antiques & fine art sale

27th - 29th November 2019

Lot 401

Five silver assayed dress rings, each set with semiprecious polished stones, sizes L-M.

Sold for £70

Lot 402

A George V rocking horse crown, 1935, in pendant mount, a novelty silver thimble decorated in relief with woodland wildlife, two silver pendants and a fine silver chain.

Sold for £35

Lot 403

Five silver assayed dress rings, each with polished semiprecious cabochons, size N-P.

Sold for £80

Lot 404

A 14 ct gold cased ladies fob watch, late 19th century, with enamel floral decoration, the dial with Roman numerals and further floral and gilt decoration, housed within a French porcelain and gilt metal watch stand (see illustration).

Sold for £280

Lot 405

An 18 ct gold diamond solitaire ring, ring size Q (see illustration).

Sold for £400

Lot 406

An American 9 ct white gold diamond cluster ring, with baguette cut diamonds, ring size P/Q.

Sold for £400

Lot 407

An Art Nouveau style silver and enamel pendant drop necklace, with tied ribbon mounts upon a sterling silver chain, marked R and SD Sterling.

Sold for £55

Lot 408

A Chinese polished jade bangle, 20th century, of mottled green colour with natural inclusions, interior diameter 5.2 cm.

Lot 409

A 9 ct gold cased half Hunter pocket watch, the dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, in a kid leather and silk interior Mappin & Webb blue leather presentation box (see illustration).

Sold for £480

Lot 410

A Continental silver cased open faced fob watch, the dial with Roman numerals, with gilt flowers to the centre and gilt scrolling border on a fancy link Albertina with silver heart, crucifix and anchor charms (see illustration).

Sold for £85

Lot 411

An 18 ct Continental gold ring, set with four small rubies separated by a white metal bar, the shank with textured shoulders, size L, 7.1 grams.

Sold for £140

Lot 412

A Continental 18 ct gold floral spray brooch, set with five small rubies, 9.1 grams.

Sold for £180

Lot 413

A late 19th century silver watch Albert, with shield shape fob, 66.5 grams.

Sold for £55

Lot 414

A carved shell cameo brooch in 9 ct gold mount, depicting Madonna, Christ child and John the Baptist. Height 5 cm.

Sold for £75

Lot 415

A Victorian porcelain memoriam brooch, in Pinchbeck mount, the back with plaited hair panel, with pendant loop suspension.

Sold for £110

Lot 416

A 9 ct gold pearl and garnet set floral brooch, with hinged pendant mount, 8.4 grams.

Sold for £80

Lot 417

A 9 ct gold heart shaped pendant set with seed pearls and ruby coloured stones, on a 9 ct gold link chain, 3.6 grams.

Sold for £60

Lot 418

A finely carved shell cameo brooch, 19th century, carved as a female warrior with Grecian style headdress and breast plate with serpents, in gold metal coloured mount, indistinctly inscribed verso M****. 5 cm x 4.5 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £150

Lot 419

A 9 ct gold dress ring, set with central sapphire framed by pastes, and a gold coloured metal ring set with ruby coloured stone, sizes M and S respectively.

Sold for £40

Lot 420

An early 20th century ladies 9 ct gold cased wristwatch, on rolled gold bracelet strap.

Sold for £30

Lot 421

Two 9 ct gold Victorian memoriam brooches, 6.1 grams, and a 15 ct gold Victorian memoriam brooch, 3.5 grams.

Sold for £100

Lot 422

A floral style gold metal brooch, set with a central diamond framed by seed pearls in a ribbon type frame, hook verso for pendant suspension, 7.1 grams.

Sold for £100

Lot 423

An 18 ct gold open faced chronograph pocket watch, the dial with Roman numerals, inscribed "Centre Seconds Chronograph", with stop mechanism to side, and double hinged back, key wind and numbered "54568", the dust cover with presentation inscription "Presented to Thomas Myers Esq. by his employes (sic) at Henshaw Mill, Yeadon, as a token of respect and good wishes on the occasion of his marriage 24 May 1883". Dial 50 mm (see illustration).

Sold for £1200

Lot 424

A silver Albert chain, with fob "Presented to Helston ex. Servicemen 1914-18", and another silver Albert chain.

Sold for £70

Lot 425

A silver cased foliate engraved pocket watch, with enamelled dial marked "H. Samuel, Manchester". Diameter 44 mm.

Sold for £40

Lot 426

A vintage Endura diver's type watch, with rotating bezel, case diameter 35 mm, and ten other wristwatches.

