antiques & fine art sale

14th June 2018

Lot 1

A Lalique moulded glass wren, second half 20th century, part frosted body on a clear pedestal base, engraved mark "Lalique, France". Height 4.5 cm.

Sold for £50

Lot 2

Beryl Cook 1926-2008, "The Bathing Pool" printed in colours and signed in pencil, published by Alexander Gallery Publications Limited, Bristol, and with Fine Art Trade Guild Blind Stamp image 47.5 cm x 38 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £240

Lot 3

Beryl Cook 1926-2008, "Ladies Who Lunch", signed in pencil, limited edition 252 of 650, six colour offset lithograph, published by Alexander Gallery Publications, 40.5 cm x 43.5 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £520

Lot 4

Beryl Cook 1926-2008, "The Art Class", signed in pencil, published in 1979 by Alexander Gallery Publications Limited and with Fine Art Trade Guild Blind Stamp, image 42 cm x 42 cm.

Sold for £42

Lot 5

Beryl Cook 1926-2008, "Four Hungry Cats", colour print, signed in pencil, published in 1977 by Alexander Gallery Publications Limited, image 40 cm x 35.8 cm.

Sold for £200

Lot 6

Beryl Cook 1926-2008, "Fairy Dell", colour print, signed in pencil, published in 1981 by Alexander Gallery Publications Limited, with Fine Art Trade Guild Blind Stamp, image 41 cm x 39.5 cm.

Sold for £420

Lot 7

Beryl Cook 1926-2008, "Musicians", colour print, signed in pencil, limited edition No. 396 of 650, published by Alexander Gallery Publications Limited, image 42 cm x 42 cm.

Sold for £190

Lot 8

Tim Bulmer, (British 20th century), two Limited Edition handpainted engravings, "Retail Therapy!", signed in pencil, 112/200, and "If Only. Com.", 54/100, each signed "Tim". Plates 19.5 cm x 15.5 cm and 14.5 cm x 9.5 cm.

Sold for £15

Lot 9

Tim Bulmer, (British 20th century), "Madness and Mayhem", signed, Limited Edition handcoloured engraving, 68/200, plate 14.5 cm x 29.5 cm, and Limited Edition colour print by Annie Tempest from the Tottering By Gently Series "Tottering Trout", 409/1000, singed in pencil, 22.5 cm x 28.5 cm.

Sold for £15

Lot 10

A Danish Frem Rojle teak dining table and four chairs. Table diameter 106 cm.

Lot 11

A G-Plan teak Astro spider coffee table, designed by Victor Wilkins, with glass top. Diameter 90 cm.

Sold for £150

Lot 12

A pressed copper octagonal ceiling light, early 20th century, the main body supported by a circular pendant and with clear tubular and beaded lustres, width 36 cm.

Lot 13

A cut glass ceiling light, early 20th century, the bowl with cut geometric decoration and with an oxidised metal suspension loop and clear glass dust cover. Diameter 30 cm..

Sold for £45

Lot 14

Harry Wilmot Turner (British 20th century), "The Incantation of Orpheus", "Bridegroom to Folly", "Diana's Fountain", and "Death and The Maiden". Largest 61 cm x 46 cm, smallest 44 cm x 32 cm.

Sold for £95

Lot 15

Harry Wilmot Turner (British 20th century), "Medusa", signed and titled, watercolour and inks. Image 27.5 cm x 22.5 cm.

Sold for £70

Lot 16

Harry Wilmot Turner (British 20th century), "The Judgement of Paris", oil painting on hardboard, 91 cm x 61 cm, ink inscribed labelled verso.

Sold for £95

Lot 17

Paul Hacking (British 20th century surrealist), six contemporary surrealist depictions of the life of Christ, oil paintings on hardboard, three 61 cm x 91.5 cm, one titled "The Dead Christ", 92 cm, one 76 cm x 81 cm, and another 74 cm x 73.5 cm (6).

Sold for £90

Lot 18

Harry Wilmot Turner (British 20th century), "Persephone Abducted" and "Phoebus", oil paintings, the former on hardboard, 64 cm square, the latter on professional artist board 76 cm x 63.5 cm.

Sold for £90

Lot 19

Paul Hacking (British 20th century surrealist), "Mother Nature", signed on the mount, titled verso with artists label, oil painting on hardboard. 21 cm x 61 cm, the mount 108.5 cm x 75.5 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £90

Lot 20

Paul Hacking (British 20th century Surrealist), "The Twilight Zone", "Out of the Unknown", and an untitled artwork, signed on the mount, all with artist label verso, surrealist oils onboard. 91.5 cm x 61 cm (3) (see illustration).

Sold for £65

Lot 21

Paul Hacking (British 20th century surrealist), three untitled surrealist art works, unsigned, oils on hardboard 91.5 cm x 61 cm (3) (see illustration).

Sold for £70

Lot 22

A pair of Heals "Tivoli" patterned curtains, mid 20th century, designed by Peter Hall. Each length 238 cm, width 120 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £30

Lot 23

Two pairs of crushed velvet curtains, purple, circa early 1970's, approximately 236 cm long and 112 cm wide, and a further pair of orange curtains, circa 1970's with a geometric square pattern with variegated horizontal lines, 238 cm long and 127 cm wide.

Lot 24

A carved alabaster figural table lamp, modelled as a lady seated on a rocky mound, early 20th century, on a raised weighted base. 67 cm.

Sold for £45

Lot 25

A composition shop display of a young girl, circa 1930, her hair modelled in the fashion of the time, wearing under the knee socks and black shoes, on a later wooden plinth, the remnants of a label attached to the rear of her left shoulder "J. Gott Wald Wien". Height 81.5 cm.

Sold for £50

Lot 26

A pair of gilt spelter Olympians, early 20th century, each male modelled in a Grecian style wearing a loin cloth only and supported upon a raised plinth. Heights 30.5 cm and 34 cm.

