sporting sale

10th October 2015

Lot 512

Late 19th/early 20th century wicker creel. Height 27 cm to top of handle.

Sold for £32

Lot 513

Hardy folding telescopic landing net, bamboo handle with Greenheart extending shaft, fully extended approximately 6', and another bamboo handled landing net.

Sold for £82

Lot 514

Charles Farlow extending hoop landing net, another landing and hazel wading pole, length 127 cm.

Sold for £18

Lot 515

Garcia Mitchell 300 fixed spool reel, with box instruction and three spare spools with cases.

Sold for £32

Lot 516

Three Mitchell fixed spool reels, 300, 206 and 324.

Sold for £16

Lot 517

Fifteen cigar boxes containing fly tying materials, feathers, furs, tools, bobbins, tweezers, etc., including some items purchased from the sale of Arthur Ransome of Swallows & Amazons fame.

Sold for £42

Lot 518

Four trout fly reels, Intrepid rim fly, 3.5 ins, K.P. Morritt Intrepid, 3.5 ins, and two rim flies, 3.5 ins.

Sold for £18

Lot 519

Leeda Magnum 200D salmon fly reel, 4 ins, with spare spool.

Sold for £38

Lot 520

Three Leeda rim fly reels, 3.5 ins, and spare spool.

Sold for £14

Lot 521

Four J.W. Young reels, three 3.5 inch Pridex reels, various models, and Rapidex Trotting reel, 4 ins.

Sold for £32

Lot 522

Fly tying kit, feathers, etc., some of the envelopes being addressed to Arthur Ransome Esq., (Swallows & Amazons), Heald, Coniston.

Sold for £52

Lot 523

Two fishing bags, canvas and leather trimmed Hardy, height 26 cm, and Swift canvas and leather trimmed, height 24 cm.

Sold for £46

Lot 524

Box of Hardy wader hangers, fly tying books, spinners, rim fly Magnum spool, car rod holders, etc.

Sold for £14

Lot 525

Parmaris life jacket, two pairs of thigh waders and pair of chest waders, all approximately size 8.

Sold for £8

Lot 526

Pair of Hardy wader hangers, box and sheet of salmon flies, tube flies, etc.

Sold for £18

Lot 527

Four fly boxes, including Loch Leven containing trout flies, etc.

Sold for £24

Lot 528

Three Silmalloy fly boxes, two for dry flies, one with internal leaf, and a tin of small quantity of trout and salmon flies.

Sold for £30

Lot 529

Two fly boxes and tin of trout flies.

Sold for £18

Lot 530

Edwardian mahogany cabinet, with fitted interior filled with fly tying vice, tools, hackles, feathers, ribbons, etc.

Sold for £90

Lot 531

England's fly fishing waistcoat combined life jacket and a Snowbee wading jacket (XXL).

Sold for £32

Lot 532

Snowbee Geo fly fishing waistcoat (XXL) and a Simms fly fishing waistcoat (XXL).

Sold for £46

Lot 533

Wychwood Truefly fly fishing waistcoat (XXL).

Sold for £14

Lot 534

Three landing net heads, various sizes, and an Extrema by W.S.B. Tackle extending landing net handle.

Sold for £16

Lot 535

Whitlock double extending salmon landing net, 65 cm across.

Sold for £22

Lot 536

Folding landing net, folding stool and shooting stick.

Sold for £24

Lot 537

Wychwood large capacity fishing bag, another fishing bag and number of hats, including Orvis light felt hat.

Sold for £28

Lot 538

Pair of Snowbee Prestige chest waders (10) and pair of Daiwa thigh waders (10).

Sold for £10

Lot 539

BFR Modula 95 trout fly reel, two spare spools and neoprene pouch.

Sold for £26

Lot 540

Daiwa Lochmor 8/9 trout fly reel and spare spool.

Sold for £38

Lot 541

Okuma Airframe AF7/9 trout fly reel, three spare spools and Okuma reel bag.

Sold for £22

Lot 542

Leeda Profile 7/8 trout fly reel and two spare spools.

Sold for £18

Lot 543

Boxed lot of SL500 fixed spool reel, homemade alloy double handed reel, with spare spool, Shimano 1000 spare spool, Metaloid spare spool, Devon minnows, plugs, etc.

Sold for £28

Lot 544

Boxed lot of two Hardy rod bags, three Greys reel pouches, fly lines, Leeda, etc.

Sold for £32

Lot 545

Boxed lot of fishing line, braid, plugs, weights, spinners, tackle boxes, etc.

Sold for £46

Lot 546

Dual rod car carrier, two empty Gotcha tackle boxes and large quantity of trout flies.

Sold for £24

Lot 547

Three Richard Wheatley fly boxes, two with internal leaves, one containing lures, weights, etc., and two boxes of trout and salmon flies, lures, etc.

Sold for £32

Lot 548

Two fly boxes containing salmon flies, plastic tub and tin of salmon flies.

Sold for £38

Lot 549

four fly boxes, tins, etc. of salmon flies.

Sold for £34

Lot 550

Box of Eaton Sun wooden Scarborough type reel, multiplier, rope, keep net, lure, etc.

Sold for £18

Lot 551

Two telescopic spinning rods with reels and tub of crabbing gear.

Sold for £8

Lot 552

DL900 boat winch, capacity 900 lbs.

Sold for £12

Lot 553

Shakespeare two wheel tackle box barrow.