Sold for £95

Lot 427

An Egyptian gold metal hinged bangle, decorated with a scarab beetle, ankh's, palmettes and the eye of Osiris, struck with Egyptian assay marks, internal measurement 5.8 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £320

Lot 428

A 9 ct gold fine mesh link necklace, 27.7 grams.

Sold for £280

Lot 429

A three colour gold interlocking ring, size O, 5.7 grams.

Sold for £100

Lot 430

A Continental gold link bracelet, each link in the form of a key fret, the lock stamped "750", 27.5 grams (see illustration).

Sold for £580

Lot 431

A 9 ct gold link bracelet set with diamonds and amethysts, 21.2 grams (see illustration).

Sold for £380

Lot 432

A string of pearls, with 9 ct gold seed pearl and garnet clasp, the pearls of a uniform shape throughout. Length 70 cm (clasp open).

Sold for £80

Lot 433

A string of pearls, with 9 ct gold seed pearl and garnet set clasp, the pearls of a uniform shape. Length 62 cm (clasp open).

Sold for £60

Lot 434

A cased string of Kismet simulated pearls, and other necklaces.

Sold for £32

Lot 435

Two silver charm bracelets, with eight charms.

Sold for £30

Lot 436

A snake bangle, set with green, blue and clear stones and with sprung mechanism.

Sold for £180

Lot 437

A gold plated gentleman's pocket watch, the movement 21 jewels by A. Reymond, with gold plated Albert chain. Case diameter 50 mm.

Sold for £50

Lot 438

An Elgin pocket watch, with silver case, button wind, Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, complete with Albert chain, T bar and fob. Watch case diameter 52 mm.

Sold for £130

Lot 439

A vintage Sicura Marine Star diver's watch, with blue dial and rotating bezel, automatic, day and date, later stainless steel strap. Case diameter 36 mm excluding crown.

Lot 440

A George III silver pair cased pocket watch, by John Camden, London 1790, with verge escapement. Outer case diameter 50 mm.

Sold for £400

Lot 441

A Continental 925 silver cased pocket watch, with Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, button wind. Case diameter 50 mm.

Sold for £40

Lot 442

A 9 ct gold bar brooch, with blue stone, in original case.

Sold for £35

Lot 443

A Tavannes Watch Co. gentleman's pocket watch, with plated case, button wind, case diameter 48 mm, and a nickel cased pocket watch with chain.

Sold for £28

Lot 444

A pair of 18 ct white gold mounted diamond earrings, stones +/- 2.02 carats and + /- 2.04 carats, round cut and with claw settings (see illustration).

Lot 445

A platinum set three stone diamond ring, round cut and claw set, +/- 2 carats, size M (see illustration).

Sold for £2200

Lot 446

An 18 ct yellow gold three stone diamond ring, round cut and claw set, size M (see illustration).

Lot 447

An 18 ct white gold ring, set with 15 diamonds within lozenge, size L.

Lot 448

An 18 ct yellow gold sapphire and ring, with central sapphire framed by 10 diamonds. size M.

Lot 449

An 18 ct yellow gold ring, set with +/- .95 carat solitaire diamond in platinum mount, size M (see illustration).

Lot 450

A Continental 18 ct gold channel set sapphire and diamond ring, with square and baguette cut stones, size M.

Sold for £600

Lot 451

A sapphire and diamond boat shaped ring, with large central diamond between two sapphires framed by 14 diamonds on white metal mount, size K.

Sold for £1100

Lot 452

A pair of 18 ct white gold diamond earrings, each +/- 1 carat.

Lot 453

A Russian gold and ruby set bracelet by S Arnd, St. Petersburg, set with a Catherine The Great gold rouble dated 1777, the clasp stamped with makers initials "SA" and struck for 72 zolotnik (see illustration).

Lot 454

A Russian carved nephrite of a crouching fox, 19th/20th century, with diamond set eyes, 7.5 cm (see illustration).

Lot 455

A Russian gold and Guilloche enamel pencil, makers initials "AA" for Andre Adler, 56 zolotnik gold standard, in a plush fitted case marked for Sumin, 8 cm excluding suspension loop. NOTE - Andre Adler specialised in gold and silver objects and was an occasional supplier to Faberge and other main Russian jewellers. This pencil is decorated in deep royal blue Guilloche enamel and is of typical form and unusually it still has its original holly wood fitted case denoting it was retailed through the firm of Sumin St Petersburg (see illustration).

Lot 456

An 18 ct white gold diamond set daisy cluster ring, size R.

Sold for £95

Lot 457

A 9 ct gold cased pocket watch, marked "Samor", button wind and with Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, gross weight 65 grams.