Sold for £110

Lot 27

A pair of Art Deco patinated spelter figures of dancing girls, circa 1920's, one wearing a long dress, the other a bra and long skirt, each on a gilt pedestal. Heights 18 cm and 19 cm.

Sold for £42

Lot 28

A pair of moulded glass ceiling lights, circa 1920's, modelled as moulded clam shells united by a chrome frame. Diameter 33 cm.

Sold for £85

Lot 29

A blue plastic psychedelic light shade, early 1970's, coloured in yellow and green inverted hearts, stylised clouds and blade panels. Diameter 40.5 cm.

Sold for £10

Lot 30

Two mottled glass ceiling light shades, circa 1920/30, the domed bodies with marbled effect decorated in white and red, each with suspension loops. Diameters 36 cm and 30 cm.

Sold for £10

Lot 31

An Art Deco etched glass ceiling light shade, circa 1920/30, with domed body, wavy rim and matching border of cut decoration against an assuage etched mottled ground shaded orange to yellow, with a star cut base, with three suspension hooks. Diameter 34.5 cm.

Sold for £25

Lot 32

A pair of simulated tortoiseshell book rests, circa 1980's, modelled as a sphere on an L shaped bracket. Height 12 cm, width 11 cm, depth 12 cm.

Sold for £50

Lot 33

A French moulded glass pin dish, circa 1930's, rectangular form with canted corners, the centre moulded with a rear view of a naked long haired female. 11.5 cm x 6 cm.

Sold for £40

Lot 34

A carved alabaster ceiling light shade, circa 1920, having a beaded rim and lobed body with three suspension rings and chain, diameter 35 cm.

Sold for £200

Lot 35

A good Art Deco light fitting, circa 1920, with four moulded frosted glass lobed sections, each with Art Deco scrolls, clouds, beaded decoration, the centre piece with scrolls and beads, all flanked by frosted glass panels, held in a patinated metal frame and terminating in anthemions. Height 30 cm, width 53 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £140

Lot 36

A Harvey Guzzini chrome adjustable table lamp, circa 1970's with white Perspex domed shade, with applied label for Harvey Guzzini, Italy. Height 63 cm.

Sold for £60

Lot 37

A Prova Italian chrome and white Perspex table lamp, circa 1970's, the domed shade on a chrome stem. Height 37.5 cm.

Sold for £50

Lot 38

A white enamel ceiling light shade, circa 1970's, diameter 35.5 cm, 22 cm high.

Sold for £10

Lot 39

Two glitter balls, late 20th century, approximately 23 cm and 9 cm diameter.

Sold for £35

Lot 40

A teak armchair, circa 1950's/1960's, upholstered in Rexine. Height 74 cm, width 65 cm, depth 72 cm.

Lot 41

An Art 400 Psychedelic table lamp, circa 1970's, of rectangular form, each side with a pierced silver coloured plastic grill, the interior with a rotating celluloid sleeve with diagonal striped bands of red, blue, black and yellow, all supported upon a moulded circular foot, height 27 cm width 16.5 cm.

Sold for £12

Lot 42

A pair of petal shaped frameless mirrors, early 20th century, having a circular convex centre, framed by four bevelled edge petals united by chromium flower heads, 48 cm square.

Sold for £130

Lot 43

Betty Joel, an English sycamore open bookcase, 1937, with single shelf, housing a set of Encyclopaedia Britannica, with applied label verso "This set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica in its bookcase of English sycamore was issued to celebrate the Coronation of King George VI, 12th May 1937, bookcase designed and made by Betty Joel of Knightsbridge". 75 cm high 57.3 cm wide 23.5 cm deep (see illustration).

Sold for £160

Lot 44

A Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian bio-morphic shaped dish, circa 1960's/70's, having a light duck egg blue interior and black ground exterior, with impressed marks, 27 cm diameter, height 6 cm.

Lot 45

A Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian nut dish, circa 1960's/70's, of stylised rectangular form with six compartments in duck egg blue with impressed mark underside and incised A7, diameter 42.5 cm.

Lot 46

A Europa gilt metal desk calendar clock, circa 1950's/60's, of wedge form with date and day aperture above the rectangular clock face and month aperture, a vacant name plate between, the date and day change activated by depressing the rear of the clock, width 9.5 cm depth 12 cm.

Sold for £65

Lot 47

A French Art Deco black slate and onyx mantle clock, circa 1920's/30's, the onyx and black slate clock face with Arabic numerals flanked on either side by a painted and patinated spelter pheasant, all upon a polished black slate base, width 66.5 cm, height 27 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £150

Lot 48

An Art Deco patinated spelter figure of a dancing female, circa 1920/30's, modelled resting on her right knee, her left leg stretched out behind, holding aloft a sphere in her right hand, her left hand pushing her hair, all upon a raised polished wood base, 43 cm x 34 cm.

Sold for £110

Lot 49

A Stewart & Sons crystal glass bowl, designed by John Luxton, post war, the tapering funnel shaped body cut with stylised slender leaves, acid etched mark, 22 cm diameter height 17.3 cm.

Lot 50

A French Art Deco style marble and patinated spelter photograph frame, 20th century, a clear glass frame between two patinated spelter birds on a variegated marble base, width 25 cm height 12 cm.

Sold for £32

Lot 51

An Art Deco white onyx and pink marble dressing table box, early 20th century, by Henry Griffith & Sons, of rectangular form with gilt metal hinge, width 9.2 cm height 4.4 cm depth 6.8 cm. NOTE - Henry Griffith & Sons was formed in the late 1840's by Henry Griffith, his sons following him into the business during the late 19th century. His boxes were retailed by Aspreys and Cartier.

Sold for £70

Lot 52

Two Cortendorf pottery wall masks, mid 20th century, each modelled as a young female, one with long blond hair and tied in a blue bow, the other also with long hair, the former with printed marks and inscribed model No. 3431, the latter unmarked but with model No. 5105, 27 cm & 16 cm respectively.

Lot 53

An Art Deco style pottery wall mask, mid 20th century, modelled with a bisque base, her eyes and eyebrows heightened with black, with cherry red lips and white glazed hair with printed Keramos mark verso, 53 cm.

