38 and prefix J60D 410284. VF-EF (see illustration).

Sold for £190

Lot 71

A consecutive run of thirty one Bank of England ten shilling bank notes, series "C" portrait issue, prefix D30N and numbers 162101-162131, almost Unc.

Sold for £140

Lot 72

Sixty Bank of England ten shilling notes, series "C" portrait issues, comprising 2 x Chief Cashier JS Fforde, prefix M77 and M80, the remainder series "A" Britannia issue, Chief Cashier Hollom to include letter and number prefix and also prefix Z33, Z35 and Z50, and prefix D27N 372612-372613, mostly EF-Unc.

Sold for £220

Lot 73

Eight Bank of England 10 shilling notes, red-brown, Chief Cashier O'Brien, short consecutive run prefix B14Y 806573-806577 and three others, all EF-Unc.

Sold for £65

Lot 74

Five x £1 treasury notes, Warren Fisher first issue (September 1919), short run of consecutive numbers, prefix N3 744485-744489. EF (see illustration).

Sold for £200

Lot 75

Twenty three x Bank of England £1 notes, series "C" portrait issue, Chief Cashier L K O'Brien, to include some short consecutive runs 87N 223347-223352, X28 841759-841763, mostly VF-EF.

Sold for £42

Lot 76

Ten Bank of England £1 notes, series "C" portrait issue, Chief Cashier J S Fforde, a consecutive run prefix R86L 281634-281643, EF-almost Unc.

Sold for £35

Lot 77

Twenty five Bank of England £1 notes, series "A" Britannia issue, 18 x Chief Cashier P S Beale to include a short consecutive run prefix C87J 963292-963299 and eight x Chief Cashier L K O'Brien, and one x Chief Cashier K O Peppiatt, prefix X37 H, (26), mostly VF+-EF.

Sold for £130

Lot 78

Seven x Scottish £1 bank notes, to include Clydesdale Bank Limited, 1st September 1969 General Manager Fairbairn prefix CS, National Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited, 1st November 1962, General Manager Alexander and 4th January 1968 General Manager Burke, The British Linen Bank 20th July 1970, General Manager Walker, Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh 18th August 1969, General Manager Letham and Edinburgh 10th August 1970, General Manager Walker, and The Royal Bank of Scotland Edinburgh 19th March 1969, General Manager Burke, all VF-EF.

Sold for £50

Lot 79

Silver coins of the British Isles - comprising five Victorian crowns, six George V "rocking horse" crowns, twenty five pre 1920 half crowns, fifteen pre 1947 half crowns, three George VI two shillings, four Victorian silver threepence, seventeen pre 1919 silver threepence and twenty two pre 1945 threepence (14 South Africa), mixed dates and grades.

Sold for £350

Lot 80

A collection of farthings Victoria to George V, to include 1875H, a further Victorian, Edwardian and George V examples, some of the latter with lustre, mixed dates and grades (63).

Sold for £10

Lot 81

World coins comprising East India Company one duit 1792, Moroccan one, two and four falus 1869/71, a Napoleon I bronze one decime 1815, Strasbourg Mint Mohammed VIII five francs 1846 and a Roman bronze coin, mixed grades (10).

Sold for £20

Lot 82

Assorted silver content coins, to include a Victorian jubilee head florin, sixpence and twopence 1887, and 1868 Hong Kong ten cents, a Ceylon twenty five cents 1895, Sraits Settlements ten and five cents 1919 and 1902 respectively, a Peruvian half sol 1915, Dutch two and half gulden 1937, American coins, silver coins comprising a peace dollar 1925, four half dollars, three silver quarter dollars and others, mixed dates and grades (31).

Sold for £50

Lot 83

Assorted coins and medallions to include a George II halfpenny 1734, two George III halfpennies 1799 and 1806, a George III "cartwheel" penny erased and struck with initials S.B., a medal struck in commemoration of the Indian and Colonial Exhibition 1886, Royal Coronation and Wedding Commemorative's, granting of the Charter of Incorporation to Torquay medal, a VF Victorian penny 1858, a silver proof medallion commemorating VE day etc and a small quantity of world bank notes.