Sold for £150

Lot 458

WITHDRAWN - A 9 ct gold half Hunter pocket watch, the dial inscribed "Reids, Tyneside", the silvered dial with Roman numerals at 12, 3 and 9 and with subsidiary seconds dial, gross weight 52 grams. Diameter 47 mm.

Lot 459

A 9 ct gold bar brooch, with safety chain, 2.5 grams.

Sold for £28

Lot 460

A large doublet opal pendant, in 14 ct gold mount stamped "585", on 9 ct gold fine link chain. Opal 43 mm x 26 mm (see illustration).

Sold for £450

Lot 461

A Mexican silver tribal mask brooch, with scimitar beneath. Height 10 cm.

Sold for £80

Lot 462

A Victorian malachite bracelet, graduated links and set in gold coloured metal mounts, length 16.75 cm, largest malachite panel 15 mm x 10 mm, cased, weight 15.6 grams (see illustration).

Sold for £300

Lot 463

A suite of composition jewellery, comprising necklace, pendant and earrings in gold coloured metal mounts, no visible hallmarks, cased. Case width 24 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £500

Lot 464

Five 9 ct gold wedding bands, three 22 ct, 5.8 grams and two 18 ct, 2.7 grams.

Sold for £190

Lot 465

An 18 ct gold in memoriam ring, a gold coloured ring set with two diamonds and a central pale blue coloured stone and a gold coloured metal band.

Sold for £240

Lot 466

A late Victorian cameo brooch, with filigree mount together with four small cameos each in gold coloured metal mounts. Brooch width 75 mm.

Sold for £320

Lot 467

A cased set of three 15 ct gold studs, cased, 4.4 grams, three cased studs, various pieces of costume jewellery and two jewellery boxes.

Sold for £60

Lot 468

An 18 ct white gold blue topaz cluster ring, topaz +/- 29.71 carats, size M/N.

Sold for £400

Lot 469

An 18 ct gold sapphire and diamond bracelet.

Sold for £300

Lot 470

An 18 ct gold purple sapphire and diamond set ring, size M/N.

Lot 471

A pair of 18 ct gold sapphire and diamond cluster earrings.

Lot 472

An 18 ct gold aquamarine and diamond necklace, with drop pendant. Aquamarine +/- .86 carats (see illustration).

Lot 473

An 18 ct yellow gold diamond set ring, rubover, 10 diamonds, size N.

Lot 474

An 18 ct white gold princess cut diamond set ring, diamond weight +/- .91 carats, size M/N.

Sold for £580

Lot 475

An 18 ct yellow gold ruby and diamond set pendant on chain, ruby +/- .25 carats, diamonds +/- .27 carats (see illustration).

Lot 476

An 18 ct gold aquamarine and diamond cluster ring, aquamarine 1.28 carats, diamonds +/- .5 carats, size M.

Lot 477

An 18 ct white gold three row diamond set ring, size I.

Lot 478

An 18 ct yellow gold emerald and diamond cluster ring, emerald +/- .68 carats, size L (see illustration).

Lot 479

An 18 ct yellow gold ruby and diamond heart shaped pendant on fine link chain.

Sold for £1000

Lot 480

An 18 ct yellow gold three stone diamond ring, with old cut diamonds weighing +/- .80 carats, size R.

Lot 481

A platinum princess cut diamond crossover ring, the yellow diamond +/- .60 carats, size J/K.

Lot 482

An 18 ct yellow gold ruby and diamond ring, the central ruby flanked by 6 diamonds, size L/M.

Lot 483

An 18 ct white gold diamond set tennis bracelet, diamond weight +/- 2.80 carats.

Sold for £1800

Lot 484

An 18 ct gold sapphire and diamond set bangle, sapphire weight +/- 5.96 carats, diamonds +/- 1.05 carats (see illustration).

Sold for £2900

Lot 485

An 18 ct white gold princess cut diamond set bracelet, diamond weight +/- 4.5 carats (see illustration).

Sold for £3000

Lot 486

A pair of 18 ct white gold sapphire studs, +/- 2.29 carats.

Lot 487

No lot.

Lot 488

A pair of 18 ct white gold diamond stud earrings, diamond weight +/- 1.01 carats.

Lot 489

An 18 ct white gold ruby and diamond set bracelet, ruby weight +/- 9.88 carats (see illustration).

Sold for £2700

Lot 490

An 18 ct yellow gold three stone diamond ring, size L, diamond weight +/- 1.8 carats (see illustration).

Lot 491

A Waltham 9 ct gold gentleman's open faced pocket watch, knob wind and with Roman numerals. Case diameter 49 mm, gross weight 88.2 grams (see illustration).