Lot 54

Charles Ernest Oakley (British), 20th century, studio pottery plate with slip decoration within a black ground trellis border interspersed with panels with symbols, incised signature verso: and by the same hand a studio pottery bowl, bands of blue and brown, a floral motif to the centre, incised initials to the underside, 23 cm and 15 cm diameter respectively. NOTE - As an artist Oakley received many commissions throughout the world. A relatively late starter in the art world he came of note by winning the prestigious Singer and Friedlander Sunday Times Watercolour Contest in 1999. He was offered a position at the Slade School of Art in London but had to put this on hold during the war. However back in civilian life he took his place at the Slade and won several prizes there. In 1952 he was appointed Art Master at the Eden School of Carlisle and from there became the Assistant Head Designer at Ferguson Fabrics. In 1957 he staged an exhibition of watercolours at the Crane Kalman Gallery of Manchester, causing quite a considerable stir with a painting of a nude. Regardless of this, the exhibition was a sell out and had been opened by none other than L.S. Lowry who bought one of the paintings in the exhibition and donated it to the Salford Art Gallery. He eventually became the lecturer in Fine Art at the Belfast college of Art and continued to paint throughout his life.

Sold for £40

Lot 55

Reginald Fairfax Wells (1877-1951), a Coldrum Pottery vase, loosely modelled on a Chinese Arrow Vase, with a streaky olive green and aubergine glaze, impressed to the underside "Coldrum at Chelsea", (fitted to hold an electric lamp with a pierced base), the vase 28 cm.

Sold for £55

Lot 56

An Indian brass Art Deco pen rest, early 20th century, the dancing female with engraved leaf decoration upon a similar decorated sphere on a quatreform base with pen well, height 31.5 cm.

Lot 57

A Whitefriars ruby red beak vase, model No. 9556, an Aseda "bone" vase, and a Orrefors "Celeste" green and gilt banded glass candlestick, designed by Anne Nilsson, initialled to the base AN. CN, tallest 29.5 cm smallest 19 cm.

Lot 58

A large Barolac opalescent glass vase "The Loss of the Revenge", circa 1930's, moulded with galleons in rough seas, 21 cm diameter height 21 cm.

Lot 59

A French Art Deco picture frame, circa 1930/40, decorated with a patinated spelter toucan with a berry in its mouth, on a variegated marble base and having a bevelled glass photo frame, width 32 cm height 22 cm.

Lot 60

* Joan Brown. A large hand thrown stoneware bowl, with wavy rim, the interior with a chocolate brown glaze, the exterior with a wavy chocolate brown border above a green and speckled ground body, 42 cm diameter, height 15 cm.

Sold for £30

Lot 61

* Joan Brown. A slab vase, of rectangular tapering form, with applied stylised decoration to the front and rear, the sides with incised free form decoration, all against a dark chocolate brown ground, height 37 cm width 17 cm depth 11 cm.

Sold for £35

Lot 62

* Joan Brown. Two free form kiln vases, having a bottle kiln shaped body, one with a chocolate brown glaze with a dark copper lustrous glaze, each with incised initials J B to the underside 42 cm and 42.5 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £75

Lot 63

* Joan Brown. Two abstract slab block sculptures formed from hollow brick and cube shaped blocks, one in a chocolate brown finish the other a tan finish, heights 37 cm and 34.5 cm respectively (see illustration).

Sold for £60

Lot 64

* Joan Brown. Two hand thrown bowls, each with wavy rim, one bowl biscuit fired, unglazed with white banded decoration textured exterior upon a raised circular foot, the other with a streaky drip brown, red and cream glaze to the interior. The exterior with a white glazed rim and textured ground body, each incised with the initials J B, diameter 23 cm x 17.5 cm and 21.3 cm x 11 cm respectively.

Sold for £25

Lot 65

* Joan Brown. Two slab vases, each of a stylised bottle kiln design and with a black ground, both incised with initials with J B to the underside, heights 37 cm and 36.5 cm.

Sold for £35

Lot 66

* Joan Brown. A slab form spill vase with geometric part incised decoration, a wavy edged textured bark vase with white drip glaze, both with incised J B monogram, and a further oval slab vase with streaked iron red glaze upon a cream body and unglazed foot, tallest 20.5 cm smallest 8 cm, and a hanging basket with lug form suspension rings against a two colour brown body, tooled decoration.

Sold for £40

Lot 67

* Joan Brown. Three free form dishes, one with part pierced edge and wire bound with stylised floral decoration, another of dished pallet form with free hand scroll decoration and a traditional dish with stylised decoration, largest diameter 26.5 cm smallest 17 cm.

Sold for £38

Lot 68

* Joan Brown. Two tapering slab vases, each with a mottled body, black glazed ground, one with incised J B monogram the other labelled Joan Brown, 7 Ventnor Terrace, Edinburgh. 25.5 cm and 27 cm respectively.

Sold for £45

Lot 69

* Joan Brown. Three hand thrown vases, each with a textured ground, one having a trefoil top and part glazed body, one of beaker form with hand incised roundels another with shaded colour bands raised upon a circular foot, tallest 17.5 cm smallest 12 cm.

Lot 70

* Joan Brown. A biscuit fired prototype hanging basket for the Royal Northern Music College, of trefoil form with pierced lozenges above a further double band of piercings, the interior with lug suspension loops, diameter 33.5 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £40

Lot 71

* Joan Brown. Four brick form sculptures, three with black ground glaze, another with a tan glaze with a black interior, widest 23.5 cm, tallest 11 cm.

Sold for £50

Lot 71A

* Joan Brown. Three brick form sculptures. Longest 22 cm

Sold for £40

Lot 72

* Joan Brown. Three assorted vases, one having a wavy rim, textured ground with brown glazed interior, exterior with two fine white bands, incised J B monogram, two further vases each with geometric banded decoration, one with J B monogram, the other inscribed in ink D6JB. Height 21 cm widest diameter 19.5 cm smallest 11 cm.

