fine art

13th September 2012

Lot 501

Five gilt metal two branch wall light fittings, in the Adam style. Each height approximately 13 ins including lamp.

Sold for £110

Lot 502

A Toleware teapot, silver shape with loop handle and cylindrical spout. Height 11 ins.

Sold for £180

Lot 503

A set of Victorian balance scales, steel, brass and mahogany, the base fitted with a drawer containing a quantity of weights. Width 15 ins, height 15 ins.

Sold for £30

Lot 504

A portrait miniature, probably on opal, bearded gentleman wearing frock coat. 90 mm x 70 mm, in gilt frame.

Sold for £90

Lot 505

An Edwardian photographic and over-painted portrait miniature, young lady, rectangular. 90 mm x 70 mm, in ornate gilt frame and with further mahogany and glazed outer frame.

Sold for £42

Lot 506

A pair of brass hall lanterns, circa 1950, hexagonal and with scroll supports. Height approximately 19 ins.

Sold for £200

Lot 507

A 19th century plaster cast, gentleman wearing a wig dated "1833", raised on a socle base and with plaster column beneath. Overall height 69 ins, width at shoulders 19 ins.

Sold for £220

Lot 508

A late Victorian wooden and hessian dressmaker's dummy, of turned construction with waisted body and raised on a tripod base.

Sold for £65

Lot 509

Nine leather Tanakh scrolls, hand-inked, 19th century.

Not Sold

Lot 510

A pair of portrait miniatures, late 19th century, Robert Burns and female companion. Each 90 mm x 65 mm, oval, with brass surround and ebonised outer frame with thistle hanger.

Sold for £90

Lot 511

A George III portrait miniature, "Mary Taylor Armstrong 1733-1822", bearing label verso "Painted 1765", 62 mm x 50 mm, in ebonised frame with foliate hanger, together with a silhouette and ink profile portrait miniature, 80 mm x 64 mm.

Sold for £85

Lot 512

A Victorian case of taxidermy, including owls, stoats, etc. 44 ins x 30.5 ins.

Sold for £240

Lot 513

A pair of George III mahogany candlesticks, with brass sconces, turned columns and dished weighted bases. Height 17 ins.

Sold for £350

Lot 514

A Chinese Cloisonne bowl, decorated with foliate patterns in bright enamelled colours and with moulded seal mark to base. Diameter approximately 7 ins.

Not Sold

Lot 515

A late 18th century flintlock pistol by Nowill, the brass trigger guard engraved and with acorn terminal. Length 14.5 ins.

Sold for £280

Lot 516

A large 19th century plaster figure of a female water carrier, decorated in naturalistic colours. Height 37 ins.

Sold for £380

Lot 517

A Trench Art sugar helmet, manufactured from an American 3.5 inch shell case.

Not Sold

Lot 518

A Frodsham & Keen day or night telescope, brass and leather bound, single draw, inscribed "Frodsham & Keen, 34 South Castle Street, Liverpool". Length open 33.5 ins.

Sold for £130

Lot 519

A pair of brass three branch candelabra, with faceted columns and triform bases and with detachable sconces. Height 13.25 ins (see illustration).

Not Sold

Lot 520

A Victorian brass framed mirror, with urn, cover and mythical fish pediment, bevelled mirror glass and two candle sconces. Width 9 ins, height 24 ins.

Not Sold

Lot 521

A pair of spelter cherub table lamps, each raised on a white painted metal base with four short scroll feet. Height 29 ins.

Sold for £150

Lot 522

A bronze model of a bull, standing pose and raised on a marble plinth. Length 19 ins.

Sold for £340

Lot 523

A pair of porcelain and gilt metal sconces, probably French, with handcoloured porcelain panels surrounding a bevel edge mirror and with candle sconce beneath. Height 24.5 ins, width 12 ins.

Sold for £260

Lot 524

A 19th century copper coal vessel, with iron carrying handles to either side. Diameter 13 ins.

Not Sold

Lot 525

A 19th century miniature Sedan chair display cabinet, upholstered, with glazed doors and windows and exposed wooden carrying handles. Height 13 ins, length 12 ins (see illustration).

Not Sold

Lot 526

A pair of 19th century spelter Cavalier table lamps, dark green and brown patination, each in standing pose. Height 24 ins.

Sold for £190

Lot 527

A framed fish fossil, "Dapalis Macrurus", with label verso stating that the fossil is 35 million years old and from Provence. 4 ins x 5.75 ins (see illustration).

Sold for £220

Lot 528

A cold painted spelter cigarette lighter, a camel and carpet vendors, raised on a glass base. Width 7 ins (see illustration).

Sold for £90

Lot 529

Winston Churchill, a note on House of Commons notepaper dated 1945 "I thank you sincerely for your kind message to me which I have received and read with great pleasure". 6.75 ins x 4.75 ins, framed.

Sold for £300

Lot 530

A large 19th century giltwood and gesso picture frame, suitable for a mirror, with gilt slip and moulded frame. Internal measurements 31 ins x 51 ins (see illustration).