Sold for £190

Lot 492

A 9 ct gold double Albert chain, with T bar and guinea fob, 40.9 grams (see illustration).

Sold for £550

Lot 493

A gentleman's gold plated Longines dress watch, the dial with subsidiary seconds dial, with mechanical movement, on the original leather strap and in original presentation case.

Sold for £130

Lot 494

A pair of 18 ct two tone gold diamond set earrings, total diamond weight +/- .21 carats.

Lot 495

A pair of 18 ct white gold diamond set stud earrings, total diamond weight +/- .45 carats.

Lot 496

A pair of 18 ct white gold diamond set stud earrings, total diamond weight +/- .70 carats.

Sold for £450

Lot 497

An 18 ct two tone gold princess cut diamond ring, diamond weight +/- .70 carats.

Sold for £600

Lot 498

An 18 ct white gold diamond set ring, diamond weight +/- .60 carats.

Lot 499

An 18 ct yellow gold diamond set gentleman's ring, diamond weight +/- 1 carat.

Lot 500

An 18 ct white gold three stone diamond ring, diamond weight +/- .50 carats,

Lot 501

An 18 ct white gold three stone diamond ring, diamond weight +/- .74 carats.

Lot 502

An 18 ct two tone gold diamond set half eternity ring, total diamond weight +/- 1.1 carats.

Lot 503

An 18 ct two tone gold diamond set pendant on yellow gold chain, diamond weight +/-.30 carats.

Sold for £520

Lot 504

An 18 ct white gold diamond set trefoil pendant on chain, total diamond weight +/- .60 carats (see illustration).

Lot 505

An 18 ct white gold diamond set cluster pendant on chain, total diamond weight +/- .74 carats.

Lot 506

An 18 ct white gold diamond set heart pendant on heavy chain, total diamond weight +/- .90 carats.

Lot 507

An 18 ct white gold diamond set bracelet, total diamond weight 2.20 carats.

Lot 508

A pair of 18 ct white gold oval tanzanite and diamond halo ear studs, total weight 1.26 carats (see illustration).

Lot 509

An 18 ct white gold pendant set with an oval tanzanite to diamond set bail, total weight +/- 1.26 carats.

Lot 510

An 18 ct white gold ring set with an oval tanzanite with trefoil of diamonds to each shoulder, total weight +/- 1 carat (see illustration).

Sold for £1000

Lot 511

An 18 ct white gold ring with cushion cut tanzanite to diamond set split shank, total weight +/- 3.1 carats (see illustration).

Lot 512

A late 19th century silver plated candlestick, converted to electricity, with Corinthian capital and square stepped beaded base. Height including light fitting 36 cm.

Sold for £42

Lot 513

A Victorian silver basket, Roberts and Belk, Sheffield 1869, having a bellflower decorated handle, with beaded rim above the pierced body with embossed swag decoration . Height 11 cm.

Sold for £90

Lot 514

A George V silver presentation salver, CW Fletcher and Son Limited, Sheffield 1931, supported upon four scrolling feet, 31.5 cm diameter, 916 grams.

Sold for £210

Lot 515

A silver christening cup, William Aitken, Birmingham 1918, of waisted form with S scroll handle engraved with initials and date 1923, together with a silver sugar bowl, Charles Stuart Harris, London 1903, inscribed with an initial and dated 28 March 1921-1946 and a set of six silver seal top teaspoons, Cooper Brothers and Sons Limited, Sheffield 1921, and a pair of silver sugar tongs.

Sold for £95

Lot 516

An early 20th century silver plated desk ornament, modelled as a globe on a compass in turn upon a Chinese ebonised stand. height 21 cm.

Lot 517

A cased silver condiment set, Birmingham 1897 (see illustration).

Sold for £130

Lot 518

A Chinese silver sycee (ingot), of inverted dome form with three panels of struck character marks, 1/4 section missing, 154.7 grams. Widest diameter 4.1 cm.

Sold for £280

Lot 519

A silver mounted ink blotter, Birmingham 1901, a silver mounted and glass dressing table jar, the lid engraved "wee wifie", Birmingham 1910 and a Victorian silver plated spirit kettle.

Sold for £50

Lot 520

A Daniel & Arter silver plated spirit kettle on stand, a silver plated tankard engraved to Commander Bolwell, a christening mug, two silver plated wine coasters and a silver plated model of a cormorant.

Sold for £60

Lot 521

A quantity of assorted silver plated flat ware, to include a twelve place setting, fish knives and forks etc.

Sold for £30

Lot 522

A canteen of silver plated Kings pattern cutlery for eight place settings.