Lot 73

* Joan Brown. An African inspired vase of globular form, with trailed white glazed bands and hoops against a shaded black ground body and with white glazed interior, diameter 28 cm, height 19 cm.

Sold for £48

Lot 74

* Joan Brown. Two water features, one having a domed finial above a circular disc with white enamel streak decoration in turn above trumpet shaped body raised upon a pierced cylindrical stand, the other with a plain knop above a circular disc with thick white enamel streak decoration upon a banded knopped body, height 30 cm and 23 cm respectively.

Sold for £42

Lot 75

* Joan Brown. Two water features, each of slab boomerang form, one with four piercings opposing a graduated stepped contusion against a faded green ground glaze upon a circular base, the other with three piercings opposing a blank face with graduating white glaze ground upon a circular foot 33.5 cm x 32.5 cm and 36 cm x 32 cm respectively (see illustration).

Sold for £40

Lot 76

* Joan Brown. Two water features, each formed as three co-joined bowls with shaped rims and part white glazed bodies, height 21.5 cm width 34 cm and 16 cm high. Inscribed to the underside Joan Brown, 57 Kings Road, Richmond.

Sold for £45

Lot 77

* Joan Brown. A large hand thrown bowl with wavy rim, interior with a large reddish brown streak against a green stone glaze, the exterior part drip glazed with a textured body, width 42 cm height 15.5 cm.

Sold for £30

Lot 78

* Joan Brown. A water feature, the oval body of dished form with white glazed surface with four pierced holes and opposing a further three holes, the textured bark form body with applied square knops. Width 40 cm, height 23.5 cm.

Lot 79

* Joan Brown. Two water features, one having a dished bowl with pierced bowls upon a cylindrical stand, all within a burnt orange glaze, diameter 33.5 cm height 25 cm. The other is a dished bowl with applied undulating scrolling walls upon a cruciform stand and square base, with a part green glazed rim and cream ground diameter 35 cm height 24 cm.

Sold for £30

Lot 80

A pair of Scottish studio pottery vases, mid to late 20th century, having a part mottled green glazed body, one with part indecipherable impressed mark to the underside height 55 cm.

Lot 81

Harold Hughan (Australian,1893-1987) a studio pottery stone ware fruit bowl having an olive green interior glaze, the exterior left natural and with paint inscribed hand signature Hughan. Width 35 cm, height 13 cm.

Sold for £25

Lot 82

A studio pottery dish, dated 1993, being a variation of the birth of Venus, hand painted cipher verso W.M. and dated 1993.

Sold for £130

Lot 83

A French Art Deco patinated figure of a swallow, early to mid 20th century, cast swooping down above a spuming wave, all upon a variegated veined marble base. Width 50 cm, height 36 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £170

Lot 84

A French Art Deco patinated spelter group of two recumbent antelope, all upon a veined marble base. Width 50 cm, height 22.5 cm.

Lot 85

A French Galle style glass table lamp shade, 20th century, signed "Charder", decorated with flying geese above a reed and grass border. Diameter 28 cm.

Lot 86

A cast iron glass wall light in the form of a dragonfly, 20th century, with yellow glass eyes and a blue glass body, the interior with a swinging cradle to house a tea light. Length 35 cm, width 44 cm.

Sold for £30

Lot 87

Edward Hughes (British 1953-2005), a large studio pottery bowl with eternal knot style trailed decoration against a green/brown ground and having a dented border, the underside with white trailed scroll against a light green ground and with impressed potter mark, diameter 43 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £150

Lot 88

Edward Hughes (British 1953-2005), a large studio pottery bowl, decorated with brown bands and undulating lines and dots on a semi lustrous ground and having pressed border, the underside with further undulating lines and scrolls against a chocolate brown olive green streaked ground with impressed potters mark. 22 cm diameter.

Sold for £150

Lot 89

Bernard Rooke (British B.1938), a studio pottery table lamp, relief moulded with six owls seated in a tree, the leaves formed as green glazed lotus leaves, incised initials to the side, 47 cm (excluding light fittings).

Sold for £40

Lot 90

Bernard Rooke (British B.1938), a Gannick form studio pottery vase with three relief moulded leaves to either side and an arrangement of pierced and impressed discs, all against a sage green ground, incised B.R. initials, height 22 cm.

Sold for £10

Lot 91

An Art Deco glass and chrome two tier trolley. Width 67 cm.

Sold for £160

Lot 92

A nest of three Ercol "pebble" tables, in dark stained elm, widest 65 cm height 40.5 cm.

Sold for £160

Lot 93

G Plan "Spider" teak coffee table, circa 1960's, designed by Victor Wilkins, with inset glass top, 90.5 cm diameter 44.5 cm high (see illustration).

Sold for £150

Lot 94

A pair of "Jam" chairs, designed by Archirivolto for Calligaris, the moulded red and cream chair on chrome sleigh legs, height 83 cm.

Sold for £70

Lot 95

An earthenware platter, circa 1960's, with a plaid style design, black and white trailed in pinched lines against a buff grey ground, and having a moulded pie crust rim, 37.5 cm wide 30 cm deep.

Sold for £30

Lot 96

Ann Anderson MA (Trinidad/Scotland, 20th century) "The Punk Rocker", signed, pastel and chalk, inscribed verso and with applied biographical notes, 51.5 cm x 29 cm.

Lot 97

A Hadrill and Horstmann "Pluslite", circa 1940's, the silver grey adjustable frame with counter balance and cast H & H monogram, the reading light incorporating a retractable magnifier, all upon a square base, approximately 60 cm high.

Sold for £110

Lot 98

A Steam Punk inspired uplighter table lamp. Height 65 cm excluding bulb.

Sold for £220

Lot 99

A Steam Punk inspired table lamp, fitted with gauges and fans and on an octagonal stained wood base with brass handles. Height 89.5 cm.

Sold for £240

Lot 100

A Steam Punk inspired table lamp, formed from an Aldis projector, with external valves and gauges. Height including shade 66 cm.