Sold for £260

Lot 531

A novelty walking stick, probably holly. Length 39 ins.

Sold for £85

Lot 532

A pair of steel and brass miniature decorative cannons. Each length 15.5 ins.

Sold for £150

Lot 533

A late Victorian brass jewellery box, with loop handle, foliate moulded body, cloth lined interior, of bombe form and raised on short scroll feet. Width 9.25 ins.

Not Sold

Lot 534

A late Victorian brass and copper desk stand, with pair of matching candlesticks, each moulded with relief cameos and blind filigree work. Desk stand width 9.5 ins, candlestick height 5.5 ins.

Sold for £200

Lot 535

A pair of Imari porcelain and metal table lamps, the light fitting supported by an Imari patterned column with further metal base beneath. Height 22 ins.

Sold for £100

Lot 536

A set of three brass and copper petrol measures, by Wragg Brothers Ltd., Wickford, Essex. Heights from 19 ins to 9 ins excluding carrying handles.

Not Sold

Lot 537

A late 19th century Continental pewter platter, embossed to the centre with a stag, stamped verso "Urania". Length 22.5 ins.

Not Sold

Lot 538

The Birds of The British Islands Charles Stonham, volumes 1-5 1906/7, black and white engravings, with maps.

Sold for £150

Lot 539

After P.J. Mene, a bronze figure group of a Spaniel and Greyhound, raised on a marble plinth, second half 20th century. Width including plinth 10 ins (see illustration).

Sold for £240

Lot 540

L. Eisenberger, a bronze figure group, young girl feeding geese, signed and raised on a marble plinth. Width 5.5 ins.

Sold for £170

Lot 541

A bronze figure of a Greyhound, raised on an oval base. Width 6 ins, height 6.5 ins.

Sold for £180

Lot 542

One volume "Foreign Field Sport", Fisheries, Sporting Anecdotes, etc. etc. by Messrs, Howitt, Atkinson, Clark, Manskirch, etc., London published and sold by Edward Orme, 1814, containing 100 plates with a supplement of New South Wales (see illustration).

Not Sold

Lot 543

One volume "Paradinvm Gulienvm" 1565, Historiarvm Memorabilivm ex Genefi ... published Lvgdvni, Apvd Ioan Tornaesivm (see illustration).

Not Sold

Lot 544

A Robert Mouseman Thompson oak fruit bowl, with typical mouse trademark. Diameter 9.5 ins (see illustration).

Sold for £240

Lot 545

A pair of marble column lamps, second half 20th century, with brass mounts. Height excluding light fitting 20 ins.

Sold for £220

Lot 546

A 19th century brass and cut glass hanging lantern, cylindrical, with turned finials and with sunburst cut glass panels. Height 14 ins, diameter 11.25 ins (see illustration).

Sold for £300

Lot 547

A late 19th century crystoleum, young girl playing piano with collie dog looking on. 9 ins x 7 ins, framed.

Sold for £20

Lot 548

A Victorian style half hull ship model, circa 1960, "Hull Trawler" "Jane" 35 tons. Width 40 ins.

Not Sold

Lot 549

No lot.

Not Sold

Lot 550

A Victorian horn sculpture, manufactured from seven animal horns capped in brass. Height 19 ins, width 18 ins (see illustration).

Sold for £30

Lot 551

A pair of dividers, wooden and brass mounted, inscribed "23834653 W. Scott G". Length 37.25 ins.

Sold for £20

Lot 552

Two chestnut roasters and two hearth brushes.

Sold for £22

Lot 553

A pair of Victorian bellows, leather and carved walnut, with shell terminals and inscribed "V.R." with crown above within daffodil surround, together with Bell metal candlestick also marked "V.R.". Bellows height 19 ins.

Sold for £50

Lot 554

A 19th century gilt metal figure group, Cupid on the back of a hound, raised on an oval base with four short feet. Height 6.25 ins (see illustration).

Sold for £120

Lot 555

A Triang rocking Mickey Mouse, painted wood and metal, with metal triangular Triang mark. Length 32.5 ins.

Sold for £140

Lot 556

Two Triang tinplate toys, crane and tipper truck. Truck length 19 ins, crane 7 ins.

Not Sold

Lot 557

A 19th century steel and brass fire kerb, with latticework piercing and raised on three short scroll feet. Internal measurement 34.5 ins (see illustration).

Sold for £20

Lot 558

One volume "Tragedy of The Korosko" Arthur Conan Doyle, first edition.

Not Sold

Lot 559

One volume "Bulmer's History and Directory of Cumberland 1901".

Sold for £210

Lot 560

Two volumes "Kriegsgeschichte der 12.SS-Panzerdivision Hitlerjugend" by Hubert Meyer Volumes I and II.

Not Sold

Lot 561

Two volumes "Kriegsgeschichte der 12.SS-Panzerdivision Hitlerjugend" by Hubert Meyer Volumes I and II.

Not Sold

Lot 562

A German Kreigsmarine paper knife, cased.

Sold for £70

Lot 563

One volume "Drama Zwischen Budpest und Wien, der Endcampf der 6.Panzerarmee 1945" by G. Maier.