Sold for £70

Lot 523

A silver plated cocktail shaker, five silver plated napkin rings within presentation case and a pewter and copper mounted half pint tankard.

Sold for £35

Lot 524

An Elkington & Co Renaissance style silver plated table bell, the handle with knop finial, the bell with relief cast figures, animals, face masks and griffens. Height 15 cm.

Sold for £120

Lot 525

After Christopher Dresser, a silver plated teapot, 20th century, with ebonised handle, after a design made by James Dixon & Son 1878. Width 23 cm, height 19.5 cm.

Sold for £75

Lot 526

A Persian glass decanter encased in silver, 19th/20th century, the dome stopper with urn finial above the silver pierced body decorated with tight foliate scrolls between further bands of engraved scrolling, the underside similarly decorated with struck marks to the centre. Height 31 cm (see illustration).

Lot 527

An Edwardian silver miniature book trough and books, George Betjemann & Sons, London 1904, with leaf cast scroll decoration, housing six miniature volumes of poetical works of Longfellow, half calf and cloth bound. The trough 8.8 cm wide, 4 cm high.

Sold for £260

Lot 528

A set of late Victorian silver postal scales, Miller Bros., Birmingham 1900, the rectangular pan engraved with the letter "B", with ivorine inset bowfront scale on a shaped base. 8.5 cm high.

Sold for £130

Lot 529

A Picquet ware four place tea service, mid 20th century.

Sold for £15

Lot 530

A canteen of Romney plate, six place settings comprising 3 serving spoons, 6 dessert spoons, 6 table forks, 6 dessert forks, 6 soup spoons and 3 non-matching serving spoons and a pair of fish servers and three cases of cutlery.

Sold for £20

Lot 531

A pair of silver preserve spoons, in fitted presentation case, with pierced terminals, and a set of six Continental teaspoons with shell shaped bowls, barley twist stems and pierced terminals.

Sold for £40

Lot 532

Of Cumberland Wrestling interest - The following five lots relate to Cumberland Wrestling champion Hexham Clarke. NOTE: Hexham Clarke of Broughton, Champion Heavyweight Cumberland Wrestler who vied with the great George Steadman and eventually took over from him as the man to beat. A large silver plated trophy and cover, late 19th century, the cover figure representative of Britannia, the two handled trophy with shield shaped cartouche, one of which engraved with Cumberland Wrestlers between further vacant cartouche and embossed fruits, swags and foliage and a silver plate by Henry Bourne, Birmingham. 59 cm high (see illustration).

Sold for £320

Lot 533

A silver presentation trophy inscribed Harris Moor Wrestling 1887, 14 stone men, given by The Right Honourable The Earl of Lonsdale, won by Hexham Clarke, the silver assayed for London 1883, with beaded knop and foot. Height 22 cm, together with a limited edition pottery figure group titled "Cumbrian Wrestlers circa 1884", number 90/1000 depicting champions Hexham Clarke and George Steadman in hold. Height 21.5 cm.

Sold for £180

Lot 534

Hexham Clarke's Cumberland Wrestling Champions belt, the central embossed silver panel with 9 ct gold heart framed by olive leaves and berries tied by a ribbon, flanked to either side by three silver embossed panels depicting Cumberland Wrestlers, assayed London 1898 mounted on a red and black leather belt, together with a black and white photograph of Hexham Clarke. NOTE - The belt was held in high esteem, more so than the prize money (see illustration).

Sold for £620

Lot 535

A large two handled silver trophy, from the collection of trophies awarded to Champion Cumberland Wrestler Hexham Clarke, the scroll capped handle with beaded decoration, the body with vacant cartouche framed by embossed scrolls and flowers upon a knopped stem and raised circular foot, marked for Henry Bourne, Birmingham. Height 45 cm.

Sold for £90

Lot 536

A silver two handled trophy, from the collection of champion trophies awarded to Hexham Clarke, engraved with Cumberland Wrestlers and verso an inscription for Sunderland Association Football Club Olympic Games Challenge Cup 1899, presented by the Sunderland Licences Victuallers, assayed London 1897, with ebonised plinth and applied shield inscribed Hexham Clarke 1899, 1552.9 grams. Height including base 32.5 cm.

Sold for £620

Lot 537

A silver plated tea and coffee set with later tray.

Sold for £55

Lot 538

A small silver card tray, a silver bonbon dish and a modern silver goblet. 414.2 grams.

Sold for £120

Lot 539

A small collection of silver, to include a Queens Jubilee commemorative spoon in fitted presentation case, a silver napkin ring, a small silver pillbox, a miniature silver tea and coffee set and a modern silver mounted desk calendar. 164.6 grams of weighable silver.

