fine art

11th September 2014

Lot 586

A collection of thirteen silver serviette rings, English hallmarks various.

Sold for £90

Lot 588

An oak spoon case, containing six silver tablespoons, four London 1821, two London 1805, 335 grams.

Sold for £95

Lot 589

A large silver casket, with enamelled plaque to top "Fortis in Arduis", inscribed to front "Presented to Alderman Edmund Butterworth J.P. 1959", 2173 grams gross, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1958.

Sold for £350

Lot 590

A silver presentation trowel, "Presented to the Right Honourable George Tomlinson 1948", with ivory handle, Sheffield 1936. Length 9 ins.

Sold for £190

Lot 592

A silver bowl, with pierced border and circular spreading foot, by Adie Brothers, Birmingham 1933, 191 grams. Diameter 7.25 ins.

Sold for £80

Lot 593

A silver coffee pot and cream jug, "Presented to Mr A.J. Allams by The Torbay Boy Scouts Association 1916", Sheffield 1914, gross weight 606 grams.

Sold for £95

Lot 594

An Austrian silver and enamelled scent bottle, circa 1890.

Sold for £110

Lot 595

A silver cigarette case, engine turned, Birmingham 1946, 212 grams. Length 5.5 ins.

Sold for £70

Lot 596

An Edwardian silver inkwell, in the Rococo style, Sheffield hallmark rubbed but probably circa 1905, loaded. Width approximately 6.5 ins.

Sold for £85

Lot 597

A pair of silver salts, Chester 1914, 38 grams, a Victorian silver salt, London 1889, 49 grams, and two silver rimmed cut glass salts.

Sold for £80

Lot 599

A silver Capstan double inkwell, Birmingham 1913. Diameter 4.25 ins.

Sold for £60

Lot 600

A pair of 18th century Maltese silver coins, in the form of a buckle with Maltese cross centre, 65 grams.

Sold for £60

Lot 601

A pair of Indian silver and enamel rosewater sprinklers, blue and green, circa 1900. Height 4 ins.

Sold for £160

Lot 602

A cased silver spoon and push, Birmingham 1960.

Sold for £30

Lot 603

A set of four Victorian silver Onslow patterned salt spoons, London 1888, length 2.75 ins, and three others.

Sold for £28

Lot 604

A silver coloured metal double ended perfume bottle, Victorian, with hinged and screw off ends, faceted and engraved. Length 4.75 ins.

Sold for £120

Lot 605

A whisky decanter label, pillbox, deer brooch, pencil, petrol lighter and butter knife.

Sold for £30

Lot 606

A silver and enamel match case, Birmingham 1916, a moustache comb with mother of pearl handle, silver jam spoon and green enamelled spoon.

Sold for £80

Lot 607

Two sets of six silver spoons, one dated 1898, probably American, dessert and coffee spoons, 223 grams.

Sold for £160

Lot 608

A silver caddy spoon, Birmingham 1853, a Victorian silver jam spoon, hallmark rubbed, and pair of silver sugar tongs, Sheffield 1925.

Sold for £45

Lot 609

A late Victorian pair of silver plated fish servers.

Sold for £30

Lot 610

A silver and tortoiseshell snuffbox, Birmingham 1922, together with a Georgian circular turned Treen snuffbox. Diameters respectively 50 mm and 87 mm.

Sold for £42

Lot 611

A silver grenade mess lighter, Birmingham 1900, 229 grams. Height 90 mm.

Sold for £110

Lot 612

A 1916 silver Vesta case, with later enamelled stamp applique.

Sold for £100

Lot 613

An Edward VIII silver snuffbox, engine turned, with enamelled plaque of greyhounds to top, possibly later.

Sold for £120

Lot 614

A silver compact, circa 1930, with enamelled plaque of glamorous female figure, probably later. Width 63 mm.

Sold for £120

Lot 615

A silver compact, circular, hallmarked circa 1930, with porcelain plaque to lid of skater, possibly later. Diameter 80 mm.

Sold for £120

Lot 616

An Edwardian silver sovereign case, Birmingham 1908, with later enamel of dog.