Lot 84

Approximately fifty five 18th/19th century penny and halfpenny British trade tokens, to include Suffolk, St Helena, East India House, Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh, Hull, Walsall etc, mixed dates and grades.

Sold for £200

Lot 85

Twenty British colonial copper tokens, 18th and 19th century, to include Essequebo and Demararay, Stever and half Stever 1813, Upper Canada Bank token 1857, Washington and Independence 1783, Province of Nova Scotia, Melbourne, Victoria 1857, New Brunswick, Montreal and others, mixed dates and grades.

Sold for £35

Lot 86

Twenty two assorted East India Company and other coins, to include a Victorian quarter rupee 1840, one cents 1804, 1832, 1835 and 1859, a quarter ana 1862, Moroccan falus and others, various dates and grades.

Sold for £30

Lot 87

A large quantity of mixed 18th and 19th century world coins, to include Russian kopeks, Spanish centimos, Swedish skilling, Ferdinando IV - Kingdom of Naples, twelve cavalli, United States cents, Italian lire, French francs, Dutch gulden, Chinese Cash, a Japanese one hundred mon tempo tsuho (1835-1870) etc, mixed dates and grades.

Sold for £55

Lot 88

Thirteen assorted Roman coins, Fair to Good grades.

Sold for £20

Lot 89

A quantity of predominantly British coins, to include James II gun money, George II, III and IV Irish halfpennies, a George IV Irish penny 1822, Georgian and Victorian pennies, halfpennies and farthings and a small collection of Isle of Man coins to include a halfpenny token 1831, two Banff pennies, a 1738 halfpenny, and a Victorian penny, halfpenny and farthing 1839, mixed dates and grades.

Sold for £40

Lot 90

A small collection of coins of the British Isles, to include a Charles I hammered farthing, an undated Charles II four pence, two Charles II Scottish copper bawbee, a William III copper farthing 1700, a contemporary Queen Anne copper fake sixpence 1711, a George I copper halfpenny 1717, George II farthing 1739, a George III sixpence 1787, an 1806 farthing, two George IV farthings, a William IV farthing, a Victorian farthing 1873 with traces of lustre and a Victorian half farthing 1844 (16).

Sold for £38

Lot 91

A collection of 19th century commemorative medallions, to include the Church Missionary Society, Queen Victoria's 50th anniversary, Sir Joseph Paxton, Frederick The Great of Prussia, The Coronation of William IV and others (14). Mixed grades, though some high.

Sold for £20

Lot 92

A collection of Whitman folders of Great British coins, comprising two albums of half crowns 1911 - date, two albums of florins 1911 - date, three albums of shillings 1902 - date, four albums of sixpences 1902 - 1937 -1967, four albums of pennies 1881-1966, three albums of halfpennies 1902 - date and an album of three pence brass, some dates missing from all, together with eight coinage of Great Britain and Northern Ireland presentation packs 1972-1977 (some duplicates).

Sold for £140

Lot 93

A large quantity of principally coins of the British Isles, to include three Elizabeth II Jubilee silver proof crowns, two Victorian crowns and a George V crown, half crowns through to brass threepence, to include pre '47 examples, and a bag of European and Commonwealth coins, mixed dates and grades.

Sold for £100

Lot 94

Edward VII halfpenny, 1903, with lustre, together with a George V halfpenny, 1920, lots of lustre, both EF+.

Lot 95

A Collection of assorted early 20th century and World War II period Continental and Royal banknotes, to include Reichs Bank note dated 1910 and 1920, Dutch banknotes, British Military Authority notes, Government of India rupees, French Francs, Italian Lire and Japanese Government notes (41).

Sold for £22

Lot 96

A Victorian gold sovereign, 1894, S.

Sold for £220

Lot 97

Georgian and later copper coins and brass tokens, to include a halfpenny Wellington Peninsular token to Salamanca, a George III Irish halfpenny 1776, Georgian and Victorian farthings and halfpennies, Flint Lead Works and Union Copper Company penny tokens 1813 and 1812 respectively, a Bank of Upper Canada one penny token 1854, Nova Scotia one cent 1864, a Newfoundland one cent 1872 H, a brass token commemorating Caroline Queen Consort of George IV, various grades and dates (35). Together with seven Victorian farthings, a 1906 Edward VII farthing, eighteen George V farthings and fifty one George VI farthings, various dates and grades.