Sold for £100

Lot 101

A Steam Punk inspired desk lamp, created from an early 20th century electrical transmitter/gauge, with adjustable brass reading lamp. Height 54 cm.

Sold for £110

Lot 102

An amusing desk lamp, constructed from a soda siphon, with deep red shade and body. Height 58.5 cm.

Sold for £50

Lot 103

A Steam Punk inspired figure of a robot, the head constructed from an oak tea caddy, a smokers pipe for the neck, the body constructed from a Record "Minor" insulation tester, the legs formed from 1930's candlesticks, with illuminated eyes and body. Height 70 cm.

Sold for £170

Lot 104

A Jaeger Le Coultre "Embassy Red" Atmos clock, circa 1969, the brass case with red faux marble front and side panels, the base with start/stop lever, the brass chapter ring with Roman numerals, all in a plush lined and fitted presentation case. Clock height 22 cm, width 17 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £600

Lot 105

A Beltime stainless steel wristwatch, with red LCD display, struck verso "Beltime Watch Computer, Belair Electronics Ltd.,
Zuric/Kloten, Switzerland", with original bracelet strap, and a Seiko calculator alarm wristwatch, with LCD display and stainless steel body, numbered verso "01662".

Sold for £40

Lot 106

A Tobias Harrison Art Pottery bowl, with stylised seed pod lustrous band around the rim all against a lustrous turquoise ground, incised signature to side and numbered Z445, and by the same hand a vase and cover, incised signature to underside and numbered J624. Bowl diameter 22 cm, vase and cover height 11 cm.

Sold for £65

Lot 107

A well figured walnut upright overstrung piano, mid 20th century, with label for "Amyl". Width 134 cm, height 107 cm, depth 52 cm.

Lot 108

An Eames inspired armchair with footstool, upholstered in brown leather, with plywood frame and metal legs.

Sold for £420

Lot 109

Attributable to the Keswick School of Industrial Arts, a hand carved oak fender, initialled and dated "WSW 1940", decorated with blossoming morning glory, fronds and beads. Internal measurement 111.5 cm wide, 26 cm deep, external measurements 131.5 cm wide, 37 cm deep.

Lot 110

A G-Plan teak four drawer chest on plinth base. Width 71 cm, height 73 cm, depth 46 cm.

Sold for £42

Lot 111

A Timo Sarpaneva "Marcel" vase, produced by Iittala, Finland. Width 33 cm, height 25.5 cm.

Sold for £80

Lot 112

A set of eight "Ant" chairs, produced by Phoenix of Denmark after a design by Arne Jacobsen, with one piece moulded wooded back and seat on chrome tubular legs, and two similar style chairs (Phoenix Member of The Association of Danish Furniture Industries). Height 84.5 cm.

Sold for £180

Lot 113

A Gordon Russell teak and Indian laurel dining room suite, 1960, Design No. R805, Cabinetmaker R.J. Smallbone, Designer W.H. Russell FSIA and comprising extending dining table with leaf, width 106 cm, length extended 231 cm, closed 178 cm, two armchairs, six single chairs, sideboard and side cabinet (see illustration).

Sold for £480

Lot 114

A small collection of Oak Tree pattern Carltonware, mid 20th century, comprising pair of bookends, waisted vase, biscuit barrel, pedestal dish, sugar bowl and sauce boat. Bookends 16.5 cm high, 13 cm wide.

Lot 114A

A small collection of blue Oak Tree pattern Carltonware, mid 20th century, comprising pair of bookends, twin handled vase, twin handled bowl, jug and biscuit barrel (no lid).

Lot 115

A part suite of glassware, early 20th century, comprising nine sherry, port and white wine glasses with facet cut bowls and Silesian stems on plain circular bases. Heights 11 cm-13.5 cm.

Sold for £85

Lot 116

An Apple II Europlus computer and disc drive, circa 1980's, Model No. AA11040C.

Lot 117

An Apple II Europlus computer and disc drive, circa 1980's, Model No. AA11040C.

Lot 118

A Carlton ware "Boomerang" coffee service, mid 20th century, comprising two coffee pots, six cups and saucers, sugar bowl, cream jug, four piece cruet set and a single candlestick, all with printed marks shape 2443.

Lot 119

A Royal Doulton Aegean pattern six place dinner service, circa 1960/70's, comprising 6 dinner plates, dessert plates and side plates, 6 consommé bowls and stands, gravy boat and stand, meat plate and 2 lidded tureens.

Lot 120

Four pieces of Tibetan copperware. Largest height 10 cm.

Sold for £35

Lot 121

A Tibetan brass turquoise set monks wheel, with copper back. Diameter 14 cm.

Sold for £80

Lot 122

A Tibetan silver coloured metal turquoise set box or purse, with push in base. Width 11 cm.

Sold for £80

Lot 123

A Kodansu, late 19th century, Japanese lacquer, fitted with a lap type desk. Width 29.5 cm

Sold for £65

Lot 124

A pair of carved gilded wood Dogs of Fo, 19th century, each with a ribbon in its mouth resting on its haunches, one with its paw on a pup, the other on a ball, the gilding on a red lacquer ground, height 21 cm, width 17 cm.

Sold for £85

Lot 125

A Chinese root wood figure of Liu Hai, 19th century, his hair in two tight buns, and with long whiskers, holding the remnants of a branch in his right hand and a bowl in his left, a gourd attached to his side, height 28 cm.

Sold for £25

Lot 126

A pair of Japanese hollow cast Buddhas, early 20th century, each in meditative pose, with an offering bowl resting on lotus leaves between their lap, a three character mark Da Fo Xiang, sash to the front, raised on a small dais, height 11 cm.

Sold for £40

Lot 127

A Tibetan pressed gilt metal prayer wheel, early 20th century, housed within a hexagonal pagoda, the wheel rotating on a central spindle, height 24 cm.

Sold for £85

Lot 128

An Indonesian carved rosewood figure of Vishnu riding Garuda, 20th century, Vishnu with his Sudarsana Chakra seated on the shoulders of the winged God, in turn above further serpents and a sea turtle, height 38 cm.