Sold for £80

Lot 617

A silver cigarette case, circa 1930, stamped "935", with later Suffragette enamel.

Sold for £170

Lot 618

A Victorian style amber glass scent bottle, with silver coloured owl top.

Sold for £95

Lot 619

A George VI silver cigarette case, London 1940, with sliding action and with Varga style picture to lid.

Sold for £180

Lot 620

Two silver plated cigarette cases, each with Varga type image.

Sold for £140

Lot 621

Two Victorian style scent bottles, each with silver coloured tops.

Sold for £48

Lot 622

A baby's rattle, in the form of a policeman.

Sold for £25

Lot 623

A silver mounted desk calendar, Patent No. 9964, Birmingham 1935. Width 8.5 ins.

Sold for £40

Lot 624

A silver plated cocktail shaker, in the form of a Victorian fire extinguisher "The Thirst Extinguisher". Height 15 ins.

Sold for £85

Lot 626

A pair of Victorian silver plated telescopic candlesticks.

Sold for £20

Lot 628

A hand beaten silver plated caddy, circa 1900, the shagreen covering probably later. Width 4 ins.

Sold for £150

Lot 629

A pair of silver plated and faux tortoiseshell coasters. Each diameter 5 ins.

Sold for £48

Lot 630

A pair of silver plated campana shaped ice buckets, blue glass and with silver plated mounts. Height 10.5 ins, diameter 9 ins.

Sold for £250

Lot 631

A collection of silver plated wares, including plated on copper helmet shaped cream jug, pair of pierced coasters with wooden bases, five egg shaped condiments, two plated on copper bowls, two plated baskets and a silver plated and glass pepperette.

Sold for £70

Lot 632

An Edwardian silver plated ewer shaped hot water jug, two further hot water jugs, two silver plated salts with blue glass liners, entree dish, two miniature pans, toast rack and christening mug.

Sold for £65

Lot 635

A pair of silver plated on copper Adam style candlesticks, circa 1900, height 11 ins, together with three silver plated chambersticks.

Sold for £20

Lot 636

Two cocktail shakers, one in the form of a penguin, the other with glass body and plated lid.

Sold for £38

Lot 638

A late 19th century silver lidded dressing table box, by Karl Kurz Kesselstadt, circa 1900, and with Chinoiserie decoration. Length 50 mm.

Sold for £95

Lot 639

A cut glass claret jug, with silver plated mount, globular form. Height 13 ins.

Sold for £70

Lot 640

A pair of silver candlesticks, with Corinthian capitals and square stepped beaded bases, Sheffield 1922. Height 9.25 ins.

Sold for £280

Lot 642

A cased set of twelve stainless steel tea knives, with mother of pearl handles, together with a set of six tea knives with stainless steel blades, Sheffield 1948, J.S. & Sons.

Sold for £18

Lot 643

A mahogany stained canteen containing twelve pairs of dessert knives and forks, mother of pearl handles and EPNS blades and tines, early 20th century.

Sold for £42

Lot 644

A part canteen of cutlery, comprising ten silver teaspoons, Old English pattern, Sheffield 1913, four silver salt spoons and other plated cutlery.

Sold for £45

Lot 645

A cased set of five silver and enamelled coffee spoons, in the Art Nouveau style, Birmingham 1914, maker T. & S.

Sold for £35

Lot 646

A Victorian woolwork, religious scene. 20 ins x 16 ins, framed.

Sold for £30

Lot 647

A 19th century needlework sampler, verse, bird and floral, in mahogany frame and pole. Sampler 14.5 ins square.

Sold for £190

Lot 648

An Eastern rug, with fringed ends, multiple line border and centre decorated with animals and repeating patterns. Width 62 ins, length including fringes 102 ins.

Sold for £100

Lot 649

A large Aubusson style tapestry. 3.66 m x 2.74 m.

Sold for £95

Lot 650

A 19th century sampler, by E. Phillips, house, numbers and alphabet. 16 ins x 7.5 ins.

Sold for £100

Lot 651

A 19th century sampler, Marion Hamilton, alphabet, numbers, animals, trees and plants. 17 ins x 10 ins, framed.