Sold for £40

Lot 98

Three Victorian double florins, 1887, a 1935 and 1937 crowns, six half crowns 1939-1946, a further half crown 1948 and a 1932 shilling. VF/EF (13).

Sold for £55

Lot 99

Nine silver content shillings, George III - George V, various dates and grades (some high).

Sold for £40

Lot 100

Ten Whitman coin folders, comprising British pennies 1902-1936 and 1937- British halfpennies 1902-1936 and 1937-, British farthings 1860-1901 and 1902-1956, threepence brass collection 1937- and three Great Britain pennies to include a large quantity of 1918 KN pennies, various dates and grades.

Sold for £40

Lot 101

A quantity of 20th century bank rolls of coins, to include two hundred and forty two 1912 Heaton Mint pennies, forty four 1918 Heaton Mint pennies and eighty five 1919 Heaton Mint pennies, a quantity of George V pennies, halfpennies, a quantity of George VI threepence and Elizabeth II shillings, pennies, half crowns and threepence, the majority all within red cardboard rolls, mixed dates and grades, the majority of the Elizabeth II coins uncirculated.

Sold for £50

Lot 102

An Edward VII £5 gold coin 1902 (see illustration).

Sold for £1180

Lot 103

A Victorian gold sovereign 1883, young head.

Sold for £260

Lot 104

A Victorian gold sovereign 1891, old head.

Sold for £220

Lot 105

A George V gold sovereign 1912.

Sold for £260

Lot 106

A George V gold sovereign 1914.

Sold for £240

Lot 107

Two George V half sovereigns 1903 and 1910.

Sold for £200

Lot 108

Two George V half sovereigns both 1914.

Sold for £200

Lot 109

Two Edward VII half sovereigns 1903 and 1910.

Sold for £200

Lot 110

A small quantity of world bank notes, to include Central Bank of China 5000 yuan 1947, The Japanese Government occupation money, comprising 100 dollars, 6 x 10 dollars, 7 x 1 dollar, 8 x 10 cents and 4 x 1 cent, wartime issue Malayan cents, French franc and Italian Lire and a small quantity of German notgeld, 5 million, 2 million and 20,000 Reichs Bank notes.

Sold for £22

Lot 111

A Victorian gold half sovereign, 1899.

Sold for £100

Lot 112

A Chinese famille rose octagonal dish. Length 19 cm.

Sold for £90

Lot 113

A Chinese celadon vase, relief moulded with figures and clouds and with impressed pseudo Qianlong seal mark to base. Height 22 cm.

Sold for £300

Lot 114

A 19th century Chinese blue and white bowl, pseudo four character Kangxi mark to base, diameter 10 cm, an ink stone and an octagonal charger, width 30 cm.

Sold for £38

Lot 115

A 19th century Cantonese club shaped vase and cover, decorated in typical Canton colours. Height 41 cm.

Sold for £80

Lot 116

Wu Zuoren (1908-1997), print of camels. 28 cm x 42 cm, framed.

Sold for £25

Lot 117

A Japanese elm planter, the open aperture with copper liner and also fitted with five drawers with brass drop handles. Length 75 cm, depth 42 cm, height 42 cm.

Lot 118

A large pair of Chinese polychrome vases, with numerous character marks and figures. Height 60 cm (see illustration).

Lot 119

Five Chinese polychrome bowls with covers and stands. Each diameter +/- 12 cm.

Sold for £60

Lot 120

A Japanese ivory netsuke of a market trader, holding a basket, character marks to base. Height 42 mm.

Sold for £130

Lot 121

A Chinese fishbowl, polychrome, raised on a wooden stand with marble top. Diameter 38 cm, overall height including stand 66 cm.

Sold for £620

Lot 122

A pair of Japanese Imari baluster vases, decorated in typical Imari palette. Height 62 cm, width across top 24 cm (see illustration).

Lot 123

A pair of Japanese Satsuma vases, Taisho (1912-1926), of inverted baluster form, the neck with applied moulded dragon and decorated with Kwannon and an assembly of Rakan a white dragon meanders between them, signed Hododa in gilt to the underside with shimazu mon. Height 15.5 cm.