Sold for £42

Lot 129

Indian brass Diyas hanging temple lamp, 19th/20th century, of temple form, with hanging saz leaves, zoomorphic and seated figures to each corner, the base with Ganesh medallions before the lamp bowls, and with further hanging saz leaves to the base, suspended on a chain, width 24 cm.

Sold for £130

Lot 130

A pair of Chinese Shiwan Buddhist lions, late 19th century, each with finely detailed fur and heightened by white enamel tips, height 16 cm width 13.5 cm.

Sold for £70

Lot 131

A Japanese ivory shrine, circa 1900, of typical form, the central section with lotus engraved doors opening to reveal a seated Kwannon, beneath a pagoda style roof, engraved with lotus and phoenix, all resting upon a fenced platform with similar platform beneath, engraved with dragon and lotus, height 24.5 cm.

Sold for £120

Lot 132

A pair of Chinese carved wood figures of an Emperor and Empress, early 20th century, both seated in Ming style chairs, the male holding two ingots, with gilt decoration against a red lacquer ground. Height 16.5 cm.

Sold for £50

Lot 133

A Chinese carved wood figure of an emperor, 19th century, in the Ming style, seated in gilt and polychrome robes, his feet resting on two gilt carp, (apertures for facial hair now vacant), height 19 cm: and a further Chinese carved wood figure of an Empress, height 17 cm.

Sold for £32

Lot 134

Two carved wood figures of Sariputta and Moggallana, the two chief disciples of Gautama Buddha, 19th century, each with gesso and handpainted decoration, in kneeling position, Sariputta with hands in prayer, Moggallana leaning forward, heights 27 cm and 25 cm.

Sold for £100

Lot 135

A Burmese white marble Buddha, early 20th century, seated in Bhumisparsha Mudra, on carved lotus throne, height 34 cm.

Sold for £90

Lot 136

A Chinese bronze incense burner and cover, probably early 19th century, after a Ming original, the pierced cover surmounted by a Buddhist lion, the main body with dragon handles and cast archaic dragon and Ruyi decoration against a key ground, all on three horned mask legs, two character Xuande mark, height 23.5 cm.

Sold for £60

Lot 137

Two Tibetan bronze figures of the reclining Buddha, 19th/20th century, dressed in robes, their headbands inlaid with coloured glass and resting upon his right arm, height 20 cm and 22 cm. Of the four main types of images found in Buddhist temples, the reclining Buddha symbolises the sage in an attitude of entering Nirvana depicting the moment he leaves his earthly body.

Sold for £50

Lot 138

A carved wood Dog of Fo, 19th century, with tightly curled hair and with two playful pups, all on a gilt ground on red lacquer, height 32 cm width 30 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £320

Lot 139

A Thai gilt metal figure of a Gandharva, 19th/20th century, in seated pose playing a phin, upon a rectangular platform, cast with three pine trees and leafy bushes before a tiger and four running deer, height 37 cm.

Sold for £140

Lot 140

A Burmese carved white marble figure of Buddha, 20th century, seated in Bhumisparsha Mudra, on a stylised lotus throne, height 31.5 cm.

Sold for £60

Lot 141

A pair of Chinese bronze two branch candelabra, 18th/19th century, interestingly modelled as gnarled trunks and flower buds terminating in leafy candle sconces, the base with simulated rock work (one candelabra missing its sconces) height 31 cm and 28.5 cm.

Sold for £30

Lot 142

A Japanese carved wood Amida Buddha, 19th century, seated in Dhyana Mudra, seated on a lotus throne before a scrolling cloud Mandorla, the carved base simulating rock work with dark red patination throughout with traces of gilding, height 29 cm.

Sold for £100

Lot 143

A Chinese blanc de chine figure of Guan Yin, 19th/20th century, seated in Dhyana Mudra, a sacred pearl resting in her hands, all upon a double lotus throne, height 31.5 cm.

Sold for £42

Lot 144

Two Japanese hollow cast alloy Buddhas, early 20th century, each seated with an offering bowl in their lap, decorated with lotus leaves and from which issues a sash with three characters marks reading Da Fo Xiang, height 11.5 cm.

Sold for £40

Lot 145

A pair of gilt brass Buddhist temple lions, 20th century, each carved with a scrolling mane and tail, a cape issuing from the back, decorated with a dragon, each standing upon a ball with ribbons, height 20 cm width 19.5 cm.

Sold for £80

Lot 146

Four Chinese carved wood pillars, late 19th century, one figure on horseback and two standing against a red lacquer ground heightened with gilding, height 11.5 cm, two Chinese carved wood panels, 20th century, one depicting a temple scene with figures flanked by plants, the other with figures in various pursuits with a central pine tree flanked by buildings, height 40 cm, width 14.4 cm, and 48 cm x 14.5 cm respectively. (6)

Sold for £100

Lot 147

A Thai gilt metal figure of the mother Goddess Durga, 20th century, modelled kneeling on the back of a water buffalo, a weapon in each of her ten hands, all upon a rectangular base, height 43.5 cm.

Sold for £65

Lot 148

A Tibetan pressed brass censer, early 20th century, of Fang Ding form, the pierced cover with central Buddhist flame above a gadrooned and scrolled border, in turn above a pierced section with seated figures, elephant and horse, with lotus flowers to the sides, all before a key border, the base with engraved scroll decoration and key border with vacant jewel apertures above the embossed body with flaming panels of figures, with lion mask and ring handles upon scrolling feet with Ying Yang symbols, height 30.5 cm, width 23 cm.

Sold for £100

Lot 149

A Thai carved wood figure of Moggallana, 20th century, decorated with gilt over a red lacquered ground, his robe inset with green coloured glass, in seated position leaning forward, his left arm resting on his knee, height 23.5 cm, depth 18 cm.

