antiques & fine art sale

20th March 2019

Lot 1

A large quantity of Victorian, Edwardian and George V pennies, and a large quantity of commemorative crowns to include two proof souvenir medals.

Sold for £42

Lot 2

A small collection of Victoria Edwardian and George V white metal commemorative medallions, to include a silver example commemorating Victoria's 1897 Diamond Jubilee, three white metal medallions commemorating the Longest British Reign, each upon a gilt metal crown suspension pin, four commemorating the Coronation of Edward VII, one for the Coronation of George V and a small Edward VII Coronation lapel badge, good grades (10).

Sold for £25

Lot 3

Edward VII 1905 half crown, Obv: profile bust right with legend, Rev: crowned arms within garter and legend, date clear, fine, rare (see illustration).

Sold for £280

Lot 4

A George III crown, 1819, a George IV shilling, 1826, a George VI half crown, 1942, and American half dollar, 1964 and a Peruvian 1 Sol, 1926, mixed grades.

Sold for £22

Lot 5

A Victorian white metal medallion commemorating the Leviathan steam ship, a further white metal medallion commemorating the birth of the Prince of Wales born November 1841 and christened at Windsor 1842, and four other Royal commemorative medallions.

Sold for £8

Lot 6

Victoria-George VI 41 pre-1920 threepences, 34 post-1919 threepences, a Victorian Jubilee head crown 1889 and half crown 1887, an Italian silver 500 lira and an 1893 Columbian Exposition Chicago Silver Medal, various dates and grades.

Sold for £48

Lot 7

Six silver proof commemoratives, comprising 2 Queen Mother 90th Anniversary crowns, 2 National Trust crown size commemoratives,
Silver Jubilee crown, a Charles & Diana silver proof crown and a bronze National Trust Centenary Medal, all issued by The Royal Mint and in original cases of issue.

Sold for £50

Lot 8

A collection of British and World coins and tokens, to include a Bank of Upper Canada 1 penny token 1857, traces of lustre, a framed and mounted Victorian 4 pence, 2 pence and 1 pence 1885, mounted with an 1846 4 pence and 1913 1/3 farthing, 1970 coinage of Great Britain proof set, George III and Victorian pennies and farthings, 2 Colonial Indian silver coins and others, mixed grades and dates.

Sold for £75

Lot 9

British and World banknotes, to include Series "C" £5 and £1 portrait notes, 10 shilling notes, and other countries to include Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Canada, Austria, Zimbabwe, etc., the majority in used or folded condition.

Sold for £40

Lot 10

Silver proof crowns commemorating 80 years of The Reign of Elizabeth II, all encapsulated and with certificates, two further silver proof crowns to include a 1977 Silver Jubilee and a Tristan de Cunha £5 2007, 3 x cupronickel £5 coins, a proof commemorative crown and four further commemorative crowns, all within a fitted presentation box.

Lot 11

British and World coins, to include a 1935 crown, 1921 Morgan dollar, 1924 Peace dollar, two silver content half dollars, a George V & Queen Mary Jubilee Medal, eleven Victorian and later silver threepences, an 1830 penny token for public accommodation (probably for John McTurk, Isle of Man) and other low denomination coins.

Sold for £65

Lot 12

A Papal lead bulla of Pope John 22nd (circa 1316-1334), the obverse with busts of St Paul and St Peter beneath Spaspe, the reverse Johannes ppXXII, 37 cm diameter, 5 mm thick.

Sold for £70