Sold for £110

Lot 540

A George III style silver cruet set, Harrods Ltd, London 1931, 174.6 grams.

Sold for £65

Lot 541

A loose canteen of Mappin and Webb silver plated Louis XVI pattern flatware, for six place settings, comprising table forks and knives, dessert forks and knives, soup spoons, dessert spoons, teaspoons, cake knives and forks and four serving spoons.

Sold for £130

Lot 542

A good tan leather gentleman's toiletry case, with fitted watered silk interior, with silver mounted brushes and toiletry bottles, assayed for Birmingham 1910. Width 51 cm, depth 38 cm.

Sold for £45

Lot 543

A Victorian silver plated column oil lamp, late 19th century, having an etched glass shade above the facet cut clear reservoir in turn above a column with Corinthian capital and reeded stem upon a square stepped foot. Height including chimney 85 cm.

Sold for £190

Lot 544

A pair of silver and enamel pillboxes, of circular form, the lids enamelled with oak trees, makers initials "NG", Edinburgh 1979. Diameter 4.5 cm.

Sold for £260

Lot 545

A pair of George V silver mounted and cut glass mallet shape decanters, the mounts by Barker Brothers Silver Limited, Birmingham 1929, each with faceted stopper. Height 32.5 cm.

Sold for £120

Lot 546

A silver Capstan inkwell with glass liner, WH Hasler Limited, Birmingham 1912, together with a silver mustard pot with blue glass liner, inkwell diameter 12.5 cm, height 8.5 cm.

Sold for £95

Lot 547

Two silver christening tankards, one by G Bryan & Co, Birmingham 1945, within fitted presentation case, the other Adie Brothers, Birmingham 1937, engraved with a cockerel and chickens on a stepped circular base, 8 cm and 6 cm respectively.

Sold for £140

Lot 548

Five silver plated salvers/trays. Widest 41 cm.

Sold for £55

Lot 549

A pair of WMF electroplated figural candlesticks, late 19th century, modelled as Renaissance style figures holding cornucopia terminating in sconces, all upon circular raised bases with gadrooned decoration, struck marks, 33 cm high.

Sold for £90

Lot 550

A silver plated chatelaine, late 19th/20th century, with embossed foliate decoration, with accessories to include a tape measure, scissors, pin cushion, aide memoir, pencil and a small bucket shaped thimble holder.

Sold for £50

Lot 551

A George V silver and cut glass mounted scent bottle, J H Worrall, Son & Co Ltd, London 1914, the hinged lid revealing a stopper and decorated with embossed flowers and foliate scrolls above the tapering cut glass body leading to a faceted circular foot. 16.5 cm high.

Sold for £65

Lot 552

A cut glass and silver plated claret jug, early 20th century, the lid with lion rampant holding a shield above the face mask spout and sea scroll and trellis decorated neck, all above an inverted tapering cut glass body. 32 cm high.

Sold for £98

Lot 553

Two cut glass and silver mounted scent bottles, Birmingham 1904 and 1996, each with interior stopper, 11.5 cm and 10 cm respectively.

Sold for £90

Lot 554

A pair of large silver plated candelabra, 20th century, the central sconce with domed cover with flame finial, the sconces with relief cast foliate decoration, all supported upon a tapering stem leading to a circular foot. Height 49.5 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £200

Lot 555

A silver plated oil lamp, late 19th/early 20th century, having an etched cranberry glass shade upon a reeded vase shaped body on circular foot. Height including chimney 34 cm.

Sold for £75

Lot 556

A silver pedestal bowl, Sheffield 1911, with wavy rim with applied scroll decoration, all on a circular foot and with ebonised pedestal. Diameter 17.5 cm, 350.5 grams.

Sold for £70

Lot 557

Assorted silver, comprising gravy boat, cigarette case, 6 teaspoons and 6 silver handled butter knives, 20th century makers and dates, 502.3 grams weighable silver.

Sold for £170

Lot 558

A George III silver bright cut teapot, oval, with ebonised handle, London 1797, either Henry Nutting or Hannah Northcote, 355 grams (see illustration).

Sold for £160

Lot 559

A pair of Tiffany & Co. sterling silver Florentine pattern salad servers and a set of 6 Whiting sterling silver lily pattern sundae spoons, retailed by James K Lemon & Son Louisville, Kentucky, servers 25 cm long, spoons 12.5 cm.