Sold for £55

Lot 150

A pair of Chinese carved wood mounts, 20th century, each carved as a figure holding a large scroll, his left leg raised in the air, standing on gilt clouds, height 27.5 cm, a carved wood figure of Guan Yin and Bodhidahma, a pair of carved wood gilt and red lacquered temple lions, and a single carved wood gilded temple lion, the figures height 20 cm and 17.5 cm respectively, the lions height 12 cm, width 11.5 cm. (7)

Sold for £220

Lot 151

A Burmese carved white marble figure of Buddha, 20th century, seated in Bhumisparsha Mudra, upon a single lotus throne, height 33 cm, width 17.5 cm.

Sold for £130

Lot 152

A Thai parcel gilt figure of Buddha, 20th century, seated in Bhumisparsha Mudra, on a three tier platform, with red pigment, height 26 cm, width 15 cm.

Sold for £100

Lot 153

An Indian carved wood plaque of the Mother Goddess Durga, early 20th century, carved in relief, with eight arms each holding a weapon, standing above two further figures, flanked by scrolling foliage, height 45 cm, width 25 cm.

Sold for £190

Lot 154

A Thai gilt metal figure standing Buddha, 20th century, in Abhaya Mudra, standing on a raised gilded and red enamel lotus tiered plinth, height 33 cm.

Sold for £65

Lot 155

A good Chinese Hongmu carved vase/censer stand, 19th century, the top with four sunken and shaped apertures, the remainder profusely decorated with bats amongst scrolling clouds, resting upon bat feet to the front and clouds to the rear, height 13 cm, width 21.5 cm, and six other vase stands.

Sold for £380

Lot 156

A Chinese carved and gilt wood group, early 20th century, carved with seated and standing deities and attendants, within a temple interior, a bamboo shoot growing to the right, and pierced fence to the foreground, height 24.5 cm, width 23.5 cm.

Sold for £300

Lot 157

A pair of Japanese hollow cast alloy Buddha form incense burners, 20th century, seated in Dhyana Mudra, each with traces of gilding and seated upon a separate double lotus stand, height 7.5 cm.

Sold for £35

Lot 158

A Chinese cast bronze model of a dragon fish, probably 18th century, the body with relief moulded scales and fins, with open mouth showing teeth and with inset silver coloured metal eyes, all upon a cast bronze stand modelled as spuming waves, height 27.5 cm, width approximately 23 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £200

Lot 159

A Chinese cast bronze incense burner and cover, 18th century or later, the cover mounted with a Buddhist lion finial, the sides decorated with the eight Trigrams, the neck with relief good luck characters above the reeded rectangular body, on four mask and tongue feet with seal mark to the underside for Yatang Zhenwan (collection of Yatang), height 32.5 cm, width 30 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £140

Lot 160

A Japanese lacquered stand, 19th century, on angular form with canted corners decorated in gilt with plum blossom branches, raised upon four scrolling legs with Karakusa decoration, height 12 cm width 45 cm, depth 31 cm.

Sold for £30

Lot 161

Two hollow cast alloy figures of Buddha, early 20th century, each in meditative pose with an offering bowl between their laps, a bed of lotus leaves and with a sash with three character marks reading Da Fo Xiang, one raised upon a wooden plinth and fitted to take electricity, height 15.5 cm and 18.5 cm.

Sold for £25

Lot 162

A Chinese polished bronze censer, late 19th/20th century, with pierced lug handles and key border above a dragon amongst scales and clouds, on three feet with six character Xuande mark, height 12.3 cm, width 15.5 cm.

Sold for £32

Lot 163

A Chinese bronze Dog of Fo, 18th/19th century, of typical form, its paw upon a pierced ball, a ribbon in its mouth, height 18.5 cm.

Sold for £65

Lot 164

A Thai gilt metal standing Buddha, 20th century, standing in Abhaya Mudra, standing on a flowering lotus upon three stepped tiers, all with leaf moulded decoration, height 101.5 cm.

Sold for £320

Lot 165

A Tibetan bronze figure of Buddha, early 20th century, seated in Bhumisparsha Mudra, the headdress inlaid with coloured glass. Height 16.8 cm.

Sold for £35

Lot 166

A Tibetan carved white marble figure of Buddha, 19th century, seated in Bhumisparsha Mudra, with traces of gilding throughout, seated upon a double lotus throne, height 30.5 cm.

Sold for £150

Lot 167

A collection of nine Chinese soapstone carvings, 19th/20th century, comprising a pair of vases, depicting a deity seated beneath a pine tree, a vase with a black crow and tree peony, a figure of Shou Lao, a tree rat with a pine cone, a twin vase, Buddhist lion, acrobatic monkey group and a monkey with bowl, tallest height 16.5 cm, smallest height 4.5 cm.

Sold for £55

Lot 168

A Japanese moulded pottery incense burner, early 20th century, in the form of Buddha, in a seated meditative pose, an incense burner in his lap, upon a separate raised stand, height 19.5 cm.

Sold for £55

Lot 169

A Chinese carved ivory puzzle ball and stand, circa 1880, the ball outer decorated with dragons amongst clouds, and with five interior pierced balls, the stand pierced with a further dragon amongst Ruyi shape clouds, upon a leaf carved base, height 17 cm.

Sold for £70

Lot 170

A Chinese part biscuit porcelain figure of Guan Yin, 19th century, standing in Vitarka Mudra holding a pearl, her robes in dark turquoise glaze with an aubergine sash, an acolyte standing by her feet with aubergine hair bun and clothing, all standing upon a Buddhist lion, height 30.5 cm.

Sold for £95

Lot 171

A pair of Japanese sleeve vases, circa 1900, decorated with pheasants amongst blossoming branches and peony against a black ground, height 24 cm.

Sold for £35

Lot 172

Four Indian brass figures, 19th century, to include Vishnu in his second avatar Kurma, Lord Krishna holding the flute, Ganesh and a standing female, heights tallest 14.5 cm, smallest 6.5 cm.

Sold for £75

Lot 173

Five Indian carved white marble figures of deities, to include Durga seated upon a tiger, Ganesh and Lakshmi Narayan, height tallest 17.5 cm, smallest 10.5 cm.