Sold for £70

Lot 124

A Japanese Satsuma dished plate, Meiji period (1868-1912), decorated with two sages moulded in relief surrounded by Kwannon and assorted Rakan and deities all in a brocaded border with pinched rim, signed beneath a shimazu mon Dai Nippon Satsuma Yaki Hododa Zan in gilt against a black ground. Diameter 25 cm.

Sold for £100

Lot 125

A Japanese Satsuma dished plate, Meiji period (1868-1912), decorated with deities and Rakan and with white enamelled dragon all against landscapes, the two central deities moulded in relief, indistinctly signed verso beneath a shimazu mon (possibly Hododa). Diameter 24.8 cm.

Sold for £180

Lot 126

A Chinese white metal incense ball, with pierced cast decoration of a dragon and feng amongst clouds chasing a flaming pearl, opening to a central receptacle mounted within a gimbal, all suspended on a suspension chain with hook, unmarked. Diameter 5.2 cm.

Lot 127

A Japanese Satsuma vase, Taisho period, with twin dragon handles, decorated with Rakan and pagodas all beneath a shimazu mon with a dragon writhing beneath, signed in gilt with 9 characters Dai Nippon, Satsuma Yaki. Height 28.5 cm.

Sold for £180

Lot 128

A Chinese reticulated tortoiseshell vase, 20th century, of square form, the rim with engraved key pattern above a waisted reticulated neck above an inverted square body with panels of moveable dragons amongst scrolling clouds, 4 character Shunzhi mark incised to underside. Height 21 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £180

Lot 129

A pair of Japanese Satsuma vases, circa 1900, each with panel depicting figures fording a river with attendants, Mount Fuji to the background, the reverse panel with figures outside a temple, gilt two character Satsuma mark beneath Shimazu Mon. 18.5 cm high (see illustration).

Sold for £350

Lot 130

A pair of Chinese soapstone carvings, early 20th century, each carved as a young boy beneath a blossoming branch standing upon a raised and pierced base. 23.5 cm high.

Sold for £60

Lot 131

The Nanking Cargo, a Chinese blue and white tea bowl and saucer, mid 18th century, each painted with a landscape with buildings, each with certification of authenticity from Messrs Spink.

Sold for £70

Lot 132

A pair of late Qing Chinese ivory vases, pierced and carved with chasing dragons, each raised on a carved wooden stand. Overall height 16 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £150

Lot 133

A Chinese blue and white "Hundred boys" baluster vase and cover, Kangxi period (1662-1722), decorated with boys in playful pursuits to including riding a hobby horse, kite flying, lighting fireworks, with female attendants and separated by rockwork and banana leaves, marked in blue to the underside with a spring of lingzhi fungus within a double lined circle. Height 32 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £1800

Lot 134

A Chinese blue and white Kangxi (1662-1722) vase, of inverted baluster form decorated with scholars either looking at scrolls, paintings, playing the Qin on a table with censor and incense tools of playing Go, all above numerous boys in leisurely pursuit to include drumming, a lion parade, blind mans buff and flying kites, the neck with Buddhist symbols, with double under glazed blue circles to the underside, with later hand carved and pierced wood cover. Height excluding cover 34 cm, including cover 44 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £4000

Lot 135

A pair of Japanese Satsuma reticulated vases, Meiji period circa 1900, the neck with gilt scrolls and key patterns above a millefiori shoulder, in turn above the reticulated body with shaped panels depicting landscapes, birds amongst blossoming branches and ladies beneath wisteria above a band of further flowers and gilt scrolls, gilt four character mark for Hasegawa. 13 cm high (see illustration).

Sold for £1300

Lot 136

A Chinese "Wu Shuang Pu" wine pot, late 19th century, decorated with figures flanked by calligraphy and a further Chinese famille rose wine pot, decorated with children in a procession of kites. 14.3 cm and 14 cm respectively.

Sold for £150

Lot 137

A Chinese bronze censor, Qing dynasty, decorated with Feng with a lotus flower, beneath two lug handles and supported upon three feet, with pseudo four character Xuande mark, height including handles 11.5 cm, together with a Chinese cloisonne bowl, late 19th century, decorated with cash symbols against a thunder ground and between Ruyi head and false gadroons, 12 cm diameter.