Sold for £5

Lot 554

Argos two wheel collapsible carp barrow.

Sold for £5

Lot 555

Vintage canvas fishing bag containing Hardy fly line, early 20th century leather cast wallet, "The Wey Mart "" trotting reel, 3 ins, Strike Right centre pin reel, 4 ins, Intrepid Gearfly trout fly reel, 3.5 ins, another trout fly reel, 3.5 ins, a Sealey Flycaster tout fly rod, split cane, three sections, length 9' and a pair of thigh waders (43).

Sold for £64

Lot 556

Large quantity of fly tying materials, equipment, etc., including, capes, feathers, furs, fly tying vices, tools, cottons, hooks, etc.

Sold for £60

Lot 557

Two folding landing nets. 62 cm and 47 cm diameter.

Sold for £16

Lot 558

Walker Fishing Tackle laminate landing net.

Sold for £8

Lot 559

Box of 5 salmon spoons, one a scaled spoon stamped "GP Graham, Cockermouth" length 6 cm and four stamped "Nicholson, Cockermouth, largest 7.5 cm, smallest 5 cm, all in Snowbee tackle box.

Sold for £34

Lot 560

Green fish bag and quantity of trout flies, tackle boxes, etc.

Sold for £26

Lot 561

Flying C making machine and kit and quantity of flying Cs, swivels, etc.

Sold for £16

Lot 562

Three boxes of salmon and sea trout flies.

Sold for £38

Lot 563

Lure Flash Viper trout fly reel, 3.75 inch, BFR rim fly 1095, 3.5 ins, with spare spool and tin of fly fishing equipment, priest, etc.

Sold for £14

Lot 564

Three reels, Boatian city multiplier, Penn Delmar 285 with box and Garcia Mitchell 602 multiplier with box.

Sold for £18

Lot 565

Shakespeare Alpha fixed spool reel and tackle box of hooks and mackerel feathers.

Sold for £10

Lot 566

Telescopic fishing rod, four sections, length 8', three fixed spool reels, including Shakespeare Omnix FD, and quantity of fishing line.

Sold for £8

Lot 567

Pair of Daiwa neoprene chest waders (42) and repair kit.

Sold for £5

Lot 568

Blue tackle box of plugs, spoons, Devon Minnows, Tobies, Mepps, weight casting tool and Mitchell fixed spool reel with box.

Sold for £28

Lot 569

Tackle box of plugs, spinners, hooks, etc., and two plastic tubs of Devon minnows, Tobies, etc.

Sold for £24

Lot 570

Large quantity of Tobies, stag antler priest, Little Samson scales, Rapals, Nicholson of Cockermouth spoon etc.

Sold for £52

Lot 571

Box of fly tying materials, feathers, etc. and cast wallets.

Sold for £8

Lot 572

Three alloy fly boxes of trout and salmon flies, one with internal leaf.

Sold for £46

Lot 573

Two Silmalloy fly boxes of trout flies and two plastic boxes of trout and salmon flies.

Sold for £20

Lot 574

Four trout fly reels, Intrepid Dragonfly, diameter 3.5 ins, with spare spool and box, J.W. Young Pridex, 3.75 ins, Daiwa 233, 3.5 ins, and Intrepid Gear fly, 3.5 ins.

Sold for £10

Lot 575

Popeil Pocket Fisherman and Intrepid Diplomat fixed spool reel.

Sold for £24

Lot 576

Wooden star back reel, better than standard quality, with double horn handles, brass foot, etc.

Sold for £34

Lot 577

Three Abu Abumatic reels, 220, 280 and 290.

Sold for £40

Lot 578

Hardy Marquis trout fly reel, 8/9, 3.5 ins, with leatherette pouch.

Sold for £42

Lot 579

Farlows London Serpent trout fly reel, 3.5 ins, with two spare spools.

Sold for £36

Lot 580

Shakespeare Norris Beaulite salmon fly reel, 4.75 ins, with leatherette pouch.

Sold for £16

Lot 581

Hardy folding landing net, Hardy 1981 Tackle Guide with price list, Victorian brass gaff, large cast wallet, Hardy tailer, bamboo wading stick and fishing bag.

Sold for £52

Lot 582

Three reels, two brass pole winches, 2.25 ins, and Garcia Mitchells 602 multiplying reel.

Sold for £16

Lot 583

Chevalier Bowness & Bowness 230 Strand London, brass salmon fly reel, 4 ins.

Sold for £48

Lot 584

Hardy Marquis No. 1 salmon fly reel, 3.75 ins.

Sold for £58

Lot 585

Hardy Marquis No. 7 trout fly reel, 3.5 ins, with Hardy leatherette pouch.

Sold for £50

Lot 586

Hardy "The Princess" trout fly reel, 3.5 ins, and Hardy St. Aidan reel box.

Sold for £62

Lot 587

Hardy St. Andrew salmon fly reel, 4 ins, spare spool and original Hardy St. Andrew box.

Sold for £82

Lot 588

Hardy "The Perfect" trout fly reel, 3 3/8 ins, with agate line guide and original box.

Sold for £130

Lot 589

Large box of fly tying materials, including pheasant tail feathers, chenille, black bear masks, etc.

Sold for £5

Lot 592

Eight large fishing lures. 15 cm.

Sold for £22

Lot 593

Two baskets of poppers, lures, etc.

Sold for £28