Sold for £50

Lot 652

A 19th century sailors woolwork picture of a clipper, "Mary-Anne". 12 ins x 18.5 ins, framed.

Sold for £150

Lot 653

A fringed woollen carpet. 97 ins x 126 ins.

Sold for £150

Lot 654

A Chinese embroidery, circular silkwork depicting goats. Diameter 10 ins, in oak frame.

Sold for £260

Lot 656

A fine antique silk and gold thread Persian (probably Kashan) animal rug, depicting hunting leopards and other animals on cream ground within a green main border of alternative pheasants and flower heads and with two subsidiary borders. 212 cm x 133 cm (see illustration).

Sold for £8500

Lot 659

Clarence Roe, oil painting on canvas, "Loch Awe, Argyll". 19 ins x 29 ins, framed, signed (see illustration).

Sold for £200

Lot 660

Gerry Watson, oil painting on board, "Storm over Silloth". 20 ins x 26.5 ins, framed, signed and with label verso with original price of £490.

Sold for £130

Lot 661

Gerry Watson, oil painting on board, "Solway Dawn Rolls over Maryport". 20 ins x 26 ins, framed, signed and with label verso with original price of £490.

Sold for £80

Lot 662

Ron Green, watercolour, "Charging the Open Hearth Furnace with Hot Metal". 12 ins x 20 ins, framed, signed. NOTE - This painting is sold with a copy of the Lake Artists Society book "A Centenary Celebration" by Jane Renous. This painting is illustrated on page 267 of this volume (see illustration).

Sold for £170

Lot 663

Ron Green, watercolour, "Winter". 12 ins x 20 ins, framed, signed.

Sold for £40

Lot 664

Ron Green, watercolour, "Winter Birches". 12 ins x 20 ins, framed, signed.

Sold for £40

Lot 665

Edward Horace Thompson (1879-1949), watercolour, "A Quiet Morning in May" Bassenthwaite Lake with Binsey and Armathwaite Wood. 9 ins x 16.5 ins, framed, signed and dated 1929 (see illustration).

Sold for £350

Lot 666

J. Lewis, oil painting on canvas, "Old Kew Bridge" 1877. 20 ins x 29 ins, framed.

Sold for £70

Lot 668

Edward Horace Thompson (1879-1949), watercolour, "Hyacinth Time" Bassenthwaite Lake and the Borrowdale range of mountains from Armathwaite Hall Hotel. 9.5 ins x 18 ins, framed, signed (see illustration).

Sold for £1500

Lot 670

Bela Balogh (Hungarian 1909-1980), oil painting on canvas, still life, fruit and vases. 19 ins x 24 ins, framed, signed.

Sold for £40

Lot 672

H.M. Pemberton, pair of etchings, "Derwentwater" and "Lake Windermere", each 7 ins x 8 ins, framed, signed in pencil, together with two etchings by Mortram Moorhouse, The Shambles, York and horses, another of Corfe Castle by J.H. Braithwaite and another of trees in landscape.

Sold for £85

Lot 673

G. Mortram Moorhouse, watercolour, "The Cow Byre, Low House Farm, Helsington, Kendal". 12 ins x 8.5 ins, signed. NOTE - G. Mortram Moorhouse was a member of The Lakes Artists Society.

Sold for £48

Lot 674

Bernard Eyre Walker, watercolour, "On The Derwent". 11 ins x 15 ins, framed, signed and dated 1946.

Sold for £30

Lot 675

Len Roope, watercolour, "Lincoln from South West". 7 ins x 11 ins, framed, signed.

Sold for £50

Lot 676

Len Roope, watercolour, "Norwich from North East". 8.5 ins x 11.5 ins, signed and dated 1992.

Sold for £40

Lot 677

Len Roope, watercolour, "Cockermouth Riverside". 7 ins x 10 ins, signed, framed (see illustration).

Sold for £200

Lot 678

Thomas Bushby (1861-1918), watercolour, "Picking Flowers near Upperby, Carlisle". 9.5 ins x 14 ins, framed, signed (see illustration). NOTE - The children in the painting are probably those of the artist.