Lot 138

A Japanese woodblock print of a gardener, 19th century Oban.

Sold for £18

Lot 139

No lot.

Lot 140

A pair of Chinese blue and white vases and covers, late 19th century, each of inverted baluster form and decorated with pagodas and figures, each with four character Kangxi mark to the underside. 32 cm high, together with a small pair of Japanese porcelain vases and covers, 20th century, with landscape decorations. 11.5 cm high (see illustration).

Sold for £320

Lot 141

A Chinese carved rosewood vase stand, circa 1900, the top with circular rouge marble inset and beaded border above carved panels of blossoming prunus upon four carved legs united by an under tier. 57 cm high (see illustration).

Lot 142

Two pairs of Kutani vases, early 20th century, one pair decorated with scholars reading scrolls beneath floral panels, the other pair decorated with panels of blossoming flowers, each signed Kutani Tsukuru. Height 19.5 cm and 17.5 cm respectively.

Lot 143

A Chinese bronze and champleve enamel censor, Taisho period, the cover with Dog of Fo upon a pierced cloud base, the censor with twin lug handles supported upon three inverted tapering feet. Height 22.5 cm.

Lot 144

A Chinese Shiwan pottery vase, 19th century, with turquoise/green glaze, impressed two character mark to the underside, 8.7 cm high.

Sold for £25

Lot 145

A modern Chinese porcelain inverted baluster vase, 21st century, the lid with applied dragon above the main body, the shoulders with mythical beast above panels of figures with young boys, mask and ringed handles, all against a famille rose ground, pseudo Qianlong seal mark to the underside, 32.5 cm high.

Lot 146

A Chinese porcelain figure of Hotei, mid 20th century, in seated pose wearing a floral decorated robe with blue border, impressed four character seal mark for Fujian Club (Fu Jian Hui Guan), and a further four character seal mark, seated upon a carved hardwood stand with Ruyi head feet. Height excluding stand 17 cm, including stand 23.5 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £780

Lot 147

A Japanese bronze jardiniere, early 20th century, decorated with birds amongst flowering branches above a river all beneath a false gadrooned border on a melon shaped body. Interior diameter 26 cm, height 22 cm.

Sold for £140

Lot 148

A pair of Chinese landscape dioramas, 20th century, modelled with a pagoda, bamboo, pine and willow trees, ducks, crane and rock work, all within glazed cases. 49 cm wide, 29 cm high.

Sold for £25

Lot 149

Chinese blue and white porcelain - comprising a rectangular export dish, three ginger jars, a small vase with panels of antiques and with pseudo four character Kangxi mark, blue and white export tankard, a moon flask, a cracked ice ground wine pot, a garlic head candlestick, a provincial blue and white bowl decorated with Feng and a Japanese Kraak style octagonal teacup and saucer (12).

Sold for £160

Lot 150

Two Chinese Canton enamel porcelain vases, circa 1860/70, each with gilded Dog of Fo and applied Chilong to the neck and shoulders with panels of exotic birds and figures. 29 cm x 26 cm high.

Lot 151

A Japanese melon form jardiniere, circa 1900, with relief cast decoration of birds amongst blossoming prunus, four character seal mark, on a wood base, height excluding base 16 cm, interior diameter 15 cm.

Lot 152

A Chinese blue and white export dish, 19th century, decorated with nine dragons with a border of butterflies and peony, together with an 18th century octagonal blue and white soup dish, a late 19th century sleeve vase with pseudo four character Kangxi mark and three small bowls. Largest diameter 24.5 cm.

Sold for £140

Lot 153

A Japanese Ando style cloisonne vase, 20th century, with plated mounts, decorated with flowering peony against a cream ground. Height 21.5 cm.

Sold for £100

Lot 154

A Japanese Kutani vase, circa 1900, decorated panels depicting a mother and child amongst swallows and blossom, the obverse with birds amongst blossoming branches, all against a typical red ground with further gilt foliate decoration and phoenix mons, signed to the underside "Kutani Tsukuru", and a Taisho period Kutani vase decorated with Manchurian cranes amongst flowers. 30 cm and 305 cm respectively.