Sold for £180

Lot 560

A set of 12 American sterling silver spoons by M W Galt & Bros. Co., Washington DC, 19th century, each bowl with silver gilt world coin dating from the 17th to 19th century, to include a Charles II silver 2 pence, a Victorian Indian 2 annas, an 1829 American 5 cents, Victorian Jubilee head threepence and others. 13.5 cm long.

Sold for £65

Lot 561

A set of Victorian silver fish servers, John Gilbert, Birmingham 1854, the terminals with engraved initial "D", in fitted presentation case, 3 Victorian silver mustard spoons, 2 Victorian silver fish knives and a pair of silver salt spoons.

Sold for £80

Lot 562

A Victorian silver bowl, Charles Stewart Harris, London 1894, the sides with pierced oval and quatreform panels between beads and scrolls and with a cast foliate border, 21.5 cm x 17.5 cm, a sterling silver boat shaped dish with gadrooned sides, 27.5 cm and a small George V silver bonbon dish.

Sold for £110

Lot 563

A four piece silver tea set, makers initials "TS", Birmingham 1931, of rectangular form with canted corners, comprising teapot, hot water jug, sugar bowl and milk jug, each supported on four legs with pad feet, 1856 grams gross (see illustration).

Sold for £450

Lot 564

A silver plate on copper punch bowl, with gadrooned rim, lion mask and ring handles and embossed floral swags, all on a raised circular foot and six matching punch cups. Bowl diameter 32 cm.

Sold for £75

Lot 565

A George III silver punch ladle, makers mark erased, London 1816 and three further Georgian white metal punch ladles, unmarked, each with turned baleen handle, +/- 36 cm.

Sold for £95

Lot 566

A George III silver sauce boat, possibly Francis Crump, London 1769, with S scroll capped handle and embossed beaded rim, on three pad feet. 18 cm long (see illustration).

Sold for £180

Lot 567

A George III Scottish silver ladle, Francis Howden, Edinburgh 1798, the terminal engraved with the letter "E". 38 cm long, 195 grams.

Sold for £80

Lot 568

A George III silver cream jug, Duncan Urquhart and Naphtali Hart, London 1803, with bright cut decorated bands and threaded rim and handle. 9 cm high, 87.3 grams.

Sold for £50

Lot 569

An Edwardian silver four flute epergne, makers marks rubbed, Birmingham 1909, with central trumpet shaped flute flanked by three cornucopia, each with embossed Art Nouveau style decoration, all on a weighted circular base. Height 31.3 cm.

Sold for £125

Lot 570

An Edwardian three piece silver tea service, Joseph Gloster, Birmingham 1906, repousse with shells and scrolls and with vacant cartouches, all on ball feet, 1151.9 grams gross (see illustration).

Lot 571

A pair of silver sauce boats, Asprey & Co., London 1913, each with scroll handle and on three shell and pad feet. 16 cm long, 195.5 grams.

Sold for £130

Lot 572

Judaica, a set of four Kiddush silver goblets, Moses Salkind and Reuben Koshie, London 1903. 10 cm high, 135.7 grams.

Sold for £140

Lot 573

A set of six Edwardian silver liqueur/votive cups, Cornelius Saunders and James Shepherd, Birmingham 1908, each bowl on a slender stem and circular foot. Height 11 cm, 190.7 grams.

Sold for £120

Lot 574

Judaica, three Kiddush silver goblets, comprising Sigmond Zytd, London 1924, Joseph Zweig (or J Zeving), Chester 1909 and A T Cannon Ltd., Birmingham 1974. Tallest 14.7 cm, 264.7 grams.

Sold for £160

Lot 575

Two pairs of four division silver toast racks, Martin Hall & Co. Ltd., Sheffield 1927 and 1929, Viners Ltd., 1932/1933. 7.5 cm and 7.8 cm respectively, 208.7 grams (see illustration).

Sold for £190

Lot 576

A late Victorian silver playing card case, Grey & Co., London 1900, of rectangular form, the lid engraved "Bridge", with red watered silk interior. 11.4 cm wide.

Sold for £100

Lot 577

A six piece silver condiment set, Barker Bros. Silver Ltd., Birmingham 1932-1937, each piece with pierced fretwork pattern and with blue glass liner and four spoons in a fitted presentation case.

Sold for £100

Lot 578

A silver Armada type dish, Mappin & Webb, London 1969. 17 cm diameter, 272.5 grams.

Lot 579

A Victorian silver christening mug, Henry Wilkinson & Co., Sheffield 1855, with engraved floral cartouche with initials "PLC 1956", with scroll capped handle, on a spreading base with cast scrolls and beads and with silver gilt interior. Height 10 cm, 150.8 grams.