Sold for £140

Lot 174

Indian metal wares, 19th century, to include figures of Lakshmi and Vishnu, and a brass model of a caparisoned elephant with a figure and howdha, height tallest 26.5 cm, smallest 14 cm.

Sold for £130

Lot 175

A pair of Balinese sandalwood picture frames, early 20th century, with fretwork decoration, surmounted by an eagle and each housing a gouache picture of a seated deity, 20 cm x 23 cm.

Sold for £40

Lot 176

A Japanese earthenware figure of Kashima restraining Namazu, late 19th century, the God represented as a fisherman dressed in a blue robe and sat astride the large earthquake fish, a large elongated boulder in his hands, height 4.8 cm, width 5 cm, and a Japanese carved bone Okimono of Jurojin, 19th century, squatted over a stool and carrying his staff, height 5.5 cm.

Sold for £55

Lot 177

Three Japanese carved bone netsukes, circa 1900, one carved as Fukurokuju, a long bearded gentleman reclining, and a seated figure with basket. Tallest 3.3 cm.

Sold for £48

Lot 178

Four representations of Buddha, all late 19th/20th century, two in reclining position and two in Bhumisparsha Mudra, height tallest 21.3 cm.

Sold for £65

Lot 179

Four Indian white marble deities, 20th century, comprising Durga seated upon a tiger, Ganesh and Lakshmi, each cold painted in polychrome, three with gilding, height tallest 18 cm, smallest 10.5 cm.

Sold for £100

Lot 180

A Burmese carved wood figure of Buddha, late 19th / early 20th century, seated in Bhumisparsha Mudra, with traces of gilding throughout against a black ground and seated upon a raised red and white throne, height 43.5 cm.

Sold for £500

Lot 181

A collection of wood carvings, 20th century, to include gilt wood Buddha, a pair of Balinese dancing figures and five further carved wood figures in meditative pose, height tallest 32 cm (8).

Sold for £75

Lot 182

A Balinese carved wood figure of Hanuman, profusely carved throughout, height 24.5 cm, and two Balinese hand carved wood equestrian groups, depicting riders wearing Hanuman masks and with attendants, height 23 cm, width 28 cm.

Sold for £100

Lot 183

An Indonesian carved mythical bird man wood figural bracket, 20th century, The zoomorphic figure profusely carved with feathers issuing from the arms and rear, and having claw like feet, height 43.5 cm, and a far eastern wood carving of a stylised beast standing on its rear legs, height 49.5 cm overall.

Sold for £42

Lot 184

A Chinese carved black wood picture frame, circa 1900, surmounted with figures beneath a pagoda, flanked by willow trees, the base further fretwork carved with figures, pagodas and trees flanking a central fan, height 41 cm, width 30 cm.

Sold for £48

Lot 185

A group of carved wood and soapstone figures of Ganesh and Durga, late 19th and 20th century, height tallest 27.5 cm, smallest 9 cm (6).

Sold for £90

Lot 186

A pair of Chinese brass pricket stands, 20th century, with two graduated rectangular drip trays, each above character marks and upon shaped bracket feet, height 44.5 cm.

Sold for £30

Lot 187

A Chinese bronze figure of an immortal, late 19th / early 20th century, dressed in a long robe with scrolling foliate decoration, a young child standing by his side, height 12.3 cm.

Sold for £45

Lot 188

A Chinese carved wood figure of a lady, 19th century, dressed in red and gilt robes and holding a covered pot, her black hair tied into pigtails and standing upon a carved rock work type base, height 31 cm.

Sold for £1500

Lot 189

A collection of five South East Asia carved wood figures, 20th century, height tallest 62 cm, smallest 16.5 cm, and an Indian carved sandalwood temple.

Sold for £60

Lot 190

A carved stone figure of Buddha, 19th century, seated in Bhairavi Mudra, an aperture to the forehead to receive a jewel (now vacant) height 33.5 cm.

Lot 191

A gilt metal figure of Guanyin, 20th century, dressed in robes, standing on a double lotus base, height 50 cm (brackets, excluding light fitting).

Sold for £30

Lot 192

An Indian carved white marble figure of Lakshmi Narayan, 19th century, in seated pose with traces of red paint and gilding throughout, on a waisted rectangular platform, decorated with further standing and recumbent beast, height 40 cm.

Sold for £130

Lot 193

A Chinese polished bronze incense burner and stand, 19th century, the Buddhist lion finial over pierced sides decorated with dragon, Feng, and Dogs of Fo, the main rectangular body with pierced handles above lion masks, and turned upon four mask and tongue feet with six character Xuande mark, all upon a pierced stand, decorated with Buddhist lion to the centre, the sides with mask and tongue corners, flanking clouds, height 41 cm.

Sold for £85

Lot 194

A South East Asian carved white marble Buddha, 19th century, seated in Bhumisparsha Mudra, with finely carved robes and seated upon a stylised lotus base with traces of gilding throughout, height 45.5 cm.

Sold for £420

Lot 195

A cast metal figure of Guanyin, early 20th century, standing in Vitarka Mudra upon a double lotus base, in turn above a circular foot,(fitted for electricity), the figure height 73 cm.

Sold for £50

Lot 196

A Thai cast bronze head of Buddha, 19th/20th century, wearing a floral headdress, mounted upon a square wood plinth, overall height 36 cm, the bust 25.5 cm.

Sold for £140

Lot 197

A carved gilded wood figure of the Queen Mother of the West, early 19th century, her robes adorned with numerous Feng and ribbons, and seated in a carved gilt wood throne, constructed with Feng and peony and supported upon four Buddhist lion feet in turn above a raised stand on lion mask and paw feet, height 54.5 cm, width 31 cm, depth 26.5 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £280

Lot 198

A large Indian carved white marble figure of Lakshmi Narayan, 19th century, cold painted in red and black and heightened with gilding, his throne decorated with a lotus leaf base, height 46 cm, width 22 cm.

Sold for £150