Sold for £45

Lot 155

A Chinese Canton familie jaune vase, 19th century, with moulded rim, the neck applied with two shi-shi and with Chilong to the shoulders, all above two dragons heightened with gilding amongst blossoming flowers against a yellow ground, with wood stand. Height 25.5 cm

Sold for £180

Lot 156

A Chinese eggshell porcelain famille rose tea bowl, 20th century, of lobed form, decorated throughout with dragons and flowers and beneath a ruyi head border, with pseudo four character Qianlong stamped mark, with wood stand. Diameter 8 cm.

Lot 157

A Chinese Canton porcelain vase, circa 1880, the flaring rim above two applied gilt shi-shi and Chilong all above panels of figures of birds, insects and flowers. Height 25.5 cm.

Lot 158

A Chinese blue and white baluster vase and cover, 20th century, the domed cover with Dog of Fo finial and decorated throughout with fish amongst plants, pseudo six character Xuande mark to the shoulder (extensively broken and glued). Height 93 cm.

Sold for £30

Lot 159

A large Chinese blue and white fishbowl, 19th century, the rim with scrolling leaf decoration, the body with lotus flowers and fronds between Greek key, Ruyi head and false gadrooned borders. diameter 61 cm, height 56.5 cm (extensively broken and glued).

Sold for £38

Lot 160

A Japanese Imari charger, late 19th century, the centre decorated with prunus, pine and bamboo framed by shaped cartouche, gilt quail and millet. 41 cm diameter.

Sold for £22

Lot 161

A Japanese blue and white vase, circa 1900, with a flaring rim with wavy border, the interior decorated with cash tied ribbons and butterflies, the exterior with birds and fauna. Height 46 cm.

Sold for £48

Lot 162

A Chinese silver mesh purse, the clasp with opposing dragons and character mark to one side, stamped to the interior "85" and with further character mark. Width 7.5 cm, height 12 cm excluding chain.

Lot 163

Two Chinese blue and white jars, 19th century, one decorated with lotus flower and Shou symbols between cloud, collar and false gadrooned borders, underglaze blue double concentric ring mark to the underside and having an associated cover, overall height 22.5 cm together with a further jar with double Shou and karakusa scrolls and an associated Chinese Imari cover. Height excluding cover 16 cm.

Sold for £65

Lot 164

Two Japanese Imari scalloped dishes, late 19th century, one with the centre decorated with bamboo, pine and prunus the other with flowers upon a table each with shaped cartouche against a blood red ground 30.5 cm and 31 cm diameter.

Sold for £40

Lot 165

A Chinese porcelain "Clare de Lune" style globular vase, 20th century, having a flaring rim with shallow neck above the bulbous body with finely crazed glaze, pseudo six character Qianlong seal mark. Height 17 cm.

Sold for £60

Lot 166

A Chinese Han dynasty style bronze Kylin, its body inlaid with gold coloured metal stripes and scrolls and with archaic character marks to its chest, 37 cm long, 22.5 cm high (see illustration).

Sold for £320

Lot 167

A pair of Chinese porcelain square shaped vases, Republic period, painted on opposing side with females and children in garden landscape with blossoming flowers in between lines of poetry beneath mask and ring handles, pseudo Tongzhi four character seal mark. Height 26.7 cm (see illustration).

Lot 168

A Chinese blue and white club shaped vase, 19th century, decorated throughout with playful shi-shi amongst clouds, four character pseudo Kangxi mark. 30.5 cm high (see illustration).

Sold for £320

Lot 169

A Chinese ivory and silk embroidered fan, early 20th century, embroidered with a dragon chasing a flaming pearl amongst clouds and with plain sticks, the outer guards with simple oval cartouche framing flowers and with lacquered presentation box painted to the interior with a bird on a rock with flowers, the fan 40 cm wide when opened, 22 cm high when closed.

Lot 170

A Chinese reverse painted mirror, 19th century depicting a merchant and attendant in a fenced garden before a large banana plant, mounted within a rosewood frame and with brass key form suspension loop. 60 cm x 32 cm overall.

Lot 171

A pair of mother of pearl shell dishes, late 19th/early 20th century, each with three silver coloured metal applied moths leading to ball feet on the underside. 18.5 cm diameter.