Sold for £75

Lot 580

A George IV Scottish silver sauce ladle, John Sutter, Edinburgh 1928, the terminal engraved "G", length 15 cm and a pair of Victorian silver sugar tongs, George Aldwinckle, London 1881.

Sold for £32

Lot 581

Two silver mounted photograph frames, William Harrison Walter, London 1899, with bevelled glass, overall 25.5 cm x 19.5 cm and Carr's of Sheffield Ltd., Sheffield 1997, with plush back with easel support, overall 23.5 cm x 18.5 cm.

Sold for £120

Lot 582

An early George V silver mounted photograph frame, William Devenport, Birmingham 1911, in Classical Revival decoration, with vacant cartouche tied by ribbons and with bellflower borders, with later easel support, to take picture 18.3 cm x 9 cm (see illustration).

Lot 583

An Edwardian silver photograph, Spurrier & Co., Birmingham 1905, with Art Nouveau whiplash style decoration, on and oak frame with later easel support, to take picture 12.5 cm x 9 cm and a modern silver photograph frame, Carr's of Sheffield Ltd., Sheffield 1993, embossed with scrolls, on easel support, to take picture 14.5 cm x 9.5 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £90

Lot 584

A late Victorian silver and glass mounted ivory page turner, Crisford & Norris Ltd., Birmingham 1900, with citrine coloured faceted cut glass terminal with silver thistle mount and ivory blade. 23.5 cm.

Sold for £80

Lot 585

A late Victorian silver dish, John Millward Banks, Chester 1901, of quatreform shape with pierced sides, repousse with flowers, ferns and scrolls. 29.5 cm wide, 344 grams (see illustration).

Lot 586

An Edwardian silver bowl, Elkington & Co. Ltd., London 1902, with shaped and pierced rim above the circular body supported on shell and foliate capped feet. 20.5 cm diameter (see illustration).

Sold for £220

Lot 587

A Victorian silver claret jug, Goldsmiths Alliance Ltd., London 1869, the hinged lid with fruiting vine knop and with scroll handle, the inverted baluster body repousse with flowers and scrolls and with presentation inscription "Presented by W M Meiklem Esq. of Bennochy Park, Kirkcaldy for best Clydesdale in the show, age considered" and with further engravings of past winners. Height 33 cm, 828 grams (see illustration).

Sold for £390

Lot 588

A silver two handled presentation trophy, James & William Dixon, Sheffield 1920, with presentation inscription "Blackfaulds Cup presented by Robert McGee Esq. for the best colt or filly under 3 years old" and verso engraved list of previous winners, all on a square foot in turn above an ebonised plinth. Height 15.3 cm, 321 grams.

Lot 589

A large silver two handled presentation trophy, Martin Hall & Co., Sheffield 1923, with presentation inscription "Eastern District of Sterlingshire Agricultural Association, presented by John Johnston Esq., Dunmore Home Farm for Championship in The Clydesdale Sections Male of Female Any Age" and verso a list of previous winners, all on a circular foot in turn on an ebonised circular plinth. Height of cup 23.5 cm, 1325.5 grams (see illustration).

Lot 590

An Edwardian silver salver, Barker Bros., Chester 1909, with raised and shaped sides with applied foliate scrolling border with engraved floral decoration, the centre with engraved initial "B", all on three rococo style feet. 28 cm diameter, 530 grams.

Lot 591

A cased set of nutcrackers, a pick, grape shears and chatelaine with dance card.

Sold for £28

Lot 592

A parasol handle, silver mounted, in the form of a parrot head, London 1922.

Sold for £80

Lot 593

A pair of silver plated berry spoons, a pair of glass coasters, two continental spoons and small pickle fork.

Sold for £30

Lot 594

A pair of silver condiments, salt and pepper, Birmingham 1923 and 1924, a silver pepperette, Birmingham 1922, and two salt spoons.

Sold for £45

Lot 595

A silver mounted spirit flask, London 1904. Height 13 cm.

Sold for £75

Lot 596

Six silver decanter labels, three, two and one, three Birmingham 1977, two Birmingham 1993 and one London date letter rubbed.

Sold for £80

Lot 597

A George III silver caddy spoon, Birmingham 1904, with mother of pearl handle. Length 95 mm.

Sold for £25

Lot 598

Eight silver mounted dressing table accessories, including scent bottle, hair tidy, etc.

Sold for £90

Lot 599

Two pairs of candlesticks, Birmingham 94, all loaded. Tallest 14 cm.

Sold for £110

Lot 600

A Victorian silver plated fruit basket. Length 30 cm.

Sold for £20