Not Sold

Lot 564

A collection of glass slides, many local views.

Sold for £50

Lot 565

A late 19th century musical box, with series of 4.5 inch discs.

Sold for £100

Lot 566

An Edith Sitwell autographed card.

Sold for £30

Lot 567

A collection of autographed photographs, by the cast of Deep Space 9 (17).

Sold for £50

Lot 568

A German sword with Portepee.

Sold for £220

Lot 569

A small Admiral Nelson seal, circa 1820.

Sold for £220

Lot 570

A George III seal, circa 1780.

Sold for £48

Lot 571

A William IV seal, with hand and ball terminal, circa 1840.

Sold for £75

Lot 572

A small Chinese silver coloured beaker, decorated in relief with dragons, stamped "Zeewo" and with character mark. Height 55 mm, diameter 40 mm.

Sold for £90

Lot 573

A bronze fairy on pillar, seated, by Oswald Schimmelpfennig, raised on a variegated marble base. Height 7.75 ins.

Sold for £400

Lot 574

A Chinese bronze vase, with flared lip and raised on a rectangular base with short scroll feet, circa 1900. Height 8 ins.

Sold for £100

Lot 575

A Chinese bronze sword, with figural terminal. Length 19 ins.

Sold for £100

Lot 576

A Chinese carved hardstone dagger, with mask terminal. Length 7.5 ins.

Sold for £50

Lot 577

A Chinese bronze model of a horse, standing pose. Height 5.5 ins.

Sold for £58

Lot 578

A pair of Tibetan temple carvings, hand-painted. Height 12 ins.

Sold for £30

Lot 579

Two Chinese carved hardstone figures. Each height 80 mm.

Sold for £40

Lot 580

Two albums of cigarette cards, including Wills, Philips, Players, etc.

Sold for £55

Lot 581

A Regency period bronze whale oil lamp, complete with original pick wick.

Sold for £40

Lot 582

A Georgian copper bed warming pan, with finely turned yew wood handle.

Not Sold

Lot 583

A pair of Arts & Crafts candlesticks, designed by Dr Christopher Dresser and made by Benham and Froud, circa 1880, unpolished original condition.

Sold for £260

Lot 584

An engraved mother of pearl calling card case, of small proportions, velvet lined, Colonial China circa 1880.

Sold for £40

Lot 585

A large marble bust, Hermes, reconstituted Carrara marble.

Not Sold

Lot 586

A Victorian miniature model clarinet, vulcanite, in original presentation case.

Sold for £60

Lot 587

An Egyptian Revival propelling pencil, in the form of Tutankhamun, enamel, silver and copper, circa 1925,

Sold for £48

Lot 588

An ornate artists fixative diffuser, gilt metal and glass, circa 1880.

Not Sold

Lot 589

A 19th century bronzed metal reclining lion, raised on a stepped base with egg and dart moulding, green patination. Width 8.25 ins, height 6 ins (see illustration).

Not Sold

Lot 590

A Victorian brass fox head inkwell, the mask hinging to an inkwell and the base formed as a fox tail. Width 6 ins, height 4 ins (see illustration).

Sold for £280

Lot 591

A pair of 19th century brass candelabra, of Rococo form with pastoral scenes, huntsmen with gun and female with basket and doves, raised on a pierced Rococo base. Height 14 ins (see illustration).

Not Sold

Lot 592

A 19th century brass doorstop, depicting a stork drinking from a ewer, weighted with lead to foot. Height 10.5 ins (see illustration).

Sold for £150

Lot 593

A pair of George III brass candlesticks, each with detachable square sconce to square knopped column with stepped base. Height 12 ins (see illustration).

Sold for £110

Lot 594

A pair of 19th century bronze hunters, one with horn and deer, the other with net, each in standing pose and raised on a naturalistic base. Height 16 ins (see illustration).

Sold for £750

Lot 595

A pair of French rouge marble and ormolu light fittings, late 19th/early 20th century, with adjustable tin shades, with marble and ormolu supports beneath, two branch candelabra raised on a quatreform base and short ormolu feet. Height 25 ins (see illustration).

Not Sold

Lot 596

A late 19th century bronze lion, in standing growling pose, of small form and raised on a grey and white marble base. Length 4.25 ins (see illustration).

Not Sold

Lot 597

A collection of Victorian wax and stoneware fruit, grapes, apples, bananas, pears, cherries, etc.

Sold for £170

Lot 598

A Victorian cast iron miniature fireplace, probably a chimney ornament, with recumbent lion above an open fireplace and with thistle and rose mouldings to left and right. Width 14 ins, height 13.25 ins.

Sold for £60

Lot 599

A Victorian bronze lion, the lean lion in prowling pose and raised on a naturalistic base with moulded black slate plinth. Width 16.5 ins, height 10 ins (see illustration).

Not Sold

Lot 600

A 19th century brass jardiniere, circular, planished and with brass loop handle with lions mask to ether side and raised on three paw feet. Diameter approximately 16 ins (see illustration).

Not Sold