Sold for £45

Lot 172

A Chinese Canton enamel and French gilt metal mounted bowl and cover, decorated with butterflies and flowers against a celadon ground. Height 11 cm.

Sold for £35

Lot 173

A Japanese Imari bowl, circa 1910, the interior with landscape decoration between shaped panels with flowers and Karakusa scrolls, the exterior with red ground mons surrounded by leafy fronds, blue Fuku mark to the underside. 24 cm diameter.

Sold for £48

Lot 174

A Japanese bronze incense burner, with cover and stand, Meiji period, the cover surmounted by a hawk upon a rock in turn above the melon form body with shaped panels of relief cast dragons, minogame, phoenix and a temple lion, with cast pendant drops held by elephant masks, the stand supported by three dragons with further pendant drops upon a shaped circular base centred on a minogame against a scale border, cast seal mark to the underside of the melon form body. Height 73 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £300

Lot 175

A Chinese cloisonne roundel, Qing dynasty, depicting Shou Lao holding a peach and with gnarled staff, with deer and crane all beneath clouds against a blue ground, in wood frame, the cloisonne 19.5 cm diameter, 24 cm diameter including frame.

Sold for £200

Lot 176

A Chinese blue and white dish, Qing dynasty, the centre with lotus and fronds and with three stylised dragon heads, the exterior with lotus flower and scrolling fronds, with six character Qianlong seal mark. Diameter 19.5 cm.

Sold for £780

Lot 177

A pair of Chinese blue and white baluster vases, late 19th century, decorated with birds and insects amongst peony and peaches, four character pseudo Kangxi mark. Height 18.2 cm.

Sold for £130

Lot 178

A Jun glaze scholars rock pen rest, naturistically modelled, the stoneware body with pools of glaze. 18.5 cm wide, 7 cm high.

Lot 179

Two Chinese porcelain vases, Republic period, one depicting two ladies in a garden landscape, one seated reading the other standing with a fan beneath Ruyi head and diaper borders, stamped four character Qianlong mark the other depicting two females beside a pine tree and rock beneath Ruyi head and blue coloured diapered borders, pseudo stamped six character Qianlong seal mark. 19.5 cm.

Sold for £130

Lot 180

Three Chinese porcelain tea bowls, to include an octagonal famille rose example, the exterior panels painted with flowers with alternating ammonite scroll backgrounds, a blue and white tea bowl decorated with chickens, chicks and rock work, with pseudo six character Chenghua mark and a late 18th century famille rose tea bowl. Diameters 6.5 cm-8.5 cm.

Lot 181

A Chinese porcelain dragon vase, 20th century, decorated with a dragon amongst clouds chasing a gilt flaming pearl, all between key and wave borders, with pseudo six character Qianlong seal mark to the underside. Height 10 cm (see illustration).

Lot 182

A large Chinese celadon twin handled vase, approximately 19th century, decorated with moulded key and banana leaf bands, the main body with archaic style decoration all upon a circular foot. Height 47 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £780

Lot 183

A large Chinese porcelain blue and white vase, 20th century, the flaring neck above script in turn above mountains and trees, the trees picked out in underglaze red, the main body decorated with a large dwelling upon rock work, the reverse with a lakeside dwelling with fishermen in a boat. Height 142 cm.

Lot 184

Two Japanese carved ivory cylindrical lidded boxes, Meiji period, carved with elephants, cat and monkey. Each diameter 6.5 cm.

Sold for £90

Lot 185

A Japanese carved ivory figure of Kannon, and an ivory figure of a man and boy, Kannon signed to base. Tallest 13 cm.

Sold for £130

Lot 186

Two Chinese carved ivory puzzle balls, on stands, late 19th/early 20th century. Tallest 16 cm.

Sold for £95

Lot 187

A pair of Chinese reticulated vases, on wooden stands. Height including stands 10.5 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £70

Lot 188

An early 20th century Chinese carved ivory trinket box, carved with dragons. Length 14 cm.

Sold for £100

Lot 189

Three Chinese carved soapstone vases, late 19th/early 20th century, one modelled as twin vases with a monkey, stag and pheasant and with engraved foliate decoration, the other two of olive and russet colour carved with flowers, the russet example 25 cm wide, 13 cm high.

Sold for £30