Sold for £900

Lot 679

William West (1801-1861) Lake Artists Society, oil painting on panel, children by river amongst trees. 12 ins x 9.5 ins, signed bottom left and bearing label verso "William West (1801-1861), Clifton, Bristol "Waterfall West" One Oil in The Bristol Gallery".

Sold for £170

Lot 680

John MCWhirter (1839-1911), oil painting on board, fisherman. 9.5 ins x 13 ins, framed.

Sold for £40

Lot 681

Richard Gay Somerset (1848-1928), oil painting on board, coastal scene. 4 ins x 6.5 ins.

Sold for £120

Lot 682

J.M. Dodds, oil painting on board, harbour scene. 6.5 ins x 9.5 ins, signed (see illustration).

Sold for £120

Lot 683

H. Balmer, oil painting on board, cottage by river. 6.5 ins x 8.5 ins, framed.

Sold for £45

Lot 684

Skinner Prout, watercolour, "Old Mill. Ambleside", 7 ins x 11 ins, framed, signed, together with another rural scene watercolour, 8 ins x 11 ins.

Sold for £100

Lot 685

H.R. Hall, oil painting on canvas, rural scene. 9.5 ins x 6.5 ins, framed, signed and dated 1904.

Sold for £40

Lot 686

Two oil paintings on copper by Alpes, each of a still life . 5.5 ins x 7.5 ins and 7.5 ins x 5.5 ins.

Sold for £100

Lot 687

Henry R. Wilkinson, four watercolours, "Yewdale Farm from Garths Wood", study of cattle and sheep, "Ulpha Fell" and boat study, all circa 1958. Sizes from 4.5 ins x 5 ins to 6 ins x 7.25 ins.

Sold for £35

Lot 688

Oil on board, small study of ruined Gothic arches. 5.5 ins x 4.5 ins.

Sold for £60

Lot 689

After H. Wyllie, a humorous engraving, "From the Statues of the Landlord, Souter Johnny, Tam o' Shanter and The Landlady". 10.5 ins x 13 ins.

Sold for £35

Lot 691

After Anthony Van Dyke, oil painting on canvas, 19th century, portrait of Algernon Percy. 23 ins x 19 ins, framed (see illustration).

Sold for £450

Lot 692

18th century English School, oil on canvas laid on board, portrait of an unknown lady. 27 ins x 21 ins, framed (see illustration).

Sold for £180

Lot 693

James Hamilton Hay, watercolour, "Artist in a Studio". 11 ins x 8.5 ins, framed, dated 1907 verso (see illustration).

Sold for £90

Lot 694

William Manners, oil painting on panel, "Scene near Witherslack, Lancashire". 7.5 ins x 11 ins.

Sold for £160

Lot 695

W.H. Pearsall, watercolour, "Lake Tornetrask from Nuolja, Swedish Lapland". 9 ins x 13 ins, framed, signed with initials.

Sold for £20

Lot 696

19th century British School, oil painting on canvas, figures in wooded landscape. 20 ins x 29 ins, framed.

Sold for £70

Lot 697

William Lionel Wyllie (1851-1931), etching, "Eel Boats off The Tower of London". 8 ins x 10 ins, framed, signed (see illustration).

Sold for £380

Lot 698

William Lionel Wyllie (1851-1931), etching, "The Bustling Mersey". 5 ins x 6.5 ins, signed (see illustration).

Sold for £350

Lot 699

Edward Horace Thompson (1879-1949), a pair of watercolours, river scenes. Each 8.75 ins x 10.5 ins, signed and dated 1915 (see illustration).

Sold for £120

Lot 700

After J.L.E. Meissonier, signed engraving, "The Gallant", 17 ins x 12 ins, framed, together with an etching by Frank Clinger Scallan, "A City Gateway, Lahore", 15.5 ins x 12 ins, framed, signed.

Sold for £70

Lot 701

George Hicks, oil painting on board, portrait of young lady. 15.5 ins x 11 ins, framed, signed.

